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Forum Post: To: Conservatives

Posted 6 years ago on March 5, 2012, 11:49 a.m. EST by francismjenkins (3713)
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We always complain about oil, but we're so easily persuaded to reject rational solutions concerning energy. Really, the free market will not, probably cannot (by itself) remedy this situation. Yet, as soon as politicians begin talking about a national energy strategy (referring to politicians who aren't retarded, and who do not reject science), the socialist boogeyman comes popping out to frighten us poor Americans, who are apparently so easily spooked. All this talk about how wonderful we are, and our brave and pioneering spirit, seems to be talking about an American people who no longer exist. Half of our country seems ready to start stocking up on canned food, duck tape, weapons, and bottled water. They allow themselves to be manipulated by an oil industry and right wing blow hard machine, which probably gets a good laugh at our expense. How easy we are to control, how easily our attention gets diverted, how much importance we give to inconsequential things, how little we understand basic science, and the best part, how we buy into the myths we invent about ourselves. If a politician were to say these things out loud, their political opponent immediately accuses them of hating America, liberal elitism, and various other niceties. So when someone tries to tell me why I should be scared of my own shadow, the terrorist around the corner, the socialists at my local university, etc., I only wish they would stop complaining about being treated like sheep, because they volunteered for the job.



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[-] 4 points by RushForPres (-61) 6 years ago

Conservatives rule the world; F the liberals

[-] 1 points by brightonsage (4494) 6 years ago

Good job!

[-] 1 points by pewestlake (947) from Brooklyn, NY 6 years ago

Well said. Kinda surprised it's taken so long for the "I know you are but what am I" backlash. Maybe you spooked them. ;-)

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 6 years ago

Thanks Francis, well put.

[-] 0 points by DayumShame (148) 6 years ago

Conservatives don't come here, remember?

Oh, and FIRST!!!

[-] 3 points by francismjenkins (3713) 6 years ago

I've been seeing plenty around here ....