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Forum Post: Top ten reasons to vote for Romney

Posted 7 years ago on Nov. 3, 2012, 7:48 a.m. EST by tomdavid55 (93)
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1.If you are a bigot and believe that Obama and family are spreading black cooties all over the White House. 2.If you are prejudiced and believe that Obama is a Muslim and all Muslims are terrorists. 3.If you agree with Romney when he publicly stated that he thinks it's fair for the rich to pay a lower tax rate than the less fortunate. 4.If you agree with the deregulation of Wall Street, the banks, and the mortgage companies that resulted in the crash of the world economy. 5.If you agree that Obama has not cleaned up the mess he was left when he took office quickly enough. 6.If you are a one issue voter and are worried that you will have your automatic weapons taken from you, or you are worried that Roe vs. Wade will not be overturned, or another of your favorite issues trumps all others. 7.If you believe that since your family has historically voted Republican, you must do the same regardless of the costs. 8.If you believe all poor people are poor only because they are lazy. 9.If you believe that poor people don't need health care because they can always go to an emergency room to get their chemo treatments, bypass surgery, prescription drugs, and other life saving treatments. 10.If you believe that the destruction of the middle class is a good thing. Watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTQ1WOC9RgY



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[-] 1 points by DouglasAdams (208) 7 years ago

Schiff is wrong. This dialogue with OWS didn't consider the important question:What prevents capitalism from morphing into crony capitalism, fascism, corporatism, globalism or worse?

Peter Schiff Debates with OWS excerpt


Capitalism isn’t just private losses and private profit. The private profit is an unregulated “tax”, a “royalty” that can be completely disconnected from the cost of production. It is inflation above the cost of production.There is a shared social infrastructure that allows private enterprises to exist, such as the phone system, interstate highways, utility companies, and all of the products corporations didn't make themselves.

Depending on which layer of the 1%, there are ways to produce $100 million in profits without doing any work. For example $10 billion portfolio invested in 10% bonds produces $1 billion at maturity. If it is invested in1% bonds it produces $100 million at maturity. How hard is that?

The problem is that the American workers are not getting paid when money/profit is made this way. If the currency is in US dollars, American workers should be getting paid because they are the workforce of the US economy that gives the US dollar value.

Apple products imported from overseas low cost labor markets are overpriced. They would be more popular at 1/4 the current price or less.Steve Jobs perhaps should not have made billions. Who says an iPad should cost more than $200, or $100 or $50?

[-] 1 points by WSmith (2698) from Cornelius, OR 7 years ago

Mitt Romney’s Kamikaze strategy

By Greg Sargent

There's been quite a bit of consternation among reporters lately about Mitt Romney’s refusal to answer their questions. And rightly so. But let’s be clear on why Romney is refusing to engage reporters. If he did, he’d face questions about the mounting instances of dishonesty his campaign has resorted to in the final stretch — potentially tripping him up and placing all the dissembling into even sharper relief.

In the race’s final days, Romney has adopted what you might call a Kamikaze strategy. His campaign is cranking out a startling number of falsehoods and sleazy attacks, drawing widespread condemnation in the media that could ultimately crash his campaign, because that condemnation dovetails with Obama’s closing character argument against him.

Of course, the Kamikaze analogy only goes so far. If Romney’s calculation proves correct — and all the ad spending overwhelms whatever criticism his falsehoods and distortions draw in the media — his quest for the presidency would obviously come to fruition, rather than perish.

Today the Romney camp released a new ad hitting Obama for his proposal to appoint a “secretary of business.” The ad intones: “His solution to everything is to add another bureaucrat.” But the relevant Obama proposal wasn’t to “add” any bureaucrats. It was to consolidate a range of government agencies that minister to the needs of businesses.

The Romney camp is also running a new Spanish language TV ad in Florida that ties Obama to Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. The pettiness and irrelevance of attacks like these risk generating more media questions about whether Romney has run out of arguments and believes he’s losing the race.

Meanwhile, the Ohio press continues to pound Romney for the centerpiece of this Kamikaze strategy: His false claims about the auto-bailout and Jeep supposedly moving American jobs to China. Dems are circulating this scorching editorial in the Youngstown Vindicator that hits Romney’s Jeep lie as an “insult to Ohioans” and bluntly states that Romney is “no friend of the auto in­dus­try, on which Ohio re­lies for one of ev­ery eight jobs.” Another hard-hitting editorial in the Toledo Blade blasts Romney for an “ex­er­cise in de­cep­tion about auto-in­dus­try is­sues that is re­mark­able even by the stan­dards of his cam­paign.”



[-] 1 points by WSmith (2698) from Cornelius, OR 7 years ago

Randi Rhodes Homework Friday, November 2, 2012


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Montage: At Ohio Romney Rally, Interviews with Supporters

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184,000 private-sector jobs created (Wow!); 13,000 public-sector jobs lost; Aug & Sept revised upwards—84,000 more jobs (Wow!); Unemployment rate ticks up to 7.9% as workers surge back into the workforce.

The Official October Jobs Report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Sandy

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Early Voting So Far, Swing State By Swing State

Paul Krugman: The Blackmail Caucus

How Romney Made Money Off The Auto Bailout

UAW Files Ethics Charges

Chrysler executive to Trump: ‘You are full of sh*t!’

Mitt Romney’s Kamikaze strategy

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg Endorses Obama For President

'Blackout' imposed as George W. Bush speaks at Cayman Islands investment conference

Kansas City woman claims she was refused medical treatment over her support for Obama

Hawaii Democrat poised to be elected first Hindu in Congress

Sidebar: A Romney Travels to Russia, but on Strictly Friendly Terms Jobs & The Economy

How did things look the week before Americans voted in 2008? Really, really bad

U.S. Auto Sales Rise Despite Superstorm Sandy

Economist Stands By Tax Cut Study After GOP Successfully Demands Its Withdrawal

U.S. manufacturing expands at faster pace in October

Tesla Model S named Car Of The Year: An all-electric sedan with silent, face-melting speed Another Libya Debunk

No delays in rescue effort in Libya

David Ignatius: In Benghazi timeline, CIA errors but no evidence of conspiracy

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