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Forum Post: The problem isn't Wall Street. The problem is the chains around your neck.

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 20, 2011, 7:34 p.m. EST by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT
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Someone said in another post that the right to peacably assemble is something this movement is taking back. The right has always been there... people just haven't been pissed off enough to exercise it. Protesting doesn't do anything productive though. Protesting only says "I realize I'm too miniscule (oddly your forum didn't recognize that word. Too long?) to do anything to actually fix a problem and so I'm going to sit around and see if my non-action can will someone to action." VOTE DIFFERENTLY AND THINGS WILL CHANGE. This shouldn't be a protest against rich corporations that pay Congress off, it should be a protest of Congress who give in to BRIBES. You guys aren't covering all the bases. Go to D.C. and protest in front of the White House. Go park it in front of Capitol Hill and K-Street. Go put a big fat bean bag in the front lawns of the Federal Reserve and the Treasury. The banks did what they were allowed to do, because who wouldn't opt to make billions of dollars? They give money to Congress, and Congress writes laws that make it perfectly LEGAL to do what they're doing. Is it immoral that the banks have most likely destroyed the Dollar? FUCK YEAH IT IS. Should the ones who were engaged in acts detrimental to the USA and it's economic standing in the world go to prison? FUCK YES. But if someone bribes you to do something, they're in the wrong. If you accept the bribe... YOURE WRONG TOO! The bank bailouts and the car company bailouts, stimulus that goes to big company interests in the guise of job creation, and Frank and Fanny too are all the result of Bush, McCain, Obama, Pelosi, Reid, The Fed, The Treasury AND Wall Street. This Government is too big, and by Government I mean, The ruling class. The President, The Congress, the CEO's, the Terrorists, and everyone else that has you by the shorthairs... Wake up people. The chains are getting awfully heavy, and in order to remove them, you have to remove the reason they're there. A corrupt ruling class has us all in shackles. If I were protesting, I'd be protesting the electoral process. It's been highjacked by the Media and big interests, and made legal by the politicians that gave them the money. If nothing changes, then nothing will change.



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[-] 2 points by bettersystem (170) 6 years ago

We know what the problem is, let us fix it and move forward together.

When you look at a republican or democrat, congress or FDA official, Judges and Justice Department you see criminals.

Our corruption dates back decades to when those who in trying to preserve slavery had to find new ways to preserve it and so created an advanced form of slavery.

only two components were required -- the illusion of freedom and choice and the taking away of the freedom to live off the land.

How else would you get a person to submit themselves to mind numbing or degrading work unless you oppress them into it.

our current system is rooted in corruption and every attempt in preserving it involves manipulating human thought and turning people against one another.

In America the population has been transformed in two major voting groups but they only have one choice.

They had been distracted up until now with television and American culture which prospered through the oppression of other nations.

Americans allowed themselves to be fooled into using their military and economic dominance to seize resources of other nations and create expanding markets for American profiteers.

Now that technology, competition and conscience have evolved Americans themselves are realizing that they cannot sustain themselves under their current system of government.

Our government officials have allowed private profits and personal benefits to influence decisions that affect the health and well-being of people all over the planet, not just in America... how much longer will we allow them to rule over us??

Occupy Washington and demand that all government officials resign their posts.

We will setup new online elections with a verification system that will allow us to see our votes after we cast them, put our new officials in office and work toward rebuilding our country and our world.


[-] 1 points by ZenDogTroll (13032) from South Burlington, VT 6 years ago

When you look at a republican or democrat, congress or FDA official, Judges and Justice Department you see criminals.

This is absurd. When I see them I see people. People are just people. Some people are criminals. You might be a criminal.

People have belief systems. We must interact with these systems. We cannot hope to do so with much success with a mind as closed as you would have us.

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

They aren't criminals because they make the laws in favor of their "criminal" actions. They aren't criminals when they do things that we get thrown in prison for.

