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Forum Post: The Wonder Drug for the Economy?

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 3, 2012, 4:37 p.m. EST by toukarin (488)
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Legalization of Marijuana could help save some of the est. $40 billion per annum (approx) that state and federal governments (combined) spend in drug enforcement efforts.

It could reduce the vast quantities of capital being funneled to criminals both here and abroad.

It could reduce drug related crime and violence all over the country (and in Mexico). A large percentage of crimes are committed by addicts seeking to fuel their addictions...

It could bring in significant tax revenue (est. $6.7 billion per study by Harvard economist Jeffrey A Miron)

Read study here: http://www.economics.harvard.edu/faculty/miron/files/decrim_update_2007.pdf

It would reduce the numbers of people (est. ~750000 every year) being charged with possession of Marijuana... many of whom (especially those who are not in he entertainment business or otherwise connected) end up having a permanent stain on their record...

NOTE: All that litigation, associated paperwork and police work... costs money too... not sure if that gets wrapped up in that $40 billion figure...

A lot of kids start doing drugs because its illegal... the 'cool' factor... the peer pressure... the forbidden fruit effect... or whatever else people want to call it... Making it legal might just reduce the number of kids using...

Do you know its easier to 'OD' on alcohol and/or cough syrup then marijuana? Actually its kinda impossible to OD on marijuana... Absent any prior medical complications...

As for long term regular use effects, I doubt they are any effects worse then tobacco or alcohol... nor is there any evidence to prove the existence of such effects....

NOTE: Wait... isn't that the exact same argument the tobacco companies used to get away with their shit way back when? Companies use that argument 'there is no proof' all the time to mix in all kinds of crap in our air, water and food... so whats wrong with a little weed?

Dutch marijuana policy is a great model. Studies show that there has been no 'gateway effect.' Use of marijuana has increased (well that's probably because now they were actually able to track more of it)...but use of the other 'heavier' drugs has remained static...

The "gateway effect" is the claim that allowing people to legally use marijuana would take away inhibitions to drug use and promote a culture that allows the use of other drugs.

Drug dealers have gone on record to say that they fear legalization more than the "war on drugs" which has been ongoing for... what... almost 4 decades?

Given how the economy is in the doldrums and politicians are wondering where to cut costs and raise revenue without pissing off the rich or the poor... this seems like a helluva alternative to at least get the ball rolling...

Heck.... at least it will allow us 99% to get high and forget our worries for a while.... Who knows? It might convince a few to stop wailing on the 1% too right ;) ?

Read more about Pros and Cons of legalization: http://www.ehow.com/about_5387761_pros-cons-legalizing-marijuana.html#ixzz1iQpI3cpL

Disclaimer: I do not use marijuana or any other drugs, and I certainly do not advocate anyone to start using. I just think its a damned shame that when so many things which are arguably worse than marijuana are legal... cough syrup, alcohol, grenade launchers and anti material rifles... where is the harm in legalizing marijuana when it could bring us so many good things?

P.S. I wonder if this will put me on an FBI watchlist? Then again, I am probably on one already...



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[-] 0 points by fightclub2012 (74) 6 years ago

later first we have to save our country from the fascists they are gonna put us all in fema concentration camps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!