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Forum Post: The Whiny 1 Percent Calls Occupy Wall Street ‘Imbeciles’

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 20, 2011, 3:23 p.m. EST by an0n (764)
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[-] 6 points by cmt (1195) from Tolland, CT 12 years ago

They have built an insulated system for themselves. They go on a corporate board, making big money. Their friends, colleagues and peers are there, and they cherry pick "comparison" companies so the CEO and other executives look underpaid. So their pay gets jacked up.

Then the CEO and the other executives get places on boards, and to the same favors for the top dogs over there. It is an interlocking system of inflating wealth, unrelated to how well the companies are doing. And since they choose each other, and the shareholders are shut out of choosing board members, it works very well for them.

Since they have the shareholders nearly helpless, and can fund unlimited lobbyists to protect their system, they can make fun of anyone who want to change it.

[+] -5 points by DunkiDonut2 (-108) 12 years ago

Why do you care? So what? Sounds like you dont like rich. I dont like wrestling,,, I dont watch it,,, I dont care. Maybe you should stop looking at others with envy. What good is it to envy or hate a rich person? Can you not think of something else to spend your days? Would fishing help you? How about poker or gardening? Stop worrying about some old rich farts and get a life. I couldnt even name three CEO's of companies without having to look their names up in Google. What fun would that be? Get over the envy.

[-] 3 points by cmt (1195) from Tolland, CT 12 years ago

Being ripped off as a shareholder is just wrong. Every person who has a 401(k) is being ripped off as well.

[-] 0 points by DunkiDonut2 (-108) 12 years ago

I'm a stockholder. Millions of people are stockholders. I'm making money in the market. I'm happy. Trading is very strong by investors around the world. My 401K is doing far,, FAR better than a saving account or what Social Security is making. I decide when to buy and when to sell. My 401K has made money every year. The market is up and down regularly and I buy low,,,, sometime sell high. If your not making money, you need to get out of the market and WORK.

[-] 1 points by Teamster (102) 12 years ago

I heard a guy used MF golbal say that same thing a few months ago. Now ask him.

[-] 0 points by DunkiDonut2 (-108) 12 years ago

I dont know the guy you are talking about. Don't know how he invests. Maybe he was smart or maybe he was an idiot. I do know about me. I talk regularly with my stock broker. He gives me his thoughts on investments. I read up on those and make a decision to buy or not. I diversify my investments. Stock, mutual funds, annuity, bonds, and straight savings. I also use diversify my brokerage profiles. I have a broker and I use Scottrade. I have made some bad purchases. But if you diversify you will not lose all of your money. There are no guarantees. 50% of all marriages will fail. Young people die of heart attacks. I know that the failures of our government have far exceeded expectation. If you are depending on the Social Security System as it was 50 years ago,,,, you are an idiot. So, I dont know the guy you are talking about but if you are an adult you should understand how to invest with less risk. I dont blame MF Global if someone over extended their investment goals.

[-] 1 points by cmt (1195) from Tolland, CT 12 years ago

When executives increase their take from the companies they control on our behalf, from 5% of profits to 10% of profits, that money is being taken from shareholders. That has happened in recent years. I'm doing just fine, but they don't have my permission to keep upping their take like that. If you like what they're doing, that's your choice.

[-] 0 points by DunkiDonut2 (-108) 12 years ago

You and I have the freedom to pick how we want to create equity. You can,,,, work. You can put money into an interest savings account. You can invest as a partner. You can buy gold. You decide not to invest in anything. You are not required to invest in any company. You might make more money by betting in a casino or at a race track. If you want to you can complain about one or any of the mentioned ways to make money. I have lost money in the stock market, I have lost money at the race track. I have made money in stocks and made money at the track. However, I dont HATE or want to change how betting is done at the track. I just decide not to bet. You seem upset at investing in the stock market even after you are fully aware as an adult that investing is very risky,,,, so the claim. I would not want to be the sissy that protests at a race track because my horse didnt win.

[-] 1 points by cmt (1195) from Tolland, CT 12 years ago

You wouldn't mind if the jockeys throw caltrops to keep other horses from winning, even if that meant you lost money. Interesting world view you have.

The interlocking cronyism of the big corporations create financial caltrops, to keep the owners of the companies getting less and the employees getting less, and the executives and board members getting an ever larger share. Some of us think it's wrong. Some of us work to change it.

You don't want to. Got it!

[-] 0 points by DunkiDonut2 (-108) 12 years ago

Would I mind if the jockeys throw caltrops? Yes I would. What you fail to understand is that if they did throw them,,,, nobody would bet on horses. The horse racing industry would fail because the system is rigged. I know, you will jump up and down and say corporations are rigged. if they were,,,,,, nobody would buy stocks in the corporations,,,, and yet,,,,,, WE DO to your amazement. The system is working as it has for 200+ years. Horse racing has worked for,,, however many years,,,. So, back to your statement. Owners or employees can take the money they make and invest in the company and make money just as the executives. As a matter of fact, as a stock holder you can attend board meetings and as a group of stock holders set the salary of the executive. The "PEOPLE" that own stocks either allow high paying executives or not. Why do you have a problem with stock holders allowing high salaries when the stock holders dont?

[-] 3 points by TIOUAISE (2526) 12 years ago

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."

Mahatma Gandhi

[-] 1 points by demcapitalist (977) 12 years ago

They are scared to death they might really end up in the"free market" they talk so much about.

[-] 0 points by Tinhorn (285) 12 years ago

Just out of curiosity, what is the cut off to no longer being in the 99%? I ment to ask that a while ago and have just never asked.

[-] -2 points by toonces (-117) 12 years ago

Really, more accurately described as greedy, childish, imbeciles.

[-] -3 points by DunkiDonut2 (-108) 12 years ago

I bet the 1% have not called Occupy imbeciles. They probably have never heard about occupy. Why should they. They are in France,,, Europe somewhere and dont even know or care about you. They are dining with their rich democrat movie stars. When asked, "Occupy WHO,,,,,, WHAT,,,,, never heard of it."

[-] 2 points by OccupyLink (529) 12 years ago

Um. I think they have heard of us. Them calling OWS "imbeciles" has a definite ring of truth about it. These guys have got far too much money, have it easy, and are arrogant. They think clever people are rich and dumb people are not. It is a sick philosophy - but there you go. :)