[-] 1 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 6 years ago

Zendog loves the wars that Bush started and Obama is continuing.

No point in arguing about fairness with those who endorse war.

[-] 1 points by Freedom2100 (25) 6 years ago

I would like to see OWS as a revolution of awareness at least as much, maybe even more than economics. America is being dumbed down so much now it's unbelievable. I just got off Facebook a few weeks ago--privacy issues notwithstanding there seems to be an unofficial set of rules just be as superficial as possible in less than 400 characters...yeah right. Go to the library and pull a Time Magazine or Newsweek from 40-45 years ago and you will be SHOCKED! There is about three times the news content as now! I'm letting my local newspaper subscription run out this Fall as my Sunday paper so generously affords me maybe about 10% real news content after ads and fluff articles....no wonder the power of the 1% has become so entrenched over the last 30 years...so do as I do and stay informed with the last frontier of enriched news content--independent periodicals/magazines and books.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 6 years ago


it would be nice to end tghe protests end with the election

I don't think it will

we'll see

[-] 1 points by StevenRoyal (490) from Dania Beach, FL 6 years ago

How about this idea:

Right now there is only one US Rep. per 720,000 people. It's no wonder they don't listen to the people anymore. There is nothing in the Constitution that says it has to be that high. If we reduce that number, the Reps will be closer to the people and their increased number will be much harder for the lobbyists to corrupt. And it will scare the shit out of them.

[-] 1 points by mandodod (144) 6 years ago

The problem is folks spend what they do not have. Everyone has to have a $70 a month smartphone. I know young folks at work who have nothing and they have one to twitter and facebook. Kids today want it all now. They live with their Moms like a little girl and drive a WRX. Very sad.

[-] 1 points by velveeta (230) 6 years ago

Wake up einstein. The problem is the government is spending what you don't have, and charging you for it. Each child born in the USA in 2010 was born with $29k public debt. The more trillion$ we loan out to bail out european banks, the higher that number is going to get. It won't matter how hard you work or how frugal you are at home. Don't you get it? Your future is being mortgaged for you by people you don't even know. Get a clue.

[-] 0 points by mandodod (144) 6 years ago

Nope , We spend too much money. This mess is the American peoples fault. Even young folks are in terrible debt. People used their homes as ATM's. Then the bottom fell out. The banks did not make them buy all of the granite counter tops! American greed. You get a clue and make sure your smartphone is charged. So you can twitter. Like little girls.

[-] 0 points by velveeta (230) 6 years ago

The europeans spent WAY too much money. And you and me are going to bail them out. Read the news sometime.

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

I agree with this a lot.

The housing market wouldn't have affected so many people if they wouldn't have taken out a 2nd mortgage to buy a boat and a new set of 40" rims for their truck.

People making stupid decisions have caused this "crisis".

[-] 1 points by velveeta (230) 6 years ago

Sorry to say this but you are a fool. The debt for corporate bad bets, wars, failed european banks, devalued pension funds, the insurance on the trillions of empty pension funds ---- where will all the dough come from to cover this massive black hole of debt? From a Federal Reserve printing press? And how is that backed up? By your future earnings, Mr "I spend within my means". Wake up dude, it doesn't matter how hard you work, how much you save, your future earnings have already been spent by people you don't even know.

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

I agree with you. We're fucked. We've voted in the same people for the last 75 years. The Yale/Stanford/Harvard people who are bred to lead us. Those schools are the civilian equivalent to the Officer schools in the military. They breed people to lead us. And those people have positioned themselves to where we have no other option. They do things that obviously aren't in our best interests and then tell us they are and that's the final word. And we keep voting them into power, term after term after term after term... It's gotta stop.

Until then, we're never going to actually get out of this mess.

EDIT: I just re-read that and it sounded conspiratorial, but I assure you I'm not all Skull and Bones, Free Masons crazy, but every President for the last 100 years has pretty much been a General, or gone to one of those law schools.

