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Forum Post: the99percentDeclaration is NOT a real OWS working group

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 19, 2011, 7:06 p.m. EST by DJCNOR (8)
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OWS really needs to make it clear that the99%Declaration document does not represent it and is NOT a real OWS working group. It is being represented multiple places on the web as doing just that, and it does not give such a good impression. People like me who do their own research can find all this out with some effort, but the folks we hope to add to our cause will not be doing that research. They will think that there is a present plan for a real OWS national assembly with an executive committee and delegates and attempts to influence the elections, all of which goes against the consensus process at the heart of our movement.



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[-] 2 points by davznothere (6) 12 years ago

maybe it should be pointed out that OWS (in NYC I assume) is not here to dictate to our GA what it can or cannot do ..... nor are we obliged to follow what the NYC GA says

there are a lot of things in this i like and a lot i don't ..... none the less it's out there and will continue to go more viral .....

this is what happens next ..... that's just kinda how it's going to go ......

like it or not a delegation will be going to Philly ..... send your 2 delegates or don't ...... your voice your choice .....

[-] 1 points by davznothere (6) 12 years ago

I guess i should also point out that this approach (from what i have seen) has pulled WAY more numbers out than mentioning "occupy" which is a dirty word to a lot of people .....

people like the idea of a new continental congress ..... and it makes them want to get involved .....

sorry to break the news to you ..... but uh ..... NYC GA doesn't run anything but NYC GA ..... especially since it appears to be getting co-opted

how is that "We" Party co-opt working out for you folks ?

[-] 2 points by Svacchandya (8) 12 years ago

Who made you guys the powers of the movement? I love the idea and we here in Asheville are taking the proverbial bull by the horns to make changes, not just talk about them

[-] 0 points by davznothere (6) 12 years ago

NYC has been co-opted by the "We" party ..... nothing that comes from NYC GA is considered safe at this point .....

[-] 2 points by RichardGates (1529) 12 years ago

each movement has their own websites. i believe the nycga is getting together a resource site, pretty sure. so yeah, ignore the hijackers. the movement is intentionally decentralize. the attempt to create leadership is an effort to shut it down.


[-] 1 points by PublicBanking (3) from Boulder, CO 12 years ago

Completely the opposite is true. Right now, you are a slave--to the banks, which own the Fed, the corporations, the government, the military and intelligence services, the media, and the voting machines. This is the very definition of fascism--corporate control of the state. To call the Occupy movement, which has no official demands, "socialist" just shows that you have no facts to argue with and must resort to ad hominem attacks. Taking back control over our money is about sovereignty, not "isms," which are old world, retro thinking.

[-] 1 points by dankpoet (425) 12 years ago

Thanks for the clarification.

[-] 1 points by anotherone773 (734) from Carlyle, IL 12 years ago

are you talking about this declaration: http://www.nycga.net/resources/declaration/

or another one? I think i seen another one floating around that is not official. the one i listed is official for OWS.

[-] 2 points by Svacchandya (8) 12 years ago

And THAT is what I call power to the people!!! OWS does not represent everyone; we here in NC will BE GOING TO pHILLY IN THE SUMMER, AND HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!

[-] 1 points by davznothere (6) 12 years ago

or not ..... less BS to deal with if they stay in NYC ..... they'd probably send "WE" party people to represent them

[-] 1 points by davznothere (6) 12 years ago

official ? bah hahaha

[-] 0 points by thebeastchasingitstail (1912) 12 years ago

The google site is the one that is "not official" it was written up in huffpo yesterday as something "official" but it was not approved by the GA it seems to just be some people on the internet putting it together


[-] 0 points by PublicBanking (3) from Boulder, CO 12 years ago

Knowing that is not authentic only somewhat alleviates our concern that consciousness has not reached the point where it sees that all these issues are a result of private control over the once-sovereign currency and credit of our nation. The solution is a network of public banks on the municipal, county, state, and national levels.

[-] 0 points by thagood (4) 12 years ago

Well is it or ins't it? I sent it to people this morning telling them it was the real deal.

This confusion presents a bad image to the public and confuses me and I am a guy who is trying to get the drift of this thing by attending local general assembly meetings and gleaning information from this website and others.

Consensus is an interesting idea but counter-intuitive to me and I am making and effort to talk less and learn more, but it occurs to me that at some point we are going to need a leader and / or a spokesman with the tools to make focused and exact decisions.

No one is going to take this seriously if the most defined thing we can say is OK, whatever! Is not someone, at some point going to have to have the authority to focus and control our message?

I know it may seem harsh, but I think the leader concept must have developed over time because it works, possibly because it, even with its drawbacks, is the only tool that can mitigate the erratic nature of human emotion and intellect.

Where did the idea of consensus, which seems to be a core value of this group, come from. Is it an anarchist idea? I am not asking the question to be a smart-ass or to deride anyone's preferences but because I would really like to know?

[-] 3 points by Svacchandya (8) 12 years ago

Make your own choice; we here in Asheville, and hopefully the rest of NC by the time we are done with our outreach, will be going!!! There needs to be change, not just talk

[-] -1 points by DJCNOR (8) 12 years ago

Definitely a different one put out by a group that claims to be a working group of OWS. But it is not on the list of working groups. There was one circulating that had been posted on the forum early on but was clearly just a proposal from one person, but this one does its best to represent itself as an official OWS document organizing a national convention with representatives and an executive committee.