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Forum Post: To the righties, the corporate spies and the FBI who are trying to infiltrate and manipulate the people's movement.

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 4, 2011, 1:02 p.m. EST by tulcak (698) from Prague, Prague
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To the righties, the corporate spies and the FBI who are trying to infiltrate the Occupy movement, to derail it: How do you guys rationalize what you are doing? Is this really the America you believe in? really? An America where the powers that be, tell your bosses what to do and they tell you what to do? what if the people (the folks on the street - the Occupy movement) decide they want something different? the people on the street have acted like Americans, they have acted within the constitution. they are doing what they are supposed to do. exercise their power as the government (because that's what the American people are - the government). who do you work for? and are you ok with that?



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[-] 4 points by nucleus (3291) 12 years ago

ANYONE can join, ANYONE can participate, and there are NO SECRETS.

So why all the energy and effort being put into infiltrating an open, non-violent movement?

Because by it's very nature it is the biggest possible threat to fascism and corporatism.

[-] 2 points by Democracydriven (658) 12 years ago

Why all the energy? I have asked obvious anti-OWS similar questions.

I find it pretty amazing that not one of them have given me and answer

This is unrelated but I think we are dealing with the same people. Ask a righty what the GOP plan for jobs is. I have never had an answer to that question either. I find it amazing that they can’t at least conjure up a lie. Are they getting paid? Why can’t they provide and answer?

[-] 2 points by nucleus (3291) 12 years ago

The GOP Jobs Plan: Tax Cuts for Job Creators

The Federal Government is the Nation's largest employer.

[-] 0 points by Democracydriven (658) 12 years ago

I thought we tried that? Maybe we should give bigger tax breaks and see if that works (not) -- (-:

Is that it, that’s their only plan?

In years past the "jobs creators" used to pay a hell of a lot more taxes more while creating a hell of a lot more jobs.

I am beginning to think that tax break for the 1% is nothing but a hand job for the 99%

[-] 1 points by nucleus (3291) 12 years ago

You are starting to catch on ...

[-] 1 points by Democracydriven (658) 12 years ago

I've been holding back. I already knew we were getting boned.

[-] 1 points by TommyNYC (730) 12 years ago

A major port of entry for the right is the "END THE FED" message. Most of the violent and racist individuals at Occupy camps and protests are connected to this movement in some way.


[-] 1 points by AFarewellToKings (1486) 12 years ago

OWS is a herd going over a cliff. Will something happen at the last minute to steer it to the National General Assembly? Which would the interests you mention above prefer to see happen???



[-] 0 points by tulcak (698) from Prague, Prague 12 years ago

who do you work for? and are you ok with that?

[-] 1 points by Mooks (1985) 12 years ago

I work for myself, and I am very happy with it. I am not in the 1%, but should be by the time I retire.

[-] 1 points by tulcak (698) from Prague, Prague 12 years ago

ha! unless you are from a rich family, you are dreaming pal. good luck with that one. I've been there done that. it doesn't work anymore. that's the reason for the Occupy movement. how people can have eyes and ears and not see and hear what's going on around them is beyond me.

[-] 1 points by Mooks (1985) 12 years ago

You do realize that by definition, 1 out of every 100 people are the "1%". It is really not that rare. My wife and I are both from lower middle class families. We met in dental school, now we own a practice together and between us make enough to put us in that "elite" group. I don't know what things are like in Prague, but here in America it is still very much possible to start with nothing and move yourself into the 1%. It just takes hard work.

[-] 1 points by tulcak (698) from Prague, Prague 12 years ago

I've worked my ass off all my life. Its gotten me nothing. you are lucky. hard work doesn't guarantee you shit.