[-] 1 points by prosemitic (63) 6 years ago

yes.it has been those same parasites breed lurking behind the curtain. the plan was ion place long ago, anyone wanting out had their head blown out (Kennedys). The climax is here and now...they dont hide no more,it now in the open...Israel does not rule Usa,Usa is already Israel. Time to take it back?

[-] 1 points by mandodod (144) 6 years ago

Yup, they used their homes as an ATM. America did this to themselves. Millions of pools and granite countertops went in. Then the bottom fell out. $500,000 homes down to $250,000. America was full of greed. Banks did not do that. The American homeowner did that.

[-] 0 points by velveeta (230) 6 years ago

Nope. The banks making bad bets on toxic mortgages and then bundling and selling those bad bets down the line (after paying off corrupt ratings agencies to rte them "AAA") is only the tip of the iceberg. There is a gigantic black hole of debt that includes everything from the coming baby boomer retirement drain on social security and medicare to underfunded pension funds, the insurance for those underfunded pensions when the market collapses is underfunded, the bailout of the european banks, etc, etc... Lehman Brothers, MF Global, these are just blips in the massive meltdown that is coming

bad debts backed by bad debts backed by bad debts, ad nauseum... get those printing presses up and running, they're going to have to print a SHITLOAD of money

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

100% agree.

[-] 1 points by mandodod (144) 6 years ago

Members of my own family did that. Before the bubble, they bought and bought and bought. Now they are in terrible trouble with a ton of stuff. Pools, hotels, cruises. You name it. And so did all of their friends. Folks who make $140,000 a year losing their homes. Because they want stuff. The American homeowner did that. This is their fault. I bet if you look at yourv own family you will see this trend.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 6 years ago

Don't you get it yet?

Wallstreet confiscated our money to put that chain there. It's there whether you admit it or not.

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

I personally haven't really been affected by Wall Street. I don't have a mortgage, I don't invest in the Wall St Casino. I see it as Congress/Fed/Treasury gave our tax money to them because they asked for it. Did Congress ask you if you wanted to help bail out the banks? Did they ask you about the car companies? They didn't ask me.

Had they asked me, I'd have told them to tell the banks and the car companies to fuck off.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 6 years ago

If you buy stuff in the US you most certainly have been affected by wallstreet..

Beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Sorry I can't make you understand that, but it's true.

What you said are talking points. 20-20 hindsight.

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

Care to elaborate on that? Are you talking about inflation? That wasn't wall street that was the federal reserve printing TRILLIONS of dollars.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 6 years ago

This has much more to do with profiteering.

Who do you really think paid for all those politicians?

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

Like I said in the post.. If you try to bribe me, you're wrong. If I accept the bribe, I'm wrong too.

Our problems are waaaay more vast than just WallSt... Incumbents are more of a problem than people with money.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 6 years ago

Of course they are, but the source must be considered too.

What you are suggesting is like throwing the drug user in jail and allowing the dealer to continue. Indeed, ignoring the dealer.

Stop the profiteering and they won't have the money to buy the end user. They'll still be filthy rich, because that will be the last thing they give up. So what's the problem?

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

Congress is the drug dealer. They dictate what Wall St does.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 6 years ago

You've got it backwards.

Wallstreet has the money.

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

People who buy drugs from drug dealers have the money too.

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 6 years ago

You people are frustrating.

Wallstreet spends the money to buy politicians, to write the laws that let wallstreet rip us off some more, so they can spend more money on more politicians. It goes on and on. You have to put a stop to both!

To get all that money they simply confiscate from us, by profiteering..

That money they confiscated could have gone to better products and services, R&D, or your IRA, or even the "sacred" investors.

Wallstreet is a confiscating entity too!

Occupy wallstreet!!!

[-] -1 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

It's not that simple man. I hear ya with the profiteering thing and yes, corporations make a lot of money because the conditions under which they operate are guaranteed. Too big to fail should be on posters with a swastika.

