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Forum Post: This could be BIGGER than Facebook and help solve poverty WORLDWIDE !!!!!!!!!!

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 7, 2012, 2:39 a.m. EST by occupyrj (3)
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Family "No Money Necessary" -Ask and Ye Shall Recieve

Family is a website set up to accomodate each person's needs and wants without any monetary exchange necessary. Every member will be able to acces any service that another member is offering. Each member must contribute their own services each month to reap benefits. The minimum amount of services each month must equal the minimum value that has been voted on by consensus of all members. Value on goods and services will be based on true supply and demand by using algorithms that uses variables from collected data and surveys. Members do surveys and all questions are able to be peer reviewed by each member. All services are subjected to RRR's (ratings, rankings, and reviews). This will keep competition in all fields and ensure the best work is being given. Any member can ask for as many services he or she wants as long as they themselves have contributed the voted upon minimum.

For Example, If I want my hair cut, all I do is search for that service locally and find a Family member that is offering that service. I base my decision on their RRR standings. After the service is completed, I acknowledge that the job has been done and then rate my haircutter. Simple as that. We use the collected data of how many people are asking for haircuts, recieving those haircuts, and resources influencing those haircuts, to find true value in that service based on the algorithms results. The algorithms will continuously adjust to new members and information given. All information is transparent to prove value on all goods and services.

The job can get done no matter what it is, because their are people out there who can offer that service. And if the demand or value is too high in any aspect, then we market to places that offer those services to become part of the Famiy. The algorithms will show the value on that service to be high until more members, groups, or companies can offer those items as service to the family. Only Family members can reap the benefits of other member's services and goods.

All Family members are contributers and are able to contribute in his/her own way. There are no limitations on what a member can contribute or give away as goods. All kinds of new services could be implemented and over time Family could determine your service's value.

This could be viewed as a "new aged barter system." No money will ever be necessary as Family evolves over time, where



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