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Forum Post: The Race Is ON!!

Posted 5 years ago on June 1, 2015, 6:04 p.m. EST by turbocharger (1756)
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The presidential sweepstakes are in full effect, as American cheers on their favorite horses to see who goes home with the prize!!

Networks are drooling with anticipation over the ad revenues, lobbyists are polishing up their skills and getting their checkbooks dusted off, and incumbents are making their case to their masters for why they should remain.

Its roosting season folks!! YeeeeHaaaaawww!!



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[-] 0 points by lugano (1221) 5 years ago

Meanwhile, back in the real world - "Rule By The Corporations TTIP: The Corporate Empowerment Act'' by Paul Craig Roberts - http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article42017.htm from which, I excerpt:

''The first thing to understand is that these so-called “partnerships” are not laws written by Congress. The US Constitution gives Congress the authority to legislate, but these laws are being written without the participation of Congress. The laws are being written by corporations solely in the interest of their power and profit. The office of US Trade Representative was created in order to permit corporations to write law that serves only their interests. This fraud on the Constitution and the people is covered up by calling trade laws “treaties.”

''Indeed, Congress is not even permitted to know what is in the laws and is limited to the ability to accept or refuse what is handed to Congress for a vote. Normally, Congress accepts, because “so much work has been done” and “free trade will benefit us all.”

''The presstitutes have diverted attention from the content of the laws to “fast track.” When Congress votes “fast track,” it means Congress accepts that corporations can write the trade laws without the participation of Congress. Even criticisms of the “partnerships” are a smoke screen. Countries accused of slave labor could be excluded but won’t be. Super patriots complain that US sovereignty is violated by “foreign interests,” but US sovereignty is violated by US corporations. Others claim yet more US jobs will be offshored. In actual fact, the “partnerships” are unnecessary to advance the loss of American jobs as there is nothing that inhibits jobs offshoring now.

''How does it work, this “freedom and democracy” that we Americans allegedly have, when neither the people nor their elected representatives are permitted to participate in the making of laws that enable private corporations to negate the law-making functions of governments and place corporate profit above the general welfare?''