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Forum Post: OWS: Time to Run for Office, 99 percenters

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 1, 2012, 7:45 a.m. EST by bklynsboy (834)
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Demonstrations and activism are good to a point, but real change occurs from within. The 99 Percent Third Party. School boards, City and town councils. State government. Senate. House of representatives. We massively outnumber the 1%. Use that advantage.



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[-] 1 points by Phanya2011 (908) from Tucson, AZ 6 years ago

I know trust of existing groups is a problem, but this looks like it might be a great place to start finding candidates: http://www.americavotes.org/about

[-] 1 points by bklynsboy (834) 6 years ago

totally agree!

[-] 1 points by learnthis (120) 6 years ago

That would be the best thing that anyone could do! Sitting around talking, praying, wishing does nothing...getting involved and running for office is how you can help make things change. Of course it means off with the pajammas, cutting the locks, showing up for meetings and a few other things but I know the young people of today can do that! You will not win sitting in the jammies, smoking weed and having matted hair down to your ass! Get smart and occupy a seat in a classroom, or a government board or your city council. Volunteer, be present and be accounted for!

[-] 1 points by bklynsboy (834) 6 years ago

Perfectly stated!

[-] 1 points by PeaceNow (84) 6 years ago

This is absolutely the way to go. Why are we not forming a party? We have the backing of the 99%, we would win by a massive landslide. Who in the movement stands out as a candidate?

[-] 1 points by bklynsboy (834) 6 years ago

Right on! Michael Moore?