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Forum Post: The Protest Agenda

Posted 11 years ago on Oct. 26, 2011, 7:03 p.m. EST by Prospero (2)
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Current events are no surprise, there are reasons why the system crashed and will keep crashing (there is an old say where I live, "Only the madmen repeats the same mistake over and over") . While is obvious the OWS strenght is that there are no demands so people with individual claims join each other with no problem, eventually there must be objectives for this movement win philosophical battles. We can collect your individual reasons and start to create a joint plan, a time standing plan, arming then a PROTEST AGENDA leaving no individual concern behind, because ALL PROBLEMS MUST BE TREATED. Many core groups of specific demands CAN FORM, and CAN WORK WITH OTHER GROUPS. Everyone start making a list of reasons, then talk to other people and form a list of COLLECTIVE DEMANDS, then, the entire movement can have an agenda.

Speaking of which, I give a few examples of demands than in my opinion are a start:

*Restrict corporate personhood, on matters like buy and sell land property.

*Anyone with more than one house must not be able to buy more until all the rest of the citizens have one (radical? but real).

*Free HEALTH is the now (matter of life or death), free COLLEGE is the future, not just scholarships!

*WE OWN OUR WORK, why is this not legally clear? Is the highest PRIVATE PROPERTY.

*Politics must have the highest people participation, people must have referendum to all amendments, access to CHANGE THE LAWS (is my opinion shared?).

*Comunism and Capitalism ARE NOT THE ONLY SOCIETIES possible.

*The rich accumulate what they not use. THE RICH ARE COMPULSIVE HOARDING, and that is a sickness. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compulsive_hoarding

*COPY my words, no one owns ideas. No more forever lasting INTELLECTUAL OWNERSHIP! It restrict the research for the cure for AIDS and CANCER!

To end, I have two things to leave you thinking: -Did you know how a media CAN DESTROY a society? there is a perfect example: THE CREDIT RATINGS. Here is a news from europe, they are trying to prohibit the CREDIT RATINGS because THEY ARE USED BY SPECULATORS! Do you know how economy works? its about SPECULATORS and CREDIT RATINGS. Be aware, is not WHAT the media says, is LIKE the media says -1930's was a breakdown, 2010's is a breakdown. Only a madman do the same three times. No more CAPITALISM, and this does not mean communism. Let me say that a new revoilution is needed (at this point is obvious), with new values, NEW LAWS, and a new society, not just capitalism or pure marxism.



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[-] 1 points by gnomunny (6819) from St Louis, MO 11 years ago

I have been against the very concept of credit ratings for a long time. The fact that credit ratings are speculated on like a commodity for profit, and used to enslave the indebted, is mind-boggling. People now live and die by this arbitrary number, checking their score daily. Ridiculous.