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Forum Post: This is an internet forum, an internet forum is not the movement.

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 27, 2011, 7:33 p.m. EST by jph (2652)
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Trolls, disruptors, and perpetual naysayers,. this is an internet forum. An internet forum is not a movement. Some people in the movement may use this forum to spread information,. and they may also use a thousand other methods at the same time. All your efforts to thwart, ridicule, and belittle, this movement through mindless posts on this forum are a more than a little pathetic, and may point to much deeper mental health issues, do get help for that.

Your endless spamming of nonsensical rantings, and the racist/sexist/homophobic small minded insulting, hatemongering, and terrible grammar, spelling, and over USE OF ALL CAPS while perhaps mildly entertaining to your simian brain,. are actually very useless.

The movement is the people,. this forum is just a forum, one of many. Your attacks show only your pathetic fear,. I am still waiting for any logic to debate, however there seems to be none available from your sad little troll army. I suspect there are actually very few of you,. as the same troll names, and same lame tactics just come back again and again.

Movement = many people coming together around the issues of democracy, and power. Forum = net based discussion where people hold conversations in the form of posted messages.

Disrupting this forum does not hurt the movement. It does show a lot about who you really are as a human being, what you value, and how rude you are. Thanks for the heads up.



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[-] -3 points by devereaux (0) 6 years ago

OK...I will bite.....

Let me start by stating very clearly that America is not a Democracy. She is a Republic.

Since it appears you are not aware of the difference, I will explain it very simply. A Republic operates under the rule of law. A Democracy operates under the rule of a mob.

A democracy always eventually results in some form of tyranny....perhaps a dictatorship, an oligarchy or some other form of elitist government.

A Republic, on the other hand, prevents the tyranny of the mob because it has the rule of law. In America that rule is known as the Constitution.

Are you still with me? Am I going too fast?

The Constitution, and its Amendments, lays out the role of the Federal government, the powers of the Federal government, and the rights of the people.

The Supreme Court is charged with protecting the Constitution and the rule of law. It, in its wisdom, attempts to clarify and interpret those statements within the Constitution that appear vague....in the context of current law.

Every person has the right to disagree and challenge laws and actions made by government, corporations and individuals. That is called the court system.

Are you still with me? Sorry if I am boring you....I know these things are nothing more than inconveniences to your mind so you do not apply great thought to them.

Now...to keep this short....the OWS has ample civil and legal ways to take their grievances through the courts. The occupation of public lands serves to disrupt and prevent other citizens from going about their own business freely and peaceably.

You, and the clowns who demonstrate with you, are trampling on the rights of other citizens. In doing this you are throwing the Constitution out the window, and showing to everyone that you favor democracy...rule by the mob.

I am in favor of your voices being heard...but when you step on the rights of others, your actions are unacceptable.

That simple.

Do you get what I am saying?

I guess you will simply respond that this is one of those "nonsensical rantings, and the racist/sexist/homophobic small minded insulting, hatemongering, and terrible grammar, spelling" type posts that you referred to above.

I suggest you first get an education, secondly get a job, thirdly become accountable for your own actions and not be so willing to judge the actions of others, and finally be responsible for your own life rather than wanting others to take that role.

If you want to know what I REALLY think? Try my blog... http://devereauxdailydose.blogspot.com/

I suspect the thought processes will be far too complex for you, but you may enjoy writing one or two comments....I am always happy to respond to what my readers think (no censorship either!)...but beware...I do not suffer fools gladly and will rake you over the coals should you make stupid statements.

I use this and other internet forums to spread truth and dispel lies....to shine light on stupidity and to give good discussion.

Can you say the same?


[-] 3 points by jph (2652) 6 years ago

going too fast? you have yet to say anything new. yes,. very boring you are,. you also make many assumptions about others that you have no bases to. (job, education, etc.)

"I suspect the thought processes will be far too complex for you," lol,. why,. you spout that same line of pointless drivel that all the free-marketers do,. in your fictional free-market (you all admit that we don't have a free market,. and we never have.) that you long for,. there are absolutely no controls on corporations,. what you propose is corporate feudalism,. wealth rules and the people have no voice at all. An ugly inhuman system that values only money is what you speak of. Rule of law may ass,. try to sue a corporation, or the EPA for not doing what is already Law and see how far that gets.

"Democracy is generally defined as a form of government in which all the people have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives."

I support democracy, why should all people not have a say in the decisions that affect their lives? Can you answer? The only thing I can come up with to TRY and understand your position,. is that you are an elitist,. and you show in your post that you do think you are better than the rest of us,. so good luck surviving all on your own,. as that will be the effects of your policy.

We need to have some socialism,. for large natural resource extraction, and public utilities for energy, water, net,. etc. natural resources do indeed belong to ALL of us,. no one here created them, and no one should profit from what we will all use. We should collectively insure all for health, and basic housing etc. so no one starves to death or commits suicide on the way to starving,. Now AFTER these BASIC human needs are taken care of,. THEN we can have a free market of innovation and ideas,. where everyone can have a change to do better than the basic existence provided through the socialist systems. I am all for innovation and new creative expressions of the human soul. There are more than enough resources to take care of all humanity and regenerate our world that has been ravaged by the greedy using a system they call corporate capitalism.

[-] 1 points by devereaux (0) 6 years ago

You clearly live in a fantasy if you think we can have "some socialism".

And as for ensuring health and housing etc...where do you stop with the basics? What about a soft bed? A car? A cell phone? Nice clothes? Champagne?

Yep...when we decide that we have used up as much socialism as we can handle, and then decide not to give people the next trinket they think is a basic necessity, we will see them occupying wall street demanding their next fix.

I don't think you understand how people become addicted to trinkets and freebies....just ask Greece what happens when they can no longer get them.

It is not that hard to understand if you put your mind to it.


[-] 1 points by jph (2652) 6 years ago

No, I now live in CANADA where we have Universal Health Care for all. or look to the Scandinavian countries,. they have higher taxes,. and free education all the way through university,. (even for foreigners in some cases, you pay your living expense and you go to school for free!) among other 'socialist' programs,. and yet they have the most robust and successful economies,. and the highest rates of happiness,. yes things besides money and wealth can be measured. look it up.

Greece is not being attacked by bankers because they had too much socialism,. they are being plundered by debt pirates,. they should do what Iceland did and tell the corrupt bankers to bugger off. look into Greece and Iceland and you may learn how the world actually works,. corporate bankers plunder the wealth of nations and leave nothing but debt and interest payments., this in not capitalism or socialism,. it is corporate capitalism and it is about to end.

to get a good look at the current situation see; maxkeiser.com

[-] 1 points by oelw (1) 6 years ago

Ok, you are talking cult now.

Unfortunately, most people do not accept your cult.

[-] 1 points by thebeastchasingitstail (1912) 6 years ago

Yea, you claim not to censor but you sure do condescend and make outright ad hominem attacks.

"I suspect the thought processes will be far too complex for you," haha yes that statement is a friggin hallmark of intelligent, repectful discourse, not.

[-] 0 points by Notconfusedanymore (62) 6 years ago

Very well said, Thank you!