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Forum Post: The Radical Moderate Party

Posted 7 years ago on Oct. 11, 2011, 11:01 p.m. EST by mancanbemore (30)
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the greatest problem in finding a direction for the occupy wall street movement is the plethora of differing views amongst protesters, there are socialists, communists, libretarians, and anarchists, and people from all walks of life, all dissatisfied with the government. i myself am avidly democratic, but i have given thought to all sorts of alternatives. but we need a platform through which all those voices can have effect without destablizing todays society, something to send it in the right direction for the history of man to come. i personally believe democracy can be a beautiful force for good in future times, it just needs to be done right, i welcome disagreements of course. but to get to the point, i believe that the movement would greatly benefit by the introduction of a legitimate 3rd party into our political system. by third party i mean a third primary party. i would call it the Radical Moderate party, and it would serve as a bridge between the right and the left. i've always found myself in the limbo between the two, and thus i registered independent. this renders my voice worthless, at least during the primaries. many people, finding themselves unallied and unsatisfied with the platforms of a specific right and left reside in limbo with me. i believe many of you protesters feel the same way. The radical moderate party would serve three functions, one: a bridge between the right and the left, in search of a general good, it would help to solve the issue of filibustering, through which the right and the left continually screw each other from making tangible change. two: it would function as a medium for radical ideas to actually be entertained in the government (thus the radical part) because the candidates wouldnt be pigeonholed to serving the specific platforms of the republicans and the democrats. three: it would serve as a way the protests of the modern day can actually interact with American government, a voice for the voiceless. I have put a lot of thought into this idea, but i would love to hear the thoughts of the community before i delve too deep into specifics. also i dont have the patience to get into every topic in the broad posts. questions, agreements, and criticisms are all welcomed. I think it is time that we take advantage of this boiling point in human society and send our race in the right direction. if this idea was implemented, it would change the course of human political culture forever, truly manifesting that which our government is built upon, compromise.



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[-] 2 points by CAModDotOrg (2) 7 years ago

Well said. I recently launched the California Moderate Party (http://CAMod.org) and while I wouldn't say we're radical, the focus is largely on injecting more innovation into our politics through greater collaboration. Right now, nobody's winning and everybody's losing. The only way we're going to make real change is by listening to people with whom we disagree, accepting their underlying interests as legitimate, and trying to find common ground so that we can move forward as a country. :: Ash Roughani

[-] 1 points by mancanbemore (30) 7 years ago

its obvious that the right and the left need a medium of communication, so that the government can finally cooperate with itself, but we also need somewhere where the peoples voice is heard and revolutionary ideas can be enacted. it cant just be for the people in limbo, its need to also speak to the radical lefties in ows and the radical rights in the tea party. the voice of the people can be found somewhere in the dialogue between these two protests

[-] 1 points by teamok (191) 7 years ago

Instant run off voting would create a viable third party overnight. Check it out.