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Forum Post: The secret History the American Empire

Posted 12 years ago on Jan. 2, 2012, 2:34 p.m. EST by fireflyg (2)
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june 5, 2007

pdf 371 pages


mp3 10 hours


Contents Acknowledgments A Note from the Author Prologue Part 1: Asia i Mystery Woman of Jakarta 2 Pirating Lepers 3 Geishas 4 The Bugiman 5 A Corrupt and Brutal Country 6 Sweatshops 7 United States-Supported Slaughter 8 Tsunami Profiteering 9 Fruits of Corruption 10 Attacked and Beaten in Indonesia 11 Don't Become a Buddhist 12 Biological Imperatives 13 Dictatorships of Finance 14 The Quiet Giant Part 2: Latin America 15 Hired Guns in Guatemala 16 Obsessed with Anger 17 Recruited as President of Bolivia Power 18 Maximizing Profits in La Paz 19 Changing the Dream 20 Venezuela's Chavez 21 Ecuador: Betrayed by a President 22 Bolivia: Bechtel and the Water Wars 23 Brazil: Skeletons in the Closet 24 The Beautiful Carioca 25 Taking on the Empire 26 Kindred Spirits 27 A History of Assassinations 28 Lessons from Latin America Part 3: The Middle East 29 A Bankrupt United States of America 30 King Dollar 31 Manipulating Governments 32 Lebanon: "Stark Raving Mad" 33 USAID Speaks 34 Egypt: Controlling Africa 35 Infidel Dog 36 Iran: Highways and Fortresses 37 Israel: America's Foot Soldier 38 The Iraq-Iran War: Another EHM Victory 39 Qatar and Dubai: Las Vegas in the Land of Mullahs 40 Into the Abyss Part 4: Africa 41 Modern Conquistadors 42 Sitting in America's Lap 43 A Jackal Is Born 44 The "Non-Peoples" of Diego Garcia 45 Assassinating a President 46 The Highjacking of an Air India 707 47 An Environmentalist Is Executed 48 The Least Understood Continent 49 NGOs: A Stake in Keeping Africa Poor 50 Laptops, Cell Phones, and Cars 51 Ex-Peace Corps Volunteers Offer Hope 52 Resolved: To Turn Things Around Part 5: Changing the World 53 Four Essential Questions 54 Change Is Possible 55 Modern Minutemen 56 Changing the Myth 57 The New Capitalism 58 A List of Grievances 59 Facing Our Fears 60 Changing Wall Street Through Financial Leverage 61 Buying Off Third-world Debt 62 Five Commonalities 63 Times of Opportunity 64 The Most Important Question of Our Time 65 Today Is the Day

Acknowledgments This book would have been impossible without the courageous men and women who stepped forward from the ranks of economic hit men and jackals to share their stories; in doing so they took personal risks and were forced to confront the darkest aspects of their lives. I owe them my deepest gratitude. It could not have been written without the people who envisioned and manage the NGOs that are changing corporatocracy policies; they, their staffs, and volunteers light a path for the rest of us to follow. Some play a prominent role in the pages of this book, but many remain anonymous—as do those who donate their money to these important organizations. I thank all of them. And also the people around this planet who stand up to the corporatocracy, the few whose names make the news and the many who walk the picket lines, hang banners, speak out, send emails, run for office, vote for positive change, and shop consciously. They are the true heroes of the history that is being written today.



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[-] 1 points by rin1 (123) 12 years ago

thnx - i heard about this book