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Forum Post: Those Greedy Corporations

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 5, 2011, 9:29 a.m. EST by Libertarianliving (149)
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Take a look at how "evil" big corporations can be. I can pretty much guarantee I know what occupiers will respond.



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[-] 1 points by WorkerAntLyn (254) 12 years ago

Here's my response, in two parts:

A) I'd be very curious to see the financing report on where these donations came from. The actual bank accounts of the companies? (Some companies, this might be true of, and if that's true, then those companies have atleast my partial support.) But it's not so simple. Take a look at what is mentioned in some of these articles. Donation drives? That's not the company donating. That's people. Shoppers. It's their money. Also, many of these charity donations come from employees giving donations from their own paychecks. That would be the "99%" you are suggesting isn't as charitable. These companies can say it came from them - but it's their employees giving up percentages and dollar amounts from their own paychecks for the donations. So who is helping these people? Let's see these finance reports. Let's see the real numbers.

B) There's an old saying - Charity Starts at Home They want to help the community? They want to help people who are struggling? Then maybe they should take a look at their own employees. Maybe they should make sure they aren't among those struggling and homeless. Let's see them do something about that. If they do that - then I'll say, here's a company who can be proud of itself.

[-] 1 points by Libertarianliving (149) 12 years ago

But that isn't as "fun" for these people as bashing the corporations. They don't want to start saying PEOPLE should be more charitable, that they "don't need that much money". They know it would then put the ball on THEIR shoulders, make them think about how they "could do more to help" the lower portion of the so called "99%" they CLAIM to represent.. Actually that is a MISrepresentation of who THEY are. I am in the bottom "99%" of income earners and I don't want THEM to represent ME. I am thankful for all I have and all the opportunity there is to have even more in this country. What I have and what opportunities I have due in most part to businesses and corporations. SO why don't they say who they truly "represent". I know of many, MANY folks who are in the "99%" and don't want their "representation"!

[-] 0 points by ronjj (-241) 12 years ago

Unless OCCUPY has given not less than 10% of all that they have collected to charity, like that big mean corporation, Kroger, did, best keep their mouth shut regarding that ONE.

Maybe what you should protest if PEOPLE, some of them can be much more "evil" that any big corporation that I am aware of unless those extermination camps in Germany were actually disguised corporations.