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Forum Post: The role of Education in a Free Society?

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 30, 2011, 8:17 a.m. EST by EducationNotLoanSlavery (4) from Dallas, TX
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I would ask people to give their opinion in regard issues surrounding Education and its rising tuition costs in the USA. Is it something less important than all 9 demands mentioned earlier, or is it important enough to be listed as well?

Here I did not even mention forgetting, zeroing, student loans. I am rather interested in answering or discussing some questions in regard to Education such as:

What is the role of Education in a Free Society? Is the Education a Right, or is it a Privilege?



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[-] 1 points by formul8 (16) from Ixelles, Brussels 12 years ago

My views: education should be a right, which is not the case today. I believe its role should be to properly prepare humans beings for their lives ahead. By properly I mean:

  • tailored to individual interests and strengths
  • at all times a consideration of morals i.e. right and wrong in a pure sense i.e. to guide the young in making the right moral choices even if the law does not punish wrong moral choices as is the case today
  • covers parenting as well as schooling, higher education
  • individuals should not have to 'pay' for this
  • more weighting towards life skills such as personality, communication, psychology versus intellectual learning
  • parenting
  • problem-solving skills

I believe the right moral education is really important in the context where the law fails in some cases to punish immoral actions.

I believe personality / psychology education is important: to help individuals understand themselves and others around them; to be selfless and consider the collective, to be unmaterialistic.

In general I think education today is insufficient; and not the fault of teaching staff, nor parents; for me those who govern are accountable since i believe the philosophy and goals of education (i.e. not the execution) need re-addressing.