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Forum Post: topic:the truth....on money....

Posted 8 years ago on March 24, 2012, 5:38 a.m. EST by truthonmoneyatlast (0) from Queens, NY
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the rules on posting seem over the top to say the least,no conspiracies,,,alot of conspiracies have truth in them,they are not all fakery..,or occupy worrried that there fake revolution is just a front?...for the serpent brotherhood illumanti minerva jew tribe of dan!be them torah or talmudic masoret tribe of dan jews!this cult is 4000 years old,the world as well was formed by caine from eden,the nephalim and history up to this point has been ruled by them,there bloodlines are full of evil kings and evil leaders too,nice so called politicians today and...they built all instutions,,the whole thing is fake,belive me is no conpiracy! also from day one they broke the rules the elements water,earth,fire and air,all were given for free,but the earth today is owned by people land owners,the earth! they wanted to control these elements via law,pure theft. freedome of information gives you as much free information as you like! where is freedome of money,freedom of land has been stolen off us...now they are trying with acta and sopa too and control of people via laws,remember the water atleast is still free,unless you pay for drinking water.



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