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Forum Post: The white powder/bomb threat bullshit has happened before...its SOP for discrediting a movement

Posted 5 years ago on May 2, 2012, 9:56 a.m. EST by XenuLives (1645) from Charlotte, NC
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The same exact "threats" were manufactured right around the first round of protests against Scientology in 2008.

I know I keep going back to those experiences, but the fact is that there have been striking similarities in the response to that movement and Occupy that I feel is worth pointing out.

"The Church of Scientology posted a YouTube video claiming that Anonymous are "terrorists" and alleging that Anonymous is perpetrating "hate crimes" against the church. The video does not provide any evidence supporting their claims, and the FBI has not named any suspects for several of the threats mentioned. Anonymous has denied involvement in the more severe accusations. The church also released a DVD containing the YouTube video. The DVD called Anonymous a "dangerous" group and accused them of making threats against Scientology. Men claiming to be from the law firm Latham and Watkins delivered the DVD to family members of at least one person who protested."





"The Church of Scientology sought an injunction and a restraining order to prevent Anonymous from protesting on March 15, 2008, citing threats allegedly made by Anonymous. Both the injunction and the restraining order were denied."


"In a May 8, 2008 appearance on CNN, Church of Scientology spokesman Thomas W. Davis said that Scientology was "dealing with ninety-six death threats, bomb threats, acts of violence, vandalism" from the group Anonymous. CNN's John Roberts responded, stating that the Federal Bureau of Investigation found nothing connecting Anonymous to the Church of Scientology's accusations of violence: "You are leveling these accusations at this group, the F.B.I., which is looking into it, says it has found nothing to connect this group Anonymous with what you're talking about, or death threats against members of the church, the F.B.I. at this point says - it has no reason to believe that charges would be leveled against this group."


Notice this part: "sought an injunction and a restraining order." That's the next step that the authorities will take in order to stifle the protests, all under the guise of "safety" from charges that were ultimately fabricated and timed for release at the opportune moment for the most chilling effect.

Also notice that instead of attacking the view points of any of the protestors, that the spokesman for this cult called them "terrorists." This term is used as a weapon against any groups that someone doesn't agree with, since this word automatically alienates a large swath of less intelligent people who will not take the 5 minutes to verify these types of claims. "Well they called them terrists so I hate them now, even tho I kno nuttin aboot them! Yee haw!"



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