Wall Street is a symptom of a problem. If I took a baseball bat, and crushed your knee with it. Would you buy new shoes to treat the problem? We need to focus on the root of the problem.

The problem is Congress.

[-] 1 points by Howtodoit (1232) 6 years ago

I hear you loud and clear buddy and I just want to offer of some info that may help bring a quick solution ti this mess:

Here's how we can easily Reform Wall Street: Take away their powers "Once Again." And the best way to get it done is a Million People March to Capitol Hill!

For example, "We are here Congress because we want you to REINSTATE the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 http://www.investopedia.com/articles/03/071603.asp#axzz1aPEc3wX which was created to help save our country from the Great Depression by preventing investment companies, banks, and insurance companies from merging and becoming large brokerage firms; instead of just being Banks and Insurance companies -- Congress why can't you learn a history lesson from 1929? It doesn't work. Btw, why did most of you vote for it's major repeal in 1999? Shattering The Glass-Steagall Act: http://www.counterpunch.org/2008/09/19/shattering-the-glass-steagall-act (2nd story here)

Think about where we are now, it all started in 1999 with lawmakers like Senator Phil Gramm who helped create legal gambling casinos for our banks: CNN's The Ten Most Responsible for Economy Collapse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKQOxr2wBZQ&feature=related

Furthermore Congress, we also want you to CHANGE the Commodities Future Modernization Act of 2000 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Commodity_Futures_Modernization_Act_of_2000 BACK to where it was before 2000, which since has deregulated energy markets and consequently allowed for such scams as The Enron Loophole; whereas in the early 2000's Enron Corp. was charging 250 bucks plus for a kilowatt hour...They all when to jail for this. But, the Enron loophole is still not closed, for example, allowing speculators to resell barrels of oil over and over again before it reaches the gas station owner. It's basically legal gambling at our expense. What were those lawmakers thinking then? What are you thinking now? Either do the right thing, or you're part of the 1%."

So why are oil prices high? The Enron Loophole. Former Head of U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission speaks to Congress on the high price of oil--and he's not happy about energy deregulations:



Rolling Stones Reporter: Truth about Goldman Sachs--how they have cornered the markets--basically, The Enron Loophole and the shattering of Glass-Steagall Act in 1999. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=waL5UxScgUw

Let's get focused and bring back The Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, they got it right 1933, we don't need to REINVENT the wheel because bringing this Act back will help create an even playing field once again....and let's finally Close the Enron Loophole, which allowed Enron to charge what they wanted for energy; they went to jail for this; but no one closed the loophole, why? Re-election Monies from the big brokerage firms and oil companies! The writing is on the wall.

Let's get organized and reinstate these critical financial reforms by a Million People March to Capitol Hill!

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

I agree, a million man march to capitol hill wouldn't hurt.

[-] 1 points by Howtodoit (1232) 6 years ago

Yes! Thank. I hope to meet you on 6/16/12...

[-] 1 points by rustyshackleford (10) 6 years ago

You were doing pretty good there up until the "don't vote" part

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

voting only perpetuates the problem. no one seems to want to vote out any crooked bastards on capitol hill... so therefor voting only hurts the country.

[-] 1 points by Derp (14) from Libertyville, IL 6 years ago

"Who wouldn't opt to make billions of dollars?"

Depends on how you make it. I wouldn't make billions of dollars nefariously; And I blame anyone who would do that. They're human beings with fully developed brains, they can make choices.

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

That's because you're an honest person. Not driven by money and power. People on Wall Street, and on Capitol Hill? Just the opposite. They will do anything in their power to have control.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 6 years ago

"The banks did what they were allowed to do, because who wouldn't opt to make billions of dollars?

