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Forum Post: The time is soon arriving...

Posted 10 years ago on April 16, 2012, 2:14 p.m. EST by PropheticOne (1)
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My friends, bother, sisters, and comrades,

This movement of ours has strengthened despite the immense discrimination and ignorance we have encountered. Together we have only tried to represent the truth and, in doing so, naturally we are beginning to reap the fruits of this most just cause. Despite this swelling of our ranks these are things we MUST do going forward:

We must continue to call out to those who live in a state of fear and who are scared to step out of the shadows of their own bondage.

We must continue fight for those millions of innocent victims, both foreign and abroad, who are detrimentally affected by the profiteering of the corporations and also the lawmakers who protect them.

We must seek to purify our free voices so that our words are concise to the common ear, and further minds.

We must never lose faith in this justified cause, as our social defiance against a corrupt state is merely our duty as free citizens.

We must grow thick-skinned to those who, by ignorance and trepidation, misinterpret our cries of peace as yells of anarchy.

And most importantly,

We must continue to grow stronger by aggressively increasing the size of our groups until the very streets and blocks we occupy are barely visible beneath our feets.

The time draws closer people when hundreds of years of capitalism is torn from asunder in one fell swoop of democracy...will we be ready?



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[-] 0 points by PropheticOne (1) 10 years ago

By work I hope you mean in the traditional sense...but I can assure you the only way to cure what ails our society is gonna take hard work and hard sacrifices by many free men and women.


[-] 0 points by Reneye (118) 10 years ago

Ummm....do we know you?

[Joined: April 14, 2012 with zero points...

In description:

This world does not need a revolution of politics... nay, nay....but we do have need for a revolution of basic understanding and thought. Our theories are for the most part monetarely flawed and our actions represent those betrayals of our true selves as humans. Good news though...the prophet and foot soldier of this movement is on its way...please pray for their safe arrival]