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Forum Post: THE Voice: Strengthen our minds we are living in serious times

Posted 6 years ago on June 18, 2012, 1:35 a.m. EST by Thissthevoice (0)
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As the world weeps its solemn tears, as the rivers run dry with our over consumption, and the oceans are soiled with our mistakes and faults, we too are becoming more corrupted by our own sins. But we should not give up, as light is spotting out those that corrupt, and promote a unjust horror that evokes in the streets across the world. Women and children are running out of food, trapped in houses in Syria by shelling, with no where to go as Civil war is evident all across their nation. Nigeria is presented with further violence as our brothers, bleed on the streets for the fight for righteousness. We are all brothers and sisters, struggling as one entire race to keep what is left of our humanity before it disfigured and transformed into the very thing we have created a programmed computer. Drones pollute the skies of africa, and soon they will pollute our skies, taking advantage of our comfort and cowardice as we trade off our freedoms for security. Violence is surely not the way to solve this ongoing circular pattern of human oppression, as for it will only bring about a future along the line of even further disaster as time only brings about more fearsome weapons. Our government depends on our short term memory to instill laws that little by little withdraw us from our devout freedoms. As for these laws, CISPA, NDAA, or others like this will appear again, and blatantly stating that certain freedoms will be unacceptable as the world slowly becomes more unstable, via environmental failures and our sovereign right as humans to be free. They these officials feed off our fear loss of comfort, and security, keeping us busy with unneeded games, movies, and sex, hypnotizing a nation, as we watch our world slowly crumble beneath our feet. I am proud of such movement, that has grown so much and continues to grow as the months roll by. There was a time when children would run an play outside totally and completely without fear, of sequestration, molestation, or violence. Now they sit in their houses, watching the blues and greens of the dancing flickering lights emanated by those tiny crystals in your tv. We discourage and disapprove those that make most sense, as the most sensible candidate for the election was Ron Paul. I have a little hope that these next four years will change much if its left to the government, as we the people are this entire country, and we must understand that we mandate all the productivity that goes on in this place as well as the rest of the world. Because the fight for freedom doesn't stop at the boundaries of our ocean front but it stretches far and around the entire globe. There are solutions, like jobs that involve in cleaning our much ignored planet, a worth while investment if we are to live staring at the blue horizon. We have an ocean destroyed by oil spills, trash flotillas, and chemicals. Are skies are burning with pollution and radiation, and our children will suffocate in this future if none is done, and we continue to ignore it. Increasing minimum wage may be a start, but why just stop there, lets increase the salary as this inflation is killing our stature of life. My hopes of a brighter future never falters as I believe in the strength of man kind, and our stubbornness to never give up even when the our stack seems low. Lets show these corporate puppet masters that we are still fighting for a better future, as we all hear the cries of our lost brothers that die in war, and feel the pain of the mutilation their nation receives of the constant battles fought. LET US NOT FALTER, LET US NOT GIVE UP, LET IS CONTINUE TO FIGHT FOR WHAT IS RIGHT, A TRUTH THAT EXISTS WITHIN OUR DEEP HEART AND SOUL, A RIGHTEOUSNESS THAT GLOWS WITH EVERY BREATH WE TAKE, AS TOUGH TIMES ARE AHEAD, INDEED.

-The Voice-



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