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Forum Post: This Movement needs a "Spearpoint" Effect PLEASE READ THIS

Posted 7 years ago on Oct. 16, 2011, 9:27 a.m. EST by jordankratz (33) from Portland, ME
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I would really love to see the leadership of this movement concentrate on a few realistic points so we can unite the entire Political Spectrum of believers.We do not need to create chaos.We need Unity of all 99%' ers. I hope the organizers look at my little message.Try to just take on the Corruption. End the Marriage of Big Money to Washington, DC End Money Lobbying End Large Money Donations to Political Parties/Politicians End Large Money Donations to PAC Groups End The Corruption

Now if you all concentrate on this issue then you will change the system.On the other hand if you make to many demands all at once you will get nothing.I am 55 years old.I have gone to protests since 1969 when I was 13 against the Vietnam War.I have been around for years.I used to hang out in NYC often and would crash at the old YIPPIE Headquaters on Bleeker St.The things that I wrote down will fix a big problem we have and then I feel things will in fact get better.You must take one step at a time.If you make this movement to "LEFT or to RIGHT" it will only turn into chaos and you will lose out.I know this because we already tried to fight this battle and that was over 3 decades ago.If you on the other hand just deal with the Corruption issue you will get a lot more Angry People and they will be Liberals and Conservatives together.WE MUST ALL STAND TOGETHER. We love our Country.Do not lose direction and make the same mistakes my generation did.It took us over 10 years of protesting to get us all out of Vietnam.Us olde guys have a good memory and we have good knowledge.



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[-] 1 points by jordankratz (33) from Portland, ME 7 years ago

So far all I have seen of this movement and I have spoken at the Portland Rally as well as checked it out more than once is a movement of Anarchy.No real direction and a lot of unreasonable demands that will never happen. To bad that the people have the power to just end the corruption.Take one step at a time but the youth are full of haste and no brains in the long experience of life.

[-] 1 points by stevonbi (85) 7 years ago

Agree completely...nobody's message should be excluded at any protest. But this will work much better with more pointed focus. See also: http://www.occupywallst.org/forum/whats-the-message/#comment-104636

[-] 1 points by mbsss (92) 7 years ago

Agreed. Listen to the 50+ gang. "We" are pretty well-seasoned in this stuff, and have lived long enough to know who is doing what, why, and how to stop it strategically, peacefully, and unifiedly. (and of course, it would be nice if the media recognized that this is NOT a "youth" movement---this is the 99% of the entire population that represents honest taxpayers, small business owners, bank account holders, and families looking for a good quality of life.)