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Forum Post: The Shark

Posted 7 years ago on April 9, 2012, 4:33 a.m. EST by TKMcGowan (0)
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Wall Street

Tick tick the yawing eye stressed and strained opens ever wider No time to blink or think

Never corporately fast enough Never on time enough for the money Always too much to do Always too much to do

Tension builds in that chattery brain running a litany of sour talk like a shark attack she starts her day hungry fast and early Looking to satisfy a clearly insatiable hunger

Her reckless chatter spills out into the environment From tense lips that can’t seem to find expression no matter how bugged her eyes get

And the barracudas think she’s witty Think she’s smart Think her sharp eyeteeth are perfect and admire her bulging eyes her blood red lips that twitch in anticipation and they like that

Pay her big bucks so she can take down the unwary, She rises to the surface with one giant stroke of her body Reveals the nature of the ultimate predator As she breaks water

Grabbing the unwitting, the unsuspecting, the prey designed for the taking, pulls them under so fast they don’t know what hit ‘em

She always bit to the bone had no mercy always sought more more more

That’s the way of the story told in The line I’m in The hapless line that stretches crosstown

The one forged of The aged The simple The homeless The veterans

And we are all just plain honest folks In faith we bought into her In denial we bailed her out and now in anger we stand dumbfounded and betrayed

Someone in that line said let’s go fishin- and that sounded real good about then

So we did, we chased that shark in such great numbers we cornered that watery soul with our flesh and blood-

and we said NO MORE!

and with our collective clout we took her down Oh some wanted to kill her cause her pain take revenge for sure

But we are decent folk overall- kinda noble even though many have taken to carrying harpoons

It’s kinda sad I think

Now we wait for those to join us Educate Ruminate

watching waiting for that beast to die



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