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Forum Post: “Time for an American Spring” or “Why I will be joining the Occupy Wall Street Movement”

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 26, 2012, 8:29 p.m. EST by GregByTheSea (2)
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I can see the Koch brothers and their ilk rubbing their greedy cold hands together and whispering, "Let them all fight over abortion, contraception, feeding the poor and even fight over the loose change left in their torn, ragged pockets." It is ALL smoke and mirrors, my friends. The wealthiest of the wealthy will always be happy to oblige us with a Santorum, a Bachman, or a Romney to put on a sideshow while we look away as they drain this great country of treasure and resources. They take away our bragging rights as an American to say "No child is this country will go to bed hungry and every child who works hard in school can go to college if they choose and have an opportunity to thrive."

I hear some left to centrist people say the discourse needs to come back to the economy, to regulation, and a fair tax system before we can progress as a Nation, I agree. It is a hard pill to swallow though, because the diversionary tactics from the right consistently do exactly what diversions are meant to do. They take away resources from the good fight for human rights and dignity.

Of course, the factions on the right always ask from the Occupy Wall Street Movement for clarification of their message and their intent. I think the message is loud and clear exactly as it is. The 1% would like nothing better than to pigeon-hole them into compliance. Intentionally or not, the Movement by sticking to a broad and vague message leaves room for the multitudes of people with their multitude of grievances. Besides, the 1% knows exactly what they’re doing wrong and they just refuse to do it. I think the movement has it EXACTLY right.

My personal reasons for deciding to join the Occupy Movement are important to me and they are many. The most important reason for me to join the Movement is to help in any way to counter the ownership of our country’s civic dialogue and their ownership of our political system. When corporations become people they become virtually unaccountable to anyone and their oligarchs are left to govern themselves as our nation and its’ people suffer. The poor and the disenfranchised suffer in the most tangible way and as the top 1% drains the poorest of us; they wallow around in a mad, muddy rush like pigs to fill the emptying trough with the bottom of the middle. Soon, as the bottom of the middle drains below the poverty line, the 1% will come for the middle of the middle. Amazing how everyone seems offended and yells, “Class War” when that is exactly what it is. It is the 1% vs. everyone else who is trying to survive.

Corporations are now people and have become more consolidated and have amassed the greatest wealth in the history of Democracy. The nature of these “people” is to support the bottom line at all costs. When earning a living wage gets in the way of profit it is now easy to build plants overseas, pay the workers thirty-one cents per hour, house them nine to a small room and work them 16 or more hours a day. So what if they jump to their deaths, there’s always more starving, desperate people to fill that emptying trough too. Corporations will bleed every single vein until we are all left anemic and dying. When money is valued more than the hard labor that builds wealth then it is time to look at this “political system of diversions” and start counting blood and flesh humans as people and regulate corporations to respect human rights and dignity. The human allows the existence of the corporation, not visa-versa.

The had their Arab Spring; it is time for an American Spring.



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[-] 1 points by freehorseman (267) from Miles City, Mt 6 years ago

Enjoy your post hope it's true.Big summer party in city by the lake G-8

[-] 1 points by stopit001 (1) 6 years ago

www.the1spring.com - learn the real backers of the OWS and the 99% Spring. Soros and the Unions will cause chaos on the streets this year. Please, do not be part of that, NO GOOD will come of it.

[-] 1 points by BradB (2693) from Washington, DC 6 years ago

Greg.... ignore BlackSun , he's a border-line troll .... you are exactly right... the American Spring is right around the corner


[-] 0 points by BlackSun (275) from Agua León, BC 6 years ago

So are you saying we should hand over power to fundamentalist Muslims? That is what is happening in Egypt and Libya.

[-] 1 points by cJessgo (729) from Port Jervis, PA 6 years ago

Aways have an enemy a BS

[-] 1 points by GregByTheSea (2) 6 years ago

Yes, exactly. Thanks for the warm welcome.

[-] 0 points by BlackSun (275) from Agua León, BC 6 years ago

The /Marxist/anarchist people here would likely agree with you. From them will come your "warm welcome".

[-] 1 points by GregByTheSea (2) 6 years ago

I am pretty naive when it comes to politics, I guess my point I was making missed the mark ... I was hoping OWS was a way for me to do something to help a little to alleviate some of the pain out there, besides contributing the little money I do and voting. I wasn't sure what to do next, I am pretty angry about the inequality on all counts and that most people think they have no voice. I don't think the outcome of OWS will be the handing our nation over to fundamentalists but doing nothing will absoluetly have that outcome. I think the 1% is at least a little fearful of the OWS movement and my fear is, by this spring the 1% will succeed getting the message out that everything is "getting better" and OWS will lose momentum. The 1% and thier media say OWS is barely relevent but there is so much history that says they don't really think that. Noone can afford to let them write the dialogue of how OWS will end. I pray the spring, when it is warm, will bring people to the movement who would have never thought themselves ever in a protest. This is what I mean by an American Spring.

[-] 0 points by BlackSun (275) from Agua León, BC 6 years ago

I thought you were saying that we will have our own spring Ike the Arab countries that are now being taken over by fundamentalist Muslims. I see now that you are meaning something different.