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Forum Post: This Movement Is Making Fun Of Itself

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 4, 2012, 3:12 a.m. EST by the99areLazy (14) from Benton, PA
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Some of the protesters you have "supporting" you are pretty much slapping you guys in the face with their cock.

You have ModestCapitalist spamming the shit out of your forum with his/her long rants he copys and pastes on every thread blocking others comments. He's worse than the free tv advertisements, yet you guys flipped shit to get rid of those. I mean he is raping this forum and you guys are taking it in the ass.

You have DKAtoday doing the same but with the movie inside job.

You have people who post illegal threatning posts twords groups of people (rich, jews, arabs) and then you all support it.

You have people who will talk about how untrustworthy Fox news and private news is but then post a user made video on Youtube as evidence for a claim.

You guys chant and worship the idea of free speech and oppinion yet verbaly tear appart anyone who doesn't support you or argues against your beliefs and make yourselves look like hypocritical assholes.

You protest the rich even through they have not retaliated or done anything against you, as the government pepper sprays you and passes NDAA to arrest your asses.



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[-] 1 points by ebri (419) 6 years ago

Modestcapitalist's posts are factual and "on the money." Problem solvers look at details associated with the problem and analyze how to change things to solve problems.

If we don't agree on the problem itself it will be difficult to solve it.

Modestcapitalist portrays our current problems nationally and worldwide using facts from credible sources. There is nothing you can do to change this. There is no negotiating on the foundational facts contributing to our problems. No amount of name-calling, foul language, insulting commentary, attempt at denigration, etc. will change that, despite your very best efforts to this end.