This shouldn't be a protest against rich corporations that pay Congress off, it should be a protest of Congress who give in to BRIBES. "

brilliant irony

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

Without the acceptance of the bribes, the Corporations are powerless. They're crooked sure, immoral, border-line criminal, but it's Congress that makes it happen. Wall Street is an arm of the beast. A huge, bloated train wreck of an arm, but if you cut the arm off, the beast survives. Kill the beast means cutting off the head. Congress/The Fed/The Treasury is the head. That's where all of the corruption culminates, and from where it flows.

Veto the Vote

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 6 years ago

oppressive working condition exist right here in San Diego

corruption is not centralized

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

So get another job. I was unemployed in May for a month. I actually looked for work for the 4th week. I had a job on Monday of the 5th. Jobs are out there.

I agree that corruption isn't centralized, but the central producer of corruption is most definitely centralized. D.C.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 6 years ago

that's an inspiring anonymous anecdote


I've looked for jobs on and off for many years

had a dish washing job for 2 years last

the manager created more humiliating working conditions until I quit

so he could slit my job into 2 part time jobs

so the company would not be required to provide benefits

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

Most "jobs" don't have benefits. What you need to do is diversify yourself. If you're relatively smart, get a job at a call center. It sucks, and you'll probably get TMJ but it's not degrading. Cut grass, make Subway Sandwiches, sweep movie theater isles... There are many things people with no training can do. They aren't 100k a year jobs, but they are jobs. And having a job is way better than not having one.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 6 years ago

I am a master of efficient systems and motion

any skilled dish washer is

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

why not window washing? Why not starting a custom detailing business? Why not irrigation? If you understand water to be the universal solvent, and apply a bit of critical thinking, you can probably come up with something I'm sure.

[-] 1 points by April (3196) 6 years ago

The corruption is bi-partisan. It's the only thing they all agree on. Taking money and doing the bidding of the 1%.
We need to take all of the money out of the political process.
This has got to be the #1 demand. It's time to make it official and public.

[-] 1 points by JQcitizen (125) from Houghton, MI 6 years ago

What April said.!

[-] 1 points by April (3196) 6 years ago

lol help me out with JonFromSLC below!

[-] 1 points by JQcitizen (125) from Houghton, MI 6 years ago

I got there. W O W...takes all kinds to make a forum.

[-] 1 points by April (3196) 6 years ago

yea right! I'm exhausted from him!

[-] 1 points by JQcitizen (125) from Houghton, MI 6 years ago

I think you wore him out lol !

[-] 1 points by April (3196) 6 years ago

You might be right. I haven't heard back from him yet!

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

sorry just read your replies.. what exactly did you want me to respond to?

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

How do you propose you take the money out of the process, when it's the people with the money that dictate how the process works?

[-] 1 points by April (3196) 6 years ago

We need massive numbers, the 99%, generated by this protest to overcome the 1% that have the money and the power.
We need to unify behind getting the money out of the political process to end the corruption of government by the 1%.
We need to force the change to have Congress enact Campaign Finance Reform. 100% publicly funded elections. 1% has the money, but they are relatively few in number. 99% have eachother. We have massive numbers.

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

In this day and age, numbers only really matter in ground warfare. Is that what you're planning to do? "There's 300 of us and only 15 cops. GET EM!" really? I'd shoot you in the fucking face without blinking if I was a cop. Crybabies with no substance are pathetic and useless. The squeaky wheel gets the grease only until it can be replaced. Why pander to a few thousand unemployed hippies when they can bring in 100,000 immigrants A MONTH that are willing to work?


[-] 1 points by April (3196) 6 years ago

No. I'm not talking about group warfare. I'm talking about massive amounts of people speaking up through protest in order to affect positive change for the country. Does this mean I'm a crybaby? I think it means I'm excercising my free speech, which was given to me as my right in order to question and challenge my government. This has nothing to do with the police or hippies, or immigrants.

