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Forum Post: Towards Organizing a Mass March in Chicago on May 3rd, 2014.

Posted 4 years ago on Sept. 15, 2013, 10:37 p.m. EST by UnifiedLeft (0)
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I want to make clear that as of today, there is no mass march planned, my purpose is to get others on board, so that we can plan it.

I would like for you and/or your organization to a commit to a mass march on May 3, 2014 in favor of economic equality and direct democracy. We are five years into the global financial crisis. While there are various explanations as to why it is occuring three things (and probably more) are true.

  1. The people suffering most from the global crisis are not the cause of it.

  2. The people who made the decisions that led to the global crisis are better off than they were when it began.

  3. Under the current circumstances, ordinary people have no way to make the decisions correct whatever it is that caused the global crisis.

Why a mass march?

  1. For too long working people have been divided into sub-categories and certain causes and progress toward redress has been sluggish.

  2. A mass action signals to other less active people that there are other folks out there that are organizing for improvements.

  3. It sends a message to our 'leaders' that people are getting organized and that they'd ought to relieve us of some of our burden (that they caused).

  4. It allows people who are not affiliated with any group to meet people with similar ideas get involved with organized activism.

  5. Mass actions help to foster the type of cultural shift that most activists agree we need in order to make any lasting changes.

Why Chicago?

1.It has been central in several struggles related to the crisis.

  1. It's centrally located geographically, and many groups and individuals who are active in various forms of activism in Chicago.

Why May 3rd?

  1. May 3rd is a Saturday that falls near to International Worker's Day which began in Chicago and is historically a day of mass protests.

  2. Its far enough in the future that we all have time to organize for it.

What is the platform?

  1. The platform can be as diverse as the participants. The hope is that it will loosely center on economic equality and direct democracy.

  2. The only rule should be no property destruction or violence.

  3. This is a global crisis with no end in sight and no matter where in the world we live, working people are dealing with similar problems.

  4. Every group and individual has a unique view of what is happening to regular people and all are welcomed (except racist/sexist/bigoted).

Please DM or mention me @UnifedLeft on Twitter if you're interested. If there is enough support for this idea, maybe we can make it happen.



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[-] 1 points by caseyaldridge17 (1) from Charlotte, NC 4 years ago

I love the idea. My skepticism is college finals. I know my university is doing finals May 1 through May 3. While the march should not be rescheduled for any particular person or group, I do feel like a major event would do well to work with college students, and this could be complicated with that particular date.