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Forum Post: These are the best ideas for fixing the country. Now what?

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 1, 2012, 4 p.m. EST by DavidGilbert (64) from Tampa, FL
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More Democracy - A constitutional amendment reversing the Supreme Court's bizarre rulings that under the First Amendment money is speech and corporations are people. Real campaign finance reform with public financing of federal elections. End the "revolving door" of politicians and their staffs from ever becoming becoming lobbyists. End the filibuster - the continued tyranny of 40, the number of senators who can block action—perhaps representing as little as 10 percent of the American public. End gerrymandering by politicians and turn over redistricting to citizen committees.

More Jobs - A ten-year federal program that creates over 30 million jobs rebuilding America that includes infrastructure banks run by engineers, not politicians and a massive clean energy initiative that links some of those new jobs to workers in fossil fuel industries who otherwise would be displaced. Pay for it by taxing all Wall St. financial transactions at 1% raises $400 billion a year.

More Fairness - The fast-growing occupations in America are lower-paying service jobs, like home health care and food service, in which it’s all but impossible to make a living. To lift wages requires generous tax credits for low earners, a higher minimum wage, and guaranteed health care so that wages are not consumed by medical costs. Job training efforts must also focus on the service sector, helping to build so-called career ladders, say, from home health aid to licensed vocational nurse. To encourage upward social mobility, make all community colleges tuition-free. Pay for it by ending the war in Afghanistan and reducing military spending.

End The Housing Crisis - A national anti-foreclosure plan that is up to the scale of the problem would include: Principal write-downs of underwater loans Expanded refinancings for borrowers in high-rate loans Forbearance for unemployed homeowners. Pay for it with massive fines against the banks for massive mortgage fraud.

Reduce Financial Risk To Society - Break up the biggest banks. Reenact Glass-Steagall. Abolish credit default swaps. Derivatives must be traded on transparent exchanges. Ban "flash" trading.

A Fair Federal Tax Code - the marginal tax rate should be raised to 50 percent on income between $500,000 and $5 million, 60 percent on income between $5 million and $15 million, and 70 percent on income over $15 million. There should be a 2 percent annual surtax on all fortunes over $7 million. The estate tax should be 55 percent and kicks in after $5 million. Capital gains should be taxed at 35 percent. End the home mortgage deduction on first homes over $1 million. End the home mortgage deduction on all second homes. Corporations should be taxed by a variable amount based on the percentage of their payroll going to US workers. A small business employing 100% US workers should be taxed somewhere between 15-20% while a company that has completely shifted its production overseas should be in the 50% range. Eliminate corporate loopholes, unfair tax breaks, exemptions and deductions, subsidies, end offshore tax haven abuse. Expatriation of capital should be subject to a maximum tax-rate penalty with violation considered a felony act.

Better Schools - Properly compensate effective teachers. Copy Finland. Finland draws its teachers from the top 10 percent of college graduates. Finland's teachers study education at government expense and receive strong professional support throughout their careers. Finland's "whatever it takes" attitude towards teaching ensures that no child is left behind. Universal prekindergarten, full-day kindergarten and extending the school day and school year. End tenure and LIFO for k-12 teachers nationwide and weed out the bottom 10%.

Protect The Environment - STRICTLY enforce the Clean Air Act.

Enhance Personal Freedoms - Repeal the Patriot Act



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[-] -1 points by smartcapitalist (143) 6 years ago
  1. A corporation is not a natural person. That has nothing to do with political campaign finance. I understand that you guys are a bunch of dickheads who do not understand law.

  2. And where is the money for the said 30 yr federal program gonna come from. And don't tell me taxes, it won't be enough even if you increase the tax levels to what you are suggesting. More importantly, the effect on the economy from such high tax rates is not known either.

  3. Higher minimum wage would only push more jobs abroad.

  4. Making all community college free would ensure that the slackers would stay on in college for ages and people who are serious about an education would also enroll. You need a way to deal with these people before wanting to make it free. Besides, community college is already pretty cheap.

  5. Pump in more money to end the housing crisis. Let sub prime borrowers be off the hook. Is that a joke? Sure, in some cases, the rates were atrocious and those should be looked into but to let go each and every one is ridiculous.

  6. You guys credit way too much to Glass Stegall. As for CDS, those are useful ways for entities to reduce risk, you have no idea what you are talking about. FYI, there are exchnage traded derivatives too

  7. Your tax code punishes the rich for doing well in life. Stop being jealous of others riches and start doing something productive to improve your own situation. And if you tax a company 50% it will and can very easily shift each and every bit of it's business overseas. Ever thought about that? Those jobs are gone. You cannot bring them back and you might realize that if you tried to understand the whole ecosystem in place in China/India. Also ending mortgages deduction over 1 mil. : It's so plain that you have seething sense of jealously for the wealthy.

  8. Again you want the government to provide teachers a salary that the top 10% of American earns. I doubt if any govt employees earn that kind of money. You dont have to be a genius to teach at a school. So in addition to spending on schools, infra, mortgage, colleges, govt should also spend on providing high school teachers with MNC salaries. Awesome. As great as Finland may be we still have the best higher education in the world.

Your entire 'idea' is basically what every fool asks, spend, spend and spend more. Who cares where the money will come from? That's exactly the kind of profligacy that got Greece into trouble.