"To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men." Abraham Lincoln

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

What exactly is going to come from massive amounts of people "speaking up" when those same people RE ELECT THE PEOPLE THAT ARE HOLDING THEM DOWN. You guys don't have a goal, any cohesion, or anything other than a catchy slogan and a bunch of people with nothing better to do.

I have nothing wrong with free speech. I honestly think we should be protesting. But when you protest for no reason other than to protest, you will accomplish nothing.

And yes, in the eyes of the "1%" it is about police and hippies and immigrants. Look at what the people in power are doing, and ask yourself if any of it is for our best interest.

I use the word crybaby because I see many connections between babies who cry for something that isn't in their best interest and can't see the problem for what it is, and a group of hippies that have no substance, and can't see how futile their efforts really are in the long run.

[-] 1 points by April (3196) 6 years ago

Perhaps we exact enough pressure for Congress to pass Campaign Finance Reform. http://fairelectionsnow.org/

Perhaps we unify behind a candidate who runs on a platform of ending government corruption. http://www.buddyroemer.com/issues/

And perhaps you can stop the name calling because there is more positive changes happening now, as a result of this protest, than 1 month ago. You have every right to your opinion, that this is futile. So why would you spend your time and energy here?

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

why would congress enact campaign finance reform when they benefit from it the way it is now? that's like saying congress might actually vote to NOT get a raise... why would they? would you?

[-] 1 points by April (3196) 6 years ago

They don't necessarily benefit from it. Their special interests benefit from it, which in turns benefits the elected official during the next election cycle because that special interest will again throw money his way. But with Campaign Finance Reform, all potential candidates are on equal ground. Getting a raise is different because it benefits them personally. Getting election contributions does not benefit them personally, it benefits them professionally. Any candidate that is confident in his/her platform/policies/record should have no problem what so ever with being on equal ground against another candidate. That is why there is some support for it. This is not a new idea. This has been tried before. Clinton tried to get some election reform. So has McCain called for this. Problem is, it always gets beaten down by the BIG money. Because they will be the BIG losers. The 1% who buys their representation, will no longer be able to pay off government to get what they want.

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

I'd be more inclined to believe that they'd vote in a pay cut for themselves only because the other option gives them power, whereas the pay cut only gives them less money. The 1% (congress mainly) would do anything in their power to get more control over you and I.

[-] 1 points by April (3196) 6 years ago

system glitch. I'm replying to your previous post because I didn't get a reply option on the last one for some reason.

The current political system allows the 1% to give the money, and the politicians to take it. It creates an inherent conflict for the politician to make equal and fair decisions.

The root cause of the problem is the political system that allows the situation. It is the process that must be changed.

[-] 1 points by April (3196) 6 years ago

The 1% are the ones who buy their influence. The BIG corporate donors, and special interests.

These are the people who will be the losers. They buy their influence in government. Our politicians are then beholden to them. And who do you think the government listens to. You and me, or the million dollar contributor?

[-] 1 points by JQcitizen (125) from Houghton, MI 6 years ago

Nice going April. You tolerated him so well. Such patience.

You and I know the only thing they fear is the vote. They are on record saying so.

Imagine, this guy wants us to not vote because it will be not voting 8^p

See, when they bring up the referendum that says no more income tax as long as everyone named Jon in Utah becomes a slave... he won't vote and perhaps a lot of people will be in favor of no income tax...

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

The 1% includes the people who buy their influence, and the people whose influence they buy. If you set your sights on the people who, for all in tense and purposes, aren't breaking laws, you're doomed to fail. Focus your fire on the people who hold the purse strings, not the people telling them how to spend it.

If I bribe you, I'm in the wrong. If you accept the bribe YOU'RE WRONG TOO. Congress is just as guilty if not more so of being corrupt.

[-] 1 points by number2 (914) 6 years ago

personally, I protest both and would like to see the briber and bribee in cuffs

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

I agree with you.

[-] 1 points by MyHeartSpits (448) 6 