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Forum Post: Thrasymachus is correct. ( Put new Tab on site for other issues)

Posted 10 years ago on Oct. 14, 2012, 2:45 p.m. EST by gsw (3400) from Woodbridge Township, NJ
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You sir are correct! When I was first on this site in October November a year ago, it was very much more anti duopoly. Now it's long live the same old system. Granted, we see much of problems are from politicians, most from one side, as they invent there own reality and incessantly lie & cheat. I don't see the system changing by buying into the duopoly. Ows seems to be loosing steam, by focusing on too many issues, and not staying focused on ecomic justice. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57513826/one-year-later-occupy-in-disarray-but-spirit-lives-on/ All the related issues however interesting and informative, take away from the point of Ows. We need a new tab on this site for "related issues" under which most of what is on this site belong.


A new tab for related issues would improve the site, and the main forum stay focused on the 1 percent and anti duopoloy. (Maybe place it on second line next to comments and bubbling)




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[-] 1 points by gsw (3400) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 10 years ago

Madera Canyon has what to do with anti 1 percent?


[-] 1 points by gsw (3400) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 10 years ago

This forum needs a new tab for "other issues".

The forum is unfocused on results of duopoly and plutocracy and globalism.

Someone should place non primary issues in the "other issues" forum.