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Forum Post: Truth behind McDonald's

Posted 5 years ago on Feb. 8, 2013, 2:51 p.m. EST by universalbri (13)
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It’s a little known fact of World War 2, that when Sweden peacefully housed Hitler's Army at the beginning of World War 2, they took over the meat based supplies of Sweden, forcing the country's locals to a strict vegetarian regiment.

What was remarkable was – the IQ scores for the Swedish population who were ostracized from their meat supply went up dramatically in this time frame, as did ideas and inspiration in general. The Nazis continued their blind march forward to war, and had ‘hearty meals’ provided by the Swedish farms. The agricultural products were all reserved for the locals.

During this time, evidence was gathered that ascertained a remarkable shift away from a 'war mentality' with this new vegetarian diet. This was published around the world, but rarely did it obtain any interest in meat loving public around the world. Tthe United States flat out ignored these findings.

However, the Intelligence community did not. And with the assistance of recently emancipated scientists that were coming in from the European countries, the United States started considering long term planning to convert the entire country to vegetarian diets. Scientists didn't know it at the time, but they began suspecting something was 'up' with life and vegetarian lifestyles in general. Soon after, they started finding information in studies to lead the scientists to believe intelligence and empathy actually increased dramatically with a vegetarian diet. As a result of these preliminary findings, all scientists working with the US government on top secret projects were absolutely required to eat a vegetarian diet starting in 1946.

Quickly finding direct evidence of the benefits of this diet, in 1946 the intelligence community wanted to ‘experiment on the public’, and they approached a couple of entrepreneurs it had targeted that had proven to be loyal to the United States and represented the American values. These entrepreneurs had had negligible success with an unremarkable food stand in California, and the intelligence community had felt they deserved ‘a break’, today.

The offer the intelligence community made was simple: They’d be given a new menu, and would be completely funded to transition the restaurant to a strictly vegetarian menu with meat substitutes. The only catch: they could not, under any circumstances, tell customers the products they were purchasing was vegetarian.

Low on funding and already a bit disenfranchised with the establishment, the entrepreneurs were ready to jump at the deal. That is, until they tasted the meat substitutes. With their reputation on the line, they didn’t hold back on the criticism, the substitutes were vile. The scientists working with the intelligence communities went back to the drawing board.

Two years later, in 1948, Dick and Mac McDonald shut down their restaurant for three months. They reduced their menu to nine items: hamburger, cheeseburger, soft drinks, milk, coffee, potato chips, and a slice of pie. Every item on the menu was created through processes that mirrored the biological processes of the animal meat it substituted. The food was shipped to their restaurant in room temperature boxes, and frozen on arrival.

McDonald’s was born.

Within a year, and continuing for several years after, California started to undergo a creative revolution. Disney’s animation quickly becomes a theme park, Hollywood movies increase in creativity, dramatically with new space and science fiction material being introduced to the public in droves. The intelligence community is stunned by the innovative creativity. It was nothing short of remarkable, and they are able to conclusively prove the introduction of this small ‘hamburger’ joint is ground zero for the innovations. It’s almost too much to ‘handle’ or control, so the intelligence community simply keeps an eye on things, not sure what to do next..

That all changed in 1952, when US Intelligence Agents learned that the Soviet Union was going to have the capability to ‘fly overhead’ using satellites to survey any target anywhere in the world. This panics the US Intelligence community, who is literally 20 years away from having anything close to that level of technology. Their primary fear is simple: an offensive attack with no defensive capabilities.

Dick and Mac McDonald are approached again, and this time they are asked if they’d expand their operations to cities outside the region. Quite happy with the lack of relative effort they have to put into their wildly successful new enterprise, they politely decline.

The McDonald’s name had already made its mark though. So the pair were offered a buyout.

Enter Ray Kroc. Trained in sales by the Intelligence Services, with a perfectly suited background that added to a mythos of expanding the McDonald’s name, Ray was the perfect image of the entrepreneur which would take the operation and expand it nationally. The ‘minds’ of the masses needed the inspiration, and Sputnik’s impending launch meant the United States needed ‘gas’ for fueling the imagination to stimulate the minds of its people to keep up with the competition.

