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Forum Post: The secret to creating real democracy

Posted 6 years ago on Sept. 21, 2011, 10:31 a.m. EST by Geogen (1) from Чернигов, Черниговская область
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Dear friends!

Keep all of you in every way!

I’am Ready to help you ideas how you can quickly and effectively make a difference - to change the current system of false democracy - the real people-power.

I urge you all to read these materials (moving them from the Russian text - even through a translator Google):

http://gidepark.ru/community/51/article/281564 - ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE! Formula and mechanism of direct democracy

http://gidepark.ru/community/51/article/358010 - Democracy: The Power of the People + Manage wise

http://gidepark.ru/community/51/article/406453 - End of the era of democracy. Long live the real power of the People!


Please make every effort to translate correctly this material into English and distribute them to all public organizations and citizens - to equip them with knowledge, what to do - to win ...

Sincerely, - Geo-GEN (Eugene Gigauri) - ideologue, Coordinator of International Movement for a New World - Foresight Project Eden.

Tel: + 38 / 066 / 962-64-72 mob., (Chernigov, Ukraine)

E-mail: geo-gen@mail.ru;

My Blog on Hyde Park - http://gidepark.ru/user/main/2570907651

Let's actively disseminate information about the mechanism of direct democracy!



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[-] 1 points by enreflechissant (7) from Marseille, PACA 6 years ago

Thks to promove direct democracy, all these protesters are not constructive because they fight only finance and corps, but it's our politic system that are the cause of the problems! DIRECT DEMOCRACY NOW