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Forum Post: "This is not about tents!"

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 28, 2011, 3:10 p.m. EST by beamerbikeclub (414)
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I thought I saw that as a post, and now I can't find it...?!?

What does it mean??? That even IF "they" succeed in busting up our lovely camps we are still gonna...

But I really WANT the camps... Hey, can we bring them back disguised as little Holiday Santa Claus villages???



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[-] 1 points by Edgewaters (912) 12 years ago

"Organizers working in shifts" that's going to last about ... an afternoon. Maybe two.

[-] 1 points by NOMORECORPORATEBULLIES (1) 12 years ago

Here it is:

The initial impact of this movement has been diluted, and the public's understanding of it's purpose has been misdirected at a level that will shut down it's effectiveness altogether, if we all do not consciously work together to change things. We all knew it would be an uphill battle to acquire media coverage that effectively portrayed our efforts. We knew the police would do anything in their power to stop it. We knew that the 1% would utilize their money and connections to lash out against it.


All of the comments/ complaints about the movement "not having a real agenda" are partially well founded - almost all of the media coverage, and actions Occupy have taken are related to whether we have the right to pitch a tent, or occupy centralized locations. Additionally, Occupy has allowed it's media image to be distorted to that of the "dirty hippy" cliche'. This MUST be corrected, immediately, or Occupy is doomed to failure. That would be a great tragedy to the future of our country.

I am in support of the ideas behind Occupy, but NOT their approach. The 1% who have hijacked the power structures in our country have the obvious advantage - the only way Occupy stands a chance against the powers that be is to learn about strategy and logistics as much as possible, and to draw more people towards it's efforts by helping the public understand that this movement is for ALL of us, not just dirty hippies and whiners.

A few suggestions to other members of Occupy:

  1. ◦The initial success of Occupy was due to effective use of social networking - focus on organizing this way again, in a concorted effort to create flash mobs. Flash mobs are MUCH more effective (and less vulnerable) than being sitting ducks in a park.
  1. ◦Occupying one location is death - it makes us vulnerable to police, and creates issues that misdirect the focus of our efforts. Instead of focusing on one location, Occupy should choose different locations - Wells Fargo one day, Citibank the next, ect. OR - do several locations in a city at a time, to dilute the efforts of the police. If it is well thought out enough, Occupy could be gone before the police brutality begins. Offering press conferences about WHY each location was chosen would squelch the sentiments about lack of agenda.

  2. ◦Occupy should have volunteers that work in shifts, rather 24/7. There would be no tent issue this way, and would be safer for the volunteers. It would help them to retain an effective presence, without forcing them to endure dangerous winter conditions long term. Warm houses for volunteers who are off shift should be organized.

I sincerely hope some of you take these suggestions, refine them, and implement them. With all my heart, I hope that Occupy can re-assert itself with the same power it began. Our freedoms, our futures, and that of our children depends on it.

[-] 1 points by NuggetWindsock (9) from Terre Haute, IN 12 years ago

I want the camps too. It feels like it will be hard to sustain firmly without an established home base. What do we do?