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Forum Post: This is how the police should act

Posted 10 years ago on Dec. 6, 2011, 4:25 p.m. EST by Teamster (102)
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[-] 0 points by applepie (17) 10 years ago

If ows can't cause the police to respond, then the movement will be over!!!! The only way to overcome a non violent campaign- is for the police to also become non violent. -- New haven, ows must cause the system to respond to them. - instead of demonstrating they are just camping in the park. activist training http://1vbd3.cjb.net

[-] 1 points by ronimacarroni (1089) 10 years ago

I hope you're a troll

[-] 1 points by Teamster (102) 10 years ago

So are you saying they should piss off the cops?

[-] 0 points by applepie (17) 10 years ago

They should call them every name in the 4 letter word book. get them to pepper spray you, club you and get it on camera. for the world to see. non violence doesn't mean passive- we must be aggressive, without breaking the law, and without violence.CCCCCCCCCCC get your largest and most aggressive males- and have them go face to face and nose to nose with the most angry looking cop you can find.
force the cops to respond with force--

[-] 3 points by Teamster (102) 10 years ago

I was thinking they should get the cops to join them.

[-] 0 points by applepie (17) 10 years ago

Never forget we are demonstrating against a unjust system. we don't don't make friends with them. we stop only when they meet our just demands. and we make there life a living hell. make it to painful for the cops to suppress you- and make the city pay so much for the police that they will spend more for police then the city has. once the city runs out of money- ows wins the battle, in that city.-- If you can anger the cops, then they will be afraid of you.

[-] 1 points by Teamster (102) 10 years ago

So when the city is so broke and teachers and other city workers have to lose their jobs OWS wins? When the city is broke and they raise taxes OWS wins? How?

[-] 1 points by atlantic (27) 10 years ago

do what makes you feel good-