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Forum Post: The Voters Educational Test - Send Questions for inclusion...

Posted 10 years ago on Nov. 7, 2011, 5:26 p.m. EST by UPonLocal (309)
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The Voters Test is an educational tool.

It is an open book exam, of sorts.

You must find correct answers to each question before proceeding to the next.

There are only a few questions now, so please help develop questions you think everyone should know the answer to before debating and voting on important matters.


The System, once you start the test, will remember where you left off upon return, this should work for anon users if using same IP, as well as those who are logged in that can use any IP.

The test is here so that at the end of it, we may not all agree on much, but at least we know some of the same things, and this will assist us in our debates.

The Voters Test is in development, please send questions in one of the following formats to be included in the test.

Multiple Choice

True or False

Match the answer to the question (up to 6 pairs on a single question)




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[-] 0 points by aquainted (268) 10 years ago

Would more people vote if they could do it at home any day of the week?

Why do votes need to be secret? Doesn't this secrecy allow the vote to manipulated? since no one knows what the vote really was and who made the votes?

Why not have the vote public so everyone can check it, to make sure no party tampered with it.

Internet voting can be verified 75 different ways, do you know what those ways are? And why they make internet voting more reliable than ballot boxes?

If people's votes became laws instead of just electing a another puppet, don't you think people would vote more?

Why can't the people's vote establish the laws of the land? Don't the people know what they want?

Why isn't there a law compelling government to follow the vote of the People?

Why doesn't our democratic government ever poll its people?

Wouldn't it be nice to vote criminal out of office on the internet, or politicians who refuse to keep their campaign promises to the people?

[-] 1 points by UPonLocal (309) 10 years ago

Public Vote is been suggested, and we are getting that built in as an option...

They do over time stablish laws as it is...or was.....in Direct Democracy, the people via issues solutions develop the Public Mandate...the elected then make it a law..same as now...and if they do not make it a law with good reason...they get recalled possibly, or fail to win next election....

What Direct Democracy changes....is only that.....people can get really involved in the issue / solution process...and have a more ready way to see what is going on...and hold the elected accountable...the rest stays the same....and anyone can vote online or in a ballot booth with paper...you do not have to be involved in the debate process to vote..

[-] 0 points by aquainted (268) 10 years ago

I'm interested in something quite a bit more direct. If the people vote on something it becomes law, with no excuses from the public servants. And the people can vote on whatever they want. And it becomes law. If the people want the Federal reserve out, it becomes law. No more screwing around with corps. The budget gets balanced, the troops come home, done.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 10 years ago

what about debt ?

[-] 0 points by aquainted (268) 10 years ago

The debt is completely illegal, we don't have to pay it, never did, but we need to vote to have the Military get our money back.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 10 years ago

it's just numbers mostly