[-] 1 points by tulcak (698) from Prague, Prague 12 years ago

you are isolated. you have eyes and ears but you refuse to see and hear. I'm an American by the way and I moved here because there was actually a job. oh, and other things like excellent public health care and transportation. 40 hour work weeks, 5 weeks paid vacation, 2 years maternity/paternity leave at 2/3 pay... well, the list goes on and on. I pay 27% tax here. In the U.S., I've always paid 33 to 36% and got nothing. not even a job.

[-] 1 points by Mooks (1985) 12 years ago

I work 32 hour weeks and take at least 6 weeks of vacation per year. I bet I also make more money than you do. Just because things didn't work out in America for you, doesn't mean that there are not a lot of people being very successful. Maybe you are the one who is isolated.

[-] 1 points by tulcak (698) from Prague, Prague 12 years ago

I'm sure you make more money than me. you're rich.

[-] 1 points by Democracydriven (658) 12 years ago

Not if you keep pissing of your time doing this (-:

[-] 1 points by Mooks (1985) 12 years ago

Haha you are right.

[-] 2 points by beautifulworld (23799) 12 years ago

Many of the trolls on this forum are paid by certain political organizations and lobbyists who are getting nervous about OWS. There was even a letter circulated on the news about how they are planning to attack the movement. Here is a link:


[-] 2 points by TommyNYC (730) 12 years ago

The "END THE FED" crowd is a major point of infiltration of the right wing ad corporate interests. Shockingly, it is also a hotbed for violence, racism, and even domestic terrorism. This makes OWS all the more susceptible to the Feds, who have already infiltrated militias and neo-Nazis.


[-] 1 points by paulg5 (673) 12 years ago

I thought ending the fed was part of the OWS decloration?

[-] 2 points by barb (835) 12 years ago

At first, I thought this movement required a clear message and a leader for the movement but now I understand why they are not choosing this approach. Very smart OWS so keep going no matter what and people will soon listen.

[-] 2 points by yehshivida (4) 12 years ago

DEFINE SOCIOPATH: They couldn't possibly invest that money into fueling the SEC so they could actually investigate crimes that brought down the global economy. Someone might have to admit responsibility and have to do jail time. Someones used to paying off the judicial machine and buying their way out of legal accountability. Can we get a definition of "sociopath" into the picture ~ the BIG picture; An orgy of income [what's good for 'the market' is good for the world] at the expense of the weakest, most vulnerable, [who cares? If they're THAT stupid 'let 'em die!] that goes viral and crashes individual/micro 'economies' ie families, non-profit entities, public servants collective retirement 'portfolios' [it's their fault, they earn too much, bust the union, tax them more, why care about their health or retirement security, if they were stupid enough to be loyal & believe that will secure their family's future 'let 'em die'] which crashes world wide job-producing industries, reducing government tax income and crashes government macro economies to cause global economic winter YET NO ONE's RESPONSIBLE, NO ONE GOES TO JAIL and EVERYONE INVOLVED IS SLAPPED ON THE HAND FINED BARELY ENOUGH TO DISRUPT A MONTH's INCOME and IS ALLOWED TO WALK AWAY WITHOUT ACCEPTING ACCOUNTABILITY ~ Remind me again HOW IS SOCIOPATH DEFINED????? THE ENTIRE WORLD SEEMS TO HAVE NEGLECTED TO REMEMBER ~ Sociopathic Economic RAPE IS A CRIME [Can I get some Kurt Cobain here?] ECONOMIC RAPE THAT BRINGS DOWN THE WORLDS GLOBAL STABILITY IS CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY Sociopath Defined for those in Government with selective amnesia http://www.mcafee.cc/Bin/sb.html

[-] 2 points by paulg5 (673) 12 years ago

They have to find something to do with all YOUR money!

CIA........ $55,000,000,000 Billion budget FBI........ $8,264,677,000 Billion budget

[-] 1 points by FalseFlag (121) 12 years ago

Eco Rico=Thrashy thrash= Glue con =Moles who attack our movement

[-] 0 points by Democracydriven (658) 12 years ago

I have seen this before. What are the actual usernames?

[-] 1 points by FalseFlag (121) 12 years ago

Something like rico, thyrashymoque, gloucon. These people are attacking our posts by posting long pictures. They don't support OWS at all.

[-] 2 points by Democracydriven (658) 12 years ago

This the thrasy--- guy at work. What a fuckin' sorry excuse for an American! What is his point?


[-] 1 points by April (3196) 12 years ago

His point is conspiracy theories are not helpful or constructive. Besides, they are against the forum rules. And I happen to like his "long pictures" . : )

[-] 0 points by FalseFlag (121) 12 years ago

He is trying to ruin the posts!

[-] 1 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 12 years ago

Paranoid much? If I think the country's runaway debt is a huge problem, am I a rightie?

[-] 1 points by JonValle (133) 12 years ago

I don't disagree that there are those trying to derail what's being done, however I have one criticism. The 'righties' (conservatives) of today aren't really conservatives. They serve those that pay them handsome amounts of money. They spend and waste just as much as liberals.

A true conservative is for limiting government power, waste and spending, while not sacrificing the very fabric of our society and the needs of its people. At the dawn of our country, Republicans were happy to spend a bit of cash to help those that truly needed it. Most of the 'conservatives' in office are NeoCons that are pursing their own personal agendas so they can become filthy rich. This also applies to NeoLiberals who basically do the same thing.

[-] 1 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 12 years ago

"Righties"....wow. The only way to see if this is a threat is how many of OWS vote for the Dems in 2012.

Anything in the D/R box is the same shit as the last 100 years. No change.

[-] 1 points by mirkosl (1) 12 years ago

Is there anybody who would reject 7,7 trillion $ if he was offered? I would not. Actually, I think none would reject it such a gift. The problem I see is how is that possible that US government is offering my money to someone with no my permission?

[-] 1 points by theCheat (85) 12 years ago

With those exclusions 99% becomes about 35%. nice job.

[-] 1 points by Nevada1 (5843) 12 years ago

Hi tulcak, Good post. Best Regards, Nevada

[-] 1 points by Puzzlin (2898) 12 years ago

This is a good point, and you best believe they are here. They divide and conquer. ANd, I must say, they are successful here in turning away posters that have some class. Believe some folks don't take well to the constant hurling of insults and getter talk that occurs here. Most of the troll problem here is directly from the TeA PaRtY. They hate us with a vengeance! Their only purpose here is disruption and they do manage to carry it off very well with the ground rules as they are here. They are empowered, unlike the people who have respect, show it, and expect it. returned.

[-] 1 points by FalseFlag (121) 12 years ago

Eco Rico=Thrashy thrash= Glue con =Moles who attack our movement

[-] 1 points by FOXraisedHitler (36) from New York City, NY 12 years ago

Occupy WallSt is united by an enemy: WallSt.

You cannot infiltrate a group defined by an enemy, you can only distract it. Let them focus on partisan politics: Rally against Obama to get the more corrupt guy in his place.

Focus on WallSt. That makes you powerful.

[-] 2 points by tulcak (698) from Prague, Prague 12 years ago

what makes the Occupy movement strong is something that they don't know anything about... that is why they won't be able to defeat it. and, its so obvious. its just that they have become so clever, they are fooling themselves.



[-] -1 points by FreedomIn2012 (-36) from Hempstead, NY 12 years ago

Sad to say really nobody is watching. We have lost our point. Now that our movement is all about tents and parks and fighting with the police, main street is loosing interest. They only see the piling up of costs for police and sanitation, which increases their taxes. So, how do we refocus to be truly the 99%?

[-] 2 points by tulcak (698) from Prague, Prague 12 years ago

you don't support the movement. why are you pretending to be something you are not? the Occupy movement is the most powerful movement ever to happen around the globe. it continues to grow and to strengthen every day. if you want to know what the next steps are (that are already in progress), click on the "News" menu item at the top of this page.