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Forum Post: The UPDATED declaration of independence

Posted 12 years ago on Jan. 12, 2012, 3:47 p.m. EST by booksgamesvideos (72)
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I don't care if you insert presidents "Bush" or "Obama" or potential future presidents "Gingrich" or "Romney" in this soliloquy. It really makes no difference.


HE wasted ~100 billion on "green" companies, almost all of which are now bankrupt. He signed a bill that forces me to buy health insurance I don't want. What's next? Forcing me to buy a Prius or solar panel for my roof?

He is increased the debt by 1 trillion per year. He said he would end the 2 wars and close Gitmo. Well he ended one, but fought three more (Yemen, Libya, and soon Iran). And of course the Guantanamo prison still remains open, because he needs a place to send all those citizens he will indefinitely detain (NDAA). He signed a law that allows websites to be yanked off the net with the mere CLAIM of copyright infringement (no need to prove guilt in a court of law).

He's renewed the Unpatriot Act 2 times when he should have left it expire. He's greatly expanded the power of the TSA to search not just airports, but also train passengers, car drivers, and random spot checks of customers at buildings like the post office. (Several illegal were arrested..... apparently it's wrong for Arizona to check IDs, but it's a-okay for the president.)

He endorses the assassination of American citizens (he's killed 3 so far, including a U.S. child). No trial by their peers, no assumption of innocence, and no need to prove guilt before issuing the death sentence. Judge, Jury, and executioner.

He signs executive orders to make brand-new laws, in direct violation of the Constitution and thereby bypassing the elective control of the congress and the people. He nullifies the most necessary laws necessary for good governance, in states like California and New Hampshire (legalized marijauna usage by doctors and their patients). Such actions violate the Reserved Powers clause of the 10th amendment (Member States of the Union govern themselves).

Bush, Obama.

They are two individuals cut from the same mold of "tyrant".

They should both be brought before the International Criminal Court and tried for war crimes. If they are innocent they will be left free, but they still need to answer for the things they did these last 12 years.




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[-] 1 points by Zenqueerdog (-14) 12 years ago

Now now, the Occutards don't want to hear any truths or harsh realities. How dare you! BO is a demorat and thats all the tards need to know.

[-] 1 points by Ozymandias (1) 12 years ago

Go fuck yourself. I'm not involved with the occupy movement or any other movement... Although I am socially conscious and support the revolutionary enterprise. But if the only contribution you have to make is derogatory, you would be a greater asset to the human struggle if you would shut your trap and just go fuck yourself. Spare us your dimwitted insight, or at least phrase it more subtly than "Occutard"