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Forum Post: This is how we change the world...

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 26, 2011, 7:40 p.m. EST by ImamAlMahdi (3)
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The world we live in can be a scary place. Every day it seems that analysts warn of impending disasters – whether in the form of crumbling economies or food shortages, global climate change, weapons of mass destruction and so much more. Most of us have enough to worry about just taking care of our own families, let alone trying to do something to benefit others, and for those of us who try to make the world a better place – none of us know where to start. Even our leaders seem incapable of fixing the problems facing our world today. As times become harder and harder for the average person to make ends meet and provide for our loved ones, we've taken to the streets in protest. Whether its the Arab Spring, the riots in England or now the Occupy Wall Street movement, there is no denying our lack of patience with the world today. We are fed up and ticked off and we're showing the world we are not going to take it anymore. But what are we saying to the 1%, really? Are we promoting civil responsibility, or just spreading our anger? Are we stomping out the flame, or just adding another log to the fire? Are we creating solutions, or are we just another part of of the problem? This is not how we fix our world – through hate. Changing the world is not difficult, but it takes all of us. If we want to fix the problem, it is up to us to become the solution. If we want to fix the world, all we need to do is inspire people to care about each other once again, especially the 1%. How do we do this, you ask? Easy. Instead of a picket sign, occupy Wall Street with a grill and some tailgate supplies. Invite all the homeless to come down and join us for burgers and ribs like it was a Sunday afternoon and we're ready for some football. While you're at it, bring with you some old clothes you don't wear anymore – and some blankets. Help those who are less fortunate than us to survive yet another cold and bitter winter, and invite the executives in their corner offices to come join us as well. If we want to fix the world, all it takes is a little Love. All we gotta do is show the 1% that we take responsibility for each other – and we won't have to ask them to do the same for us – because we will inspire them to follow our lead. That's how we change the world, but I cannot do it alone, nor can you. It takes all of us. So spread the word, start marinatin' those ribs and get ready to start cloggin' up some arteries like only a good 'ol fashion American barbeque can, because we – the 99% – we are the world, therefore we are the solution. Peace be upon you all, and plus one for the heroes!



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