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Forum Post: The Supreme Court Forces Corruption on Montana! My God!

Posted 6 years ago on Feb. 21, 2012, 1:23 p.m. EST by HitGirl (2263)
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Montanas Supreme Court, in a courageous and patriotic decision, upheld the Corrupt Practices Act, a 99 year old State law that banned corporate spending on elections. Two days ago the US Supreme Court issued a stay of the Montana Supreme Court's December 30, 2011 decision.The US Supreme Court's stay order means that, for the first time in 100 years, corporations may make unlimited expenditures to buy politicians in the state's elections.

There will be a Flash Rally at the Supreme Court Thursday February 23rd.

The more who show up the better.

The Citizens United decision was the most toxic, corrupt, backwards decision the Supreme Court ever issued. Crooks in government put crooks in our Supreme Court to pass laws giving our country to the crooks! This cannot stand!



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[-] 3 points by Nevada1 (5843) 6 years ago

Hi HitGirl, Good post. Best Regards, Nevada

[-] 2 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 6 years ago

More proof (not that more was needed) that the Federal government doesn't give a f**k about the Constitution.

[-] 2 points by HitGirl (2263) 6 years ago

Because of Bush's Supreme Court appointments??

[-] 2 points by HitGirl (2263) 6 years ago

I hope OWS is represented there.

[-] 1 points by MaryEmma (3) 6 years ago

We need a constitutional amendment limiting campaign contributions by individuals and banning the Corrupt Practice of corporate campaign contributions. Non-profit organizations should not be allowed to comment on individual candidates and should have to list all donors if they make pronouncements in the public media about political issues.
Maybe we should find our next Supreme Court justice in Montana.

[-] 1 points by HitGirl (2263) 6 years ago

All good ideas!

[-] 0 points by Kirby (104) 6 years ago

The democrats will gain more seats on that decision.

[-] 1 points by HitGirl (2263) 6 years ago

I don't hear Republicans complaining or introducing legislation.

[-] 0 points by ronniepaul2012 (214) 6 years ago

Dr Paul and his states rights mantra supports Montana. Many on this site equate this with racism. What say they now?

The good doctor has a point. This is what Ron Paul politics is all about!!!

[-] 2 points by HitGirl (2263) 6 years ago

Has he actually weighed in? What about his views on Citizens United decision?

[-] 0 points by ronniepaul2012 (214) 6 years ago

Dunno. Citizens was a SCOTUS ruling, not a legislative action.


[-] -1 points by TitusMoans (2451) from Boulder City, NV 6 years ago

If you still believe any branch of the US government will somehow miraculously deliver the American people from their taskmasters, you might as well believe in the tooth fairy leaving money under your pillow.

The government, as it is, will only make matters worse.

[-] 3 points by HitGirl (2263) 6 years ago

The US is a big place and not everybody is as cynical as you. The courage and resolve of the Montana Supreme Court gives me great hope. They are part of the government too, aren't they? Are you one of those fools that think the private sector should be allowed to run roughshod over America?

[-] 1 points by TitusMoans (2451) from Boulder City, NV 6 years ago

As to your first question, yes. As to your second question, aside from the insults you cast so freely, no.

[-] 1 points by HitGirl (2263) 6 years ago

Well, I'm glad to hear it.