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Forum Post: The wheel of chores, time and the ever fluctuating paradox of living in WS WORLD

Posted 4 years ago on April 2, 2014, 7:57 p.m. EST by elf3 (3900)
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This stuff is all really interesting and I want to read it I do but time is just a premium these days - I think that's why there "seems" to be so much apathy - it's just the obsessed and relentless who bother to filter and sort through all this stuff.

So may I suggest if you've done the labor - short and sweet summarize what we need to know? Link us to important facts and documentaries ...but let your passion educate the masses - the working folks who need to wash their unmentionables and feed their kids dinner, or mash some potatoes before the next work day - be the news - those interested trust Occupy that's why they check it out - let's stop having debates with the other side...I'm guilty sometimes it's hard not to get drawn in - but we know our cause and we live the reality. Occupy it's time to stop defending ourselves and go on the attack!!! Give the people the real news!!

Also good to let people log-in while still in their comment cuz when you forget and lose your post - nothing more frustrating and more of that valuable time gone to waste :-(

Also typically independent thinkers are kind of quiet and introverted and also don't like to be ruled ... are there ways we can get involved where we won't feel forced to partake in joiner activities or these gong shit classroom sessions and such - I just want to go somewhere and hold my sign man - I really do...but my threshold for the other stuff is meh

Can I also suggest infiltration /impersonation stuff -- hold signs like we're the tea party but with our points and cause all over it - that will really frigging confuse the media and WS!!!!! - didn't you kids ever play neighborhood hide and seek and stay out until the street lights came on? ... strategy !!!(if we do this - just remember to wear your golf windbreaker and tennis shoes... lest ye be found out) tee hee a tea partier advocating for class integration and gay rights (I will die and go to occupy heaven .... I may even poop on a car ;-) we may gain some tea-partiers to share our causes - since they are easily brainwashed into doing whatever their party believes - and we will utterly scare the bejeezes out of the ruling class - oh happy day !!



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[-] 4 points by elf3 (3900) 4 years ago



My next post would have been titled: Europe is doing it!!! with the listed links but I can't post for like ten more hours (I would self filter to two posts a day I swear)