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Forum Post: the reason there are so many goals conceded

Posted 5 years ago on Aug. 15, 2012, 5:50 a.m. EST by craig491 (0)
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Finally talk to Frankfurt now, the reason there are so many goals conceded, in addition to the back line is young, inexperienced, in fact, able to decide the Central frontcourt. The main players D Luo, Descartes The two men do not have the defensive ability, led to the middle and on the right, lose the ball, the other party will not easily advance to the 35 m within the hazardous area, directly facing the lower back and linebacker. Li Xiang to team design this slow-paced, attacking football play of the high degree of accuracy, the final analysis, cheap nfl jerseys from china, is to reduce the clean sheet, increase the success rate, to avoid the chance to attack each other too much, it is quite upset. But now, to the youth team there is still much to improve space, he must completely transform the style of the young players so that they understand the importance of balanced offensively, the formation of the overall defensive mode of thinking as soon as possible. Is to train two or three qualifying-round midfielder, then he can truly began to transform the first team defensive system. Morris, met Li Xiang from the first time to the training camp organized training programs and the Youth Training Camp actual "boss" Morris has been maintained telephone contact, always pay attention to the movements of young players and training response . Coach, hello, congratulations to your team's results so that I and all the staff were very happy. "Serious Ban Qilian hole Morris, solemnly to congratulate Li Xiang. Indeed, this four-game winning streak too Tishi gas, and then from the club's senior youth training camp and then to the ordinary fans from the team's players, all joy and abnormal. "Thank you, I am not a talker, but you should see my ability, so I hope I can be better implemented in the youth academy training program implementation." With the record of course to show off, but not to show off show off, but to let the youth training camp to obey his will. "I first met you promised, I will faithfully perform all of your training program, but also for the errors and deficiencies in your comments. In fact, I have been to do so." Mo Rees No matter what expressions are static, is always askew like Ban Qilian Kong. But he also first met, did not give Li Xiang to save face. "Of course ... not to mention that, we discuss the second tier, third tier defense system ..." Just like last time and effort does not allow Li Xiang personally guide his youth academy coach team convened a meeting. First, Li Xiang requires that all children over the age of 14 must increase the theoretical study of the time. Of course, no special arrangements for the classroom and the like, as long as the intermittent implementation of training courses. nfl jerseys china,Even if it is sitting on the turf class, it does not matter. Theory courses must be performed by the youth academy camp theoretical knowledge of the richest, most professional coaches teaching, devoted to some of the defense's theory as well as Li Xiang to write out the overall defensive thinking. The second point, the defense of basic skills training. Basic skills will always be the core of Li Xiang coaching and training of young players, now begin to build the Frankfurt defense system "is no exception, all start from the basics. Is playing what position players, must accept the basic defensive action learning and training. Including stations, body weight, the foot timing, the Zhengding action, tackle essentials ... everything with a standard action to develop best practice. Finally, Li Xiang for the youth academy a new training courses - associate moves training. Every four members of a group, were facing outwards in four directions Station. The four team members take turns as group leader, the other three as "followers". "Followers" must always pay attention to the "leader" movement, the back players can go back to observe or to judge the actions of the other "followers". When the leader began movement in any direction, the other three "followers" through their own observation, quickly to keep up with his movement action, and always maintain the distance between them and the same location. The initial training can be slow, from the more recent, but we must allow small players to maintain a high degree of concentration, nfl jerseys authentic,and always will be the "leader" and other "followers" of the trend to see in the eyes. Training both interesting and spiritual core and overall defense is included. Small players to accept will not be boring, but also facilitate the formation of the initial awareness of "protection". Gradually adapt to wait until the small players, increase the distance between each other to improve the running speed and frequency of the "leader". But maintain a high focus on the requirements but must not be reduced. "Very innovative training methods, and you just said that the overall defense ideas closely linked." An assistant coach expressed his views heard Li Xiang's overall defense ideas and he moves the associated training courses introduced after nodded. "Yes, the whole defense must start with children, let each player to form a defensive awareness. Although the game may or may not really want them to do so." "Allow me to interrupt you, you said players including striker and attacking midfielder?" Another coach for the overall defense still not fully understood. "It's like I said before, the overall offensive Guards attack mode may be a plug in the header of a corner kick; offensive midfielder is perhaps the long-range break short, the whole defense is not to every player when the guard, but to them according to their location, make the corresponding defensive reaction. " Li Xiang to see several assistant coaches do not understand and continue to use examples of explanation: "For example, the forward players, we can ask him the ball when the goalkeeper interference and tight, and let him comfortable ball out. give an extreme example, see the striker ran himself, the keeper will generally how to choose? Yes, he will the ball out of the edges, this way, one's own team can get the ball to the right you can come up with the ball easier than this? of course, the goalkeeper may pass defender, cheap authentic jerseys, may Bigfoot into midfield, and I said, it is an extreme case. " "Another example of the avant-garde players. Maybe he can not directly from each other at the foot off go the ball, but his active defensive action, will force the other to the ball quickly to increase the error rate, right? When two or three offensive players to seize the opportunity to to form a valid steals front, what will happen? we will get a little defensive to offensive opportunities. " "Thank you for your explanation, very exciting. Before I did not understand some of you are accustomed to using the term but such examples would be much easier." Interpersonal exchanges Li Xiang said clearly, will inevitably bring out some of their own in order to understand the vocabulary, but with the example of the approach detailed explanation of these professional football people immediately understand.



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