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Forum Post: The US Consumer Powers 70% of the Economy, How to Effect Change Using That Power

Posted 4 years ago on Oct. 1, 2013, 8:28 p.m. EST by zpindie (0)
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That regular people have far more power than they realize. An indie publisher on Indiegogo is trying to raise a small amount of funds to publish this book to show average Americans how to use that power by changing where they keep, spend, invest and earn their money. You can help reduce the wealth, influence and reliance on "too big to fail" behemoths by keeping the money out of their pockets in the first place.

The additional upside is that all of these places don't have investors that they must suck cash out of your pocket to pay. No, these places are owned by you the depositor, shopper, employee, insured, etc. Since you "own" the places you do business, you also have the right to a say in the way they are run. These places exist in your area, if not the book shows how you can help your community and get them up and running.

The crowd funding campaign is at Indiegogo.com and the book is "Thanks For The Bailout Stupid. People can help with just 4 bucks, 1 buck or just tweeting the link. Thank you.



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