Quality was suffering at first as the expansion built steam, and while the product was delivered in consistent specifications, McDonald’s lacked consistency with customer service. The machine like mission was to get the food into the mouth of the consumer as fast as possible, with total predictability. That’s when the intelligence services supplied one of their own, who was versed in quality and operational order – to head up operations. They tasked this man with creating a streamlined factory process out of the product.

It was good timing, too, because shortly after Sputnik and the Cuban Missile Crisis occurred. The United States found itself mortified that the rapid advancement of technology suggested it was quite possible that another brutal Hitler style regime was manifesting itself in the Soviet Union, and the only way to counterbalance this threat was to ‘keep up with it’ by gathering intelligence through innovations driven by the civilian population and its respective educational facilities. With its low cost and easy availability, McDonald’s was quickly becoming a staple of the young scientist’s diets.

There was a problem though: Intelligence sources were learning McDonald’s was not providing a sustainable demand, and studies concluded that once income levels rose and students exited college, the once ‘poor’ college kids were among the most successful but had abandoned their college diets in favor of higher quality establishments with ‘real’ meats.

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[-] 1 points by universalbri (13) 5 years ago

With the ‘real’ meats reintroduced to their diets, this saw a growing paranoia and a slow return to a warlike witch-hunt of the Soviet Union to the point of creating the Red Scare, and the subsequent McCarthy Hearings.

Having been exposed to the ‘secret’ of McDonald’s, it was then that Vice President Nixon spearheaded a proposal to convert the entire nation over to a vegetarian diet. President Eisenhower’s initial reaction wasn’t pretty. A World War 2 veteran, he saw the Soviet Union as a credible threat. Upon being introduced to a vegetarian diet, temporarily and being shown the ‘cold hard evidence’ he reluctantly agreed with his Vice President and signed the most important order any president has ever signed. The US was set to become the first entirely vegetarian nation on planet Earth by the turn of the century, and wouldn’t even know it.

How was this to be accomplished? First, the consumer needed to be distanced from the animals being killed but not know they'd been distanced from it. This set in motion the biggest top secret operation in American History, even bigger than the building of the Atomic Bomb.

It operated in several phases: First, Independent mom and pop groceries stores would be encouraged to expand their operations to centralize their distribution chains, or agree to buyouts. Second, Meat markets and producers of meat based products that refused generous buyouts or distribution channel changes would in turn be squeezed out of competition, unable to compete with the costs of centralized distributors.

The intelligence services had already been experimenting with prepackaged vegetarian meats at Von’s Grocery Store in California since 1948, and with personal relationships with Richard Nixon, Von’s agreed to centralize its distribution operations to supply the prepackaged meat to all its facilities. This was followed by Fry's in Arizona in the late 70s. Both had already been acquiring customer demographic information to allow for statistical studies in behavior, and both had ties to the electronic industries to allow for intelligence quality information to tie customer behavior to consumption. We’ve all been to Fry’s Electronics, right? Well this is why they split. The ‘myth’ was they didn’t get along, that made it easy for both to work with US Intelligence and not raise suspicion they were in collusion.

With incontrovertible success in the first distribution chains, the plan to convert the nation’s diet was written in stone.

In 1999, the last grocery store was converted over to completely vegetarian offerings, making the entire nation's supply chain for meat supplied from grocery stores - entirely vegetarian. The chicken, beef, shrimp, fish, all these products are being allowed to 'roam free' again, in fisheries restocking supplies in the overfished oceans, and the animal's own biological evolutionary paths are being allowed to continue once again.

In 2009, the last meat inspection facility in Colorado was closed. My uncle worked there as a lead inspector and retired at the last facility which would inspect meat products. There were, quite simply, no more suppliers of meat products in the United States left.

The moral of this: If you don’t kill your own meat, then the meat you’re eating is entirely vegetarian within this country’s borders.

And our country has been entirely vegetarian since 2009. Sure, they missed their target date by 9 years. They didn’t realize there’d be a cyber war that would cause all hell to break loose. More on that one later.

All of this thanks to one man. The very same man who quite likely paid the ultimate sacrifice, by sacrificing his name for the sake of his country, to save his country from itself.

This man was Richard Nixon.

And what he did next with currency is what literally saved the world.

That story is to come……

To demonstrate just how far one can go and be successful with Vegetarian Presentations 'in the open' : Moto restaurant in Chicago has been given many of the advanced processes used by Intelligence Services to create their cuisine.

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