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Forum Post: This must continue from Italy

Posted 7 years ago on Sept. 25, 2011, 4:20 a.m. EST by Sarah (3)
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I was waiting and hoping to see "Indignados" in Wall Street! I believe this revolution must continue, if us, the people want a change in this society of greed. The moment has began because all over the world groups of people are starting to protest against their ruthless governments. I just wanted to say that I am shocked about what is going on there, I read from the newspapers that 85 or 100 people were arrested! What did they do? They were peacefully protesting against the filth that lays in Wall Street and for this you get beaten by the police and also arrested! What is going on around the world? Has Fascism arisen once again! After seeing and reading what is going on in New York, it reminded me of a song "Know your enemy" (Rage against the machine), they say something important: What? the land of the free? Whoever told you that is your enemy? Good luck and I hope in an important CULTURAL REVOLUTION because we deserve it! So, we must fight!



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[-] 1 points by trailertrash (13) 7 years ago

Indignados indeed. The world needs many more of these. The individual, the community and the state may work to avoid the system by using only those financial institutions which promise that money will be used locally for the good of all. Our money must be kept away from the hands of international bankers. In this way the power of international corporations will begin to diminish. This is what the world needs.

[-] 1 points by Sarah (3) 7 years ago

I agree, bankers can't run the country (actually the world)! They speculate and continue their dirty robbery and get bailed out! Just look at the hedge funds speculation that through in the middle of the street thousands of people and those nasty gamblers got bailed out. This is disgusting if we live in a so-called democratic country..... "Inside job" is a great documentary that explains all the speculation of the banks and also lists the names of the thieves, what is even more incredible is the end, because it is unbelievable. It should be screen in every central park and square!