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Forum Post: Time to shut down Obama and his corrupt Trans-Pacific Trade Agreement

Posted 5 years ago on Feb. 8, 2015, 9:45 p.m. EST by jamespeterevanhoe ()
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This would force Countries such as Australia to Japan to allow corrupt corporations such as GoldmanSachs to sell derivatives, in what I call "The Great Black Hole Securities Scam" meaning derivatives are in reality inflated worthless pieces of paper. They meaning Obama as their frontman are trying to line up the Pacific Rim in order to steal "everything" through their fraudulent securities scam....known as derivatives via the Trans-Pacific Partnership....then when they think its time they meaning GoldmanSachs - Lloyd Blankfein and his financial weasels will suck the real worth out of that system and collapse the entire globe's economy.

If you know people in Asia to Australia - along the Pacific Rim that will be forced to allow this to even get started.....let them know Obama is GoldmanSachs' Uncle Tom. Obama is their frontman for global financial corruption. !! remember > Obama < has "Never" convicted anyone at GoldmanSachs, their Executives, their Board of Directors or Managers for the largest financial securities ripoff in world History 2002-2008 !! See my comments on this subject and articles by Matt Taibbi of the magazine "Rollingstone" and many many other real Americans. The Obama and Bush scam "Too Big To Fail".

And Obama has also allowed the corruption of the CIA and the US Military in distribution of Afghan Heroin, into the USA, as clearly stated, to me in a 2 hr. conversation, by CEO of Vertol, on the road between the Boise Airport and and his condo in West Ketchum, ID. That last year, 2014, Afghan Heroin & Mexican "H" killed 8,000 Americans, as stated on PBS from the Huffington Post in January 2015, died from all walks of Life, and he Obama > Never < convicted the Owners, Directors or Managers of the corrupt global Bank HSBC, for money laundering - racketeering - drug cartels funds, for nearly 30 years, allowing drug cartels, distributors, pushers, killers..... greater success". Between the global fraud by GoldmanSachs, that will lead to the deliberate destruction of the global economy, to his killing of more and more Americans from all walks of Life, Obama is a Traitor and has killed the Future for Millions of Young Americans. My opinion: He needs to be put on trial in each State, where he will be found guilty, of criminal negligence, criminal obstruction, assisting in the cause of death of 10s of thousands, etc., and in my opinion the verdict should be he is put to death as a Traitor to his Country, a Social and Financial Terrorist.

History clearly will show him for what he is > a criminally corrupt Uncle Tom. A disgrace to his American Roots.

In the Presidential Election of 2016........WE are supporting Chris Swecker, former #2 at the FBI, to be the candidate and Our Next President of the United States, who will absolutely bring back the USA, save our communities - our friends - our neighbors from Afghan & Mexican heroin, and imprison Lloyd Blankfein, Henry Paulson, GHW Bush and GW Bush, Nancy Pelosi ( here she to in her many positions of leadership was criminally negligent ), to former SEC Chairman Arthur Levitt, who in 2000 never prosecuted GoldmanSachs or its CEO-Chair Henry Paulson for Investor Fraud..."Getting out from the TOP" defrauding small to mid-cap investors out of billions and destroying the Tech Boom" in order to assist in bringing GW Bush to power, criminal greed. Marcus Healey and I watched Paulson do this from the Headquarters of Merrill Lynch - SD, CA., Levitt is to be put in prison, etc., And we will support the ability of the new President to dissolve the company of GoldmanSachs once and for all!.........Bet On IT ...this will happen! It has already started...WE...have lined up 3 (Three) top GOP financial backers who wish to save their party from the corruption of the Bush Family.....and their deliberate Financial Fraud, lead by both GHW & GW Bush, in the Financial Collapses of 1988,89,90,91<GHW and again but 100 times greater 2008. < GW..............

We are no where near having a great recovery or a great economy! And remember the Bush Family members are Bill & Hillary Clinton's best buddies and Obama wished GHW Bush "the biggest weasel of them all" Happy Birthday..........talk about a Rat Pack of Scammers - Traitors and Thieves. James Peter Evanhoe 2/8/2015



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