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Forum Post: The Stupidity of Americans

Posted 11 years ago on Aug. 19, 2012, 5:14 p.m. EST by matoinyanawacis (157)
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If the rich hadn't been allowed to skirt paying their taxes for the past 30 years with loopholes geared 'specifically' for them, then our fiscal budget would in NO WAY be anywhere near the psychotic debt it is today. Then Bush added to that debt by erasing the surplus Clinton left the nation, by starting two unpayed wars, unpaid medicare part D, and even more loophole tax cuts that went primarily and predominantly to the upper 1%, and after the repugnacans CAUSED all this excess of debt, NOW they want to make ALL Americans, except the upper 1%, pay for the debt that the rich and the repugnacans created.... Then they have the balls to lie to the American People about just WHO is really responsible for the debt we have and just WHO are the ones deliberately STALLING the economy just so they can blame President Obama for it. The Fact that the repugnacans ARE lying is not in dispute or even the problem.. the problem is the idiots, morons and inattentive Americans who are failing in their civic duty to the upkeep of our nation by staying UNINFORMED about the TRUTH of the events occurring in our nations policies and politics. It is because of those idiots & morons etcetc.. who are the true cause of the downturn of our nation, because they listen to the lies spouted over and over and over and over....., and not once taking even the minor requisite 10 minutes it would take to research the truth if you're internet capable, and if not, an occasional check of news broadcasts besides the CON(job)-servative indoctrination of FOX (I bile up to even identify them as) news network would increase the Intelligence Quotient (I.Q.) of the Average American by at least 200 points. Knowledge is Power goes the old saying...and thus has the rich and their repugnacan lapdogs worked tirelessly to strip layer after layer of knowledge and thus power out of any hands save their own, by insuring that the Average American knows ONLY what they (the Rich) want the Average American to be informed about. And so the mass of idiots and morons obey... and simply accept the lies of the repugnacans WITHOUT even ATTEMPTING to discern the truth... It is those UN-american idiots and morons who literally imprison the rest of the intelligent Americans under the yoke of the repugnacan and upper 1% ideology that 'only if the rich get richer, do the lower class get another cracker for dinner'. Wake the F* up America, stop screwing up my life because you're too lazy to hear the truth about just WHO is trying to rig this presidential election in their favor all so they can find newer ways to remove even more Constitutional rights from every American as was begun under George W. Bush when he used the 9/11 scare in order to get Americans to voluntarily let a bunch of their Constitutionally protected rights go by the wayside. Stop being a bunch of cows waiting for the butcher, get your asses to the voting booth.. I don't care if your repugnacan or democrat... think of OUR NATION FIRST, not some political partisanship. And if you somehow lack a fundamental understanding about just what OUR GOVERNMENT was created for, then understand this simple description... It was created to protect each and every citizen from the predations of another citizen by limiting the amount of advantage or opportunity one has over another. In other words it was created to insure a LEVEL PLAYING FIELD.... and if you are too simple to realize just how unequal that playing field is today due to the deliberate manipulation of our tax code and regulatory system by the 1%, then you are likely unable to read to begin with.



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[-] 2 points by TrevorMnemonic (5827) 11 years ago

Neocon wars and Neoliberal economic agenda still underway

Clinton in office

"Iraq has weapons of mass destruction"

Bombs and sanctions in Iraq kill over a million people throughout the 90's

Repeal of Glass Steagall passes with Bipartisan support 1999

Bush takes office 2001

Tax cuts for the rich create lack of funding for government

AUMF and "Patriot Act" passed with bipartisan support

"iraq has weapons of mass destruction"

War in Iraq costs over a trillion

estimates upwards to a million people killed in Iraq.

Afghanistan war supported by both sides.


Obama takes office

Increases war in Afghanistan, doubling troop surge

60% of federal discretionary spending goes to defense/aggressive war spending - mainly due to congress

Militant term used to define any male killed that is of military age.

troops withdrawal from Iraq.... big oil and private mercenaries stay. Iraq still an absolute mess.

Bombs in 6 countries

repeals regulations put in place after ENRON fraud... republican "JOBS" act passes with bipartisan support

It looks like the duopoly funded by the plutocrats is fucking us over along with Bush.

And we didn't even talk about the banks like Goldman Sachs or Bank of America or JP Morgan.

[-] 0 points by trashyharry (3084) from Waterville, NY 11 years ago

It's election time again,and the Well Off Older Folks are getting ready to do what they do best-troop to the polls to vote Republican.The only thing that might stop them-fear of losing their subsidized insurance-is being dealt with masterfully by the Republicans.They are telling the WOOFs that they need not worry-we Republicans won't voucher you,you're safe-the vouchers will be for the next crop of retirees.And this will work.They want the Republicans in office doing ALL the things they do best-talkin' tough.sending poor American kids to die so wealthy American kids can wear rolexes and spend 28k on one night of partying in Ibiza-300k in one summer,making sure every unwanted pregnancy results in an unwanted child,running the National Debt up with tax exemptions and breaks for wealthy people and corporations-all of it.I'd give just about anything to see the look on their faces when they get vouchers that can't be used because they literally do not have the rest of the money-LOL!

[-] 2 points by matoinyanawacis (157) 11 years ago

Only part I might disagree with is, is that I don't think all seniors are so selfish as to not consider insuring that their children and grandchildren are assured the same medicare & social security promise. I know some rich people may not care beyond their own self gratification, but I cannot believe the 'Majority' of seniors think or feel that way.

[-] -2 points by OdronaOdronaOdrona (-29) from Washington, DC 11 years ago

Obama! Obama! Obama! 5167084777

[-] 1 points by matoinyanawacis (157) 11 years ago

What's this? A phone number.... sorry can't afford long distance if you're in Washington D.C. There's many other reasons, but for now that one is the primary one. Not knowing who, that is just as critical, but considering the amount of government surveillance ALL wallstreetoccupier posters are under, I wouldn't put such a number going to something wrong or illegal in order to create problems for average Americans beyond the pale. I 'witnessed' crazier set-ups. If you're really for Obama, and not just being facetious, then all to the good, if not, troll somewhere else