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Forum Post: The Spirit of Samantha

Posted 11 years ago on May 30, 2013, 10:33 a.m. EST by cubedemon (185)
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On an episode of Stargate SG1 the replicators were about to attack an Asgard held world with a huge population. The replicators reproduced by interfacing with various technologies and metals and absorbed the technology. The Asgard had a difficult time trying to fight and beat this enemy. None of their weapons were any match for the replicators. The Asgard came up with a new type of battle ship called the O’Neil that specifically dealt with The Replicators. It was an experimental ship and they only made one. It was the only ship that could possibly be a match for The Replicators.

Samantha Carter came up with this idea and that was to use this ship to blow up the fleet of replicators coming to the planet. It only had a small chance of success. The Asgard did not like her idea because the idea had only a small chance of success and a high rate of failure. If it did fail the Asgard had nothing else that was effective against the replicators. The Asgard and she got into a debate over it. The Asgard was going by probabilities and she was an extreme risk taker. She got her extreme risk taking ways from her culture that she grew up in which was the American culture.

In America, taking a risk whether in business or anywhere else is considered a virtue no matter what the cost is. What if Samantha Carter’s idea failed? Was the Asgard correct in their objections to her plan? I believe they were correct. The probability of the plan’s success was nil. There are people in real life who are willing to take these high stakes risks and force others to take these risks as well. America is about risk taking, charging and taking the hill. It is an action oriented based society that is extremely individualistic in nature and has a belief system that is based upon this extreme internal locus of control.

The belief is that one can do and one can succeed at something no matter what the costs and the obstacles are. In America, one is not allowed to believe he can’t do something no matter how right this person is. In America, the belief is that we captain our own ships and we are the master of our own destiny. This is what the fictional Samantha Carter was born into and reared up in. Stargate SG1 is a form of art and sometimes art can reflect life which means it is a representation of our culture. Any show that appeals to American values like optimism, masters of our own fate, and high risk taking to save the day will more than likely have high ratings.

This means anyone who has issues and has problems is expected by the very fabric and our cultural DNA is expected to work things out and figure things out themselves. It is a vice to admit one needs help and he can’t do it on his own. This means there are those with various disabilities and other issues will not receive the help they truthfully need. In fact, unless they are extremely disabled, more than likely their family members will encourage them to overcome their disability and to try to make it in society either by going into the workplace or starting a business. They are encouraged to go to college as well.

I do agree with this but only to a certain extent. There comes a point in time in which it is time to accept that the fat lady has sung. I do believe there are certain cases in which the child should not be forced into the workplace and its culture. Sometimes the best thing is to face and accept reality and that is their child may never be able to earn an income whatsoever. The best thing for some children is for the parents to save up for the child’s future whether it is a ROTH IRA, hedge fund or the stock market.

Sometimes success is not possible for some people. Americans can’t accept this because of what they were raised up with. Because of the American cultural DNA, Americans are willing to do high stakes gambling with their children no matter what the cost. This is the spirit of Samantha Carter and I do not agree with it. The American belief system is what made America great and because it is being taken too far I believe it will be America’s undoing. Because of my Autism and trying to figure out how to succeed in America, I inadvertently discovered this and I inadvertently discovered Dr. Morris Berman who wrote “Why America Failed.” This is one of the few people in America who truthfully understands where I am coming from.

I believe if this internal locus of control and American beliefs and values was scaled back a lot of those who can’t succeed today would be able to succeed because they would receive the help they needed. Again, Americans will not accept this as it goes against the fabric of their cultural DNA. Americans neither can’t think nor won’t outside of the box of their own values and standards which America is based upon. Too much of something is not a good thing and Americans are fanatical about their beliefs to the point of rage if anyone challenges them.

As for Samantha Carter, if I was the Asgard I would’ve told her to take a hike. If one could use the O’neil to defeat the replicators why wouldn’t one go that route? Why would one go with a plan that has a high risk of failure? She is the essence of what America is all about. America is all about business and high stakes gambling. America is all about speed; hot, nasty, badass speed and in my opinion “Speed kills.”



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[-] 1 points by Sandy0621 (175) 11 years ago

You're right about what we like in terms of entertainment. Everyone likes to see the underdog win, the gamble pay off, the hero defy the odds. However, it's just make believe and most know that. Few adults live their life as though they were in a movie or risk everything against odds of certain failure.

The general attitude of the individual doing things on his own is certainly part of the culture. There are many examples of people starting with little becoming a success or overcoming some difficulty. What specific help do you think people need that they are not being given?

[-] 0 points by cubedemon (185) 11 years ago

I will try to tell you.

  1. I lack understanding of the workplace hierarchial structure.

  2. There are those who state that one has to start at the bottom. Where is the bottom? I graduated with an IT degree with an emphasis in software development.

  3. The difference between a job vs. a career vs. a career goal vs a career path.

  4. How to create a career path?

  5. Taking initiative and how to do this. How to determine what one is authorized to do or not do.

  6. Let's say a boss says something to you and he wants you to do something. How does one determine whether it is a requirement or optional? Let's say a boss or teacher asks "do you want to do x?" Is this a requirement or is it optional?

  7. What being oneself truthfully means in detail. Why can't a pedophile be true to himself? Why does our society have inconsistent standards such as this?

These are just things I can think up off the top of my head. As a person with aspergers I do not understand. I am using Stargate SG1 as figurative language to what I perceive. Even though it is make belief from my experience art can reflect the artist's underlying thoughts. Even though art sometimes is exaggerated there may be some truth to the exaggeration.

All cultures including ours have a certain DNA and imprint. I see it in the way people react to questions I ask and certain things I say.

[-] 1 points by Sandy0621 (175) 11 years ago

Your difficulty is in recognizing certain unspoken social clues that may give you the answers to those points you listed. I'm not a professional in the field of autism or Aspergers. I'd not want to make suggestions that would misinform you. Perhaps you should do a google search for Aspergers support and see if you can get someone to help you navigate the social side of the workplace.