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Forum Post: To Lie with a straight face is a Repugnacan Virtue

Posted 5 years ago on Aug. 11, 2012, 6:23 p.m. EST by matoinyanawacis (157)
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That the repugnacans can dare to claim that President Obama is the cause of our nations lack of progress, is so malfeasantly false, that even satan who have a problem passing that one without laughing. Every step of progress the President has achieved or tried, the Repugnacans both at state level as well as federal level have tugged and pulled to in effect make the nation step back 3 steps. Any party that feels it is justifiable to sabotage and sacrifice the safety and health of our nation simply for the political expedient of removing the first BLACK man (rasists I'm sure have another term they likely use) from the WHITE house, is not only ANTI AMERICAN, they are enemies of the state, and are on par with the terrorists who sought to cripple our nation. That this party of malfeasants dare to justify impoverishing an entire nation solely to cut taxes for the rich on the misanthropic evil imaginable. That Romney's misfeasance in regards to his taxes is even more misanthropic. He truly hates anyone who would even question his moral and ethical superiority, of which even a maggot has a better quality of ethics and morals than he, and literally cannot understand how people can dare to go against his desires. He WANTS the white house, how dare any one question his right to have it. He is a criminal who has abused our legislative branch in order to break laws legally, that for anyone else they would serve time for in jail. This is a man who will rape and pillage America, and believes that the American People should be grateful to him to have him do so.



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[-] 1 points by ComeTogetherNOW (650) 5 years ago

I completely understand how you feel. Politics is a twilight zone of sorts. An aberration in some distant galaxy. The truth is many times hard to discern and requires so researching and digging in. Many of us live busy lives and can't always diligently investigate these lying thieving Politicians. They KNOW this and use it against us. Some of us, I include myself, pay attention and find the truth, even if they try to hide it, and we see what's happening. Unfortunately there's not enough of us around. Each of us only can only do some much. But, our truths, demand action, and many of these truths are extremely important to our well being and ultimately our survival. Ignorance has never been bliss and leads almost always to hardship, suffering, and dismay.

Good Luck Mato, we need al the help we can get. Glad your seeing these things.

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