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Forum Post: There is a world government, that has been operating flawlessly for millenia. You are currently living under an anarchial rule. I support the 100%

Posted 9 years ago on Dec. 17, 2011, 8:51 p.m. EST by blazefire (947)
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We currently have a world system and that system is functioning flawlessly. Our current system is:

When something in the world happens, on a global scale, do absolutely nothing.

In fact this is such a known system, that not only do we have a name for it, we know what happens in a society that runs it. It's obviously anarchy.


And as I said we know the symptoms of it:


In a nutshell, the "strong" (however strength is defined), overpower the weak, and use and utilize the weak, and their resources for the designs of the strong.

Hmmmmmm.....now that pretty much seems like what we have on a global scale at the moment.

Excluding E.T., if you are capable of reading this, then this applies to you. And it certainly applies to many that can't.

We are so concerned with our nations that we forget that the word is interchangeable with another, far more accurate one, and one that will throw a different perspective on everything. Tribe. The tribe of America, Australia, Iran, and more are contending within a state of anarchy, and we the people suffer for it, as we must, whilst this system of no system operates.

Global problems require global solutions."

There is no way to escape this fact. We can talk national politics till the cows come home, but until we face the global issues that dominate all our national ones, we can only address symptoms of much larger causalities.

Whatever you personaly ascribe to believing, if I were to ask you: "What problems are facing humanity?", you would have an answer. And the hard truth is most of the things on your personal list, will be of no minor concern, and the chances are, that you will 'believe' at least one of those items, has serious and immediate potential to lead to catastrophe, and more worrisome still, it seems that most people are actually quite correct in their estimations.

Regardless of anything else, until we face the causes, the global causes, we will remain in this shattered techno barbarism, of psyops, predator drones, and crushing police states.

The only answer, the only one, that will gain us everything we need to BE us, is to BE the world. BE humanity.

We need to be open. Show tolerance, and show a unity and solidarity like no other that has occured in humanities history.

I am from the tribe of Australia, and I am here to stand for humanity. I am here to stand for the 100%. Because whether they would admit to it or not, the world that I believe we are fighting for will benefit all of humanity, not just the 99%, but the 1% also.




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[-] 0 points by TIOUAISE (2526) 9 years ago

WHO are the REAL ANARCHISTS in today's America, the Patriots of OWS or the Suit-and-Tie Mafia that has covertly taken over the country?

Isn't it "kinda ironic" that all over this troll-infested forum, OWS haters are accusing the Movement of being "just a bunch of ANARCHISTS"?

Actually, America and a great many other pseudo-democracies, are NOT the law-and-order countries that they claim to be, but are basically GLORIFIED ANARCHIES where "MIGHT TRUMPS RIGHT".

Isn't that why Wall Street got away with clearly immoral AND illegal practices that plunged the country - and the world - into a catastrophic crisis?

And isn't that why Congress has just decided to basically scrap our "Bill of Rights" and "Magna Carta" protections dating back to 1215?

WHO is currently governing this country, if not a mafia of SUIT-AND-TIE ANARCHISTS? "OBAMA IS SURROUNDED BY MAFIA!" recently exclaimed spiritual teacher and physician Deepak Chopra.

As Chris Hedges pointed out months ago, the Great Patriots of OWS are actually fighting to uphold the Constitution and "restore the rule of Law". They are, in a word, the POLAR OPPOSITE of the suit-and-tie anarchists who have staged a covert and gradual COUP D'ETAT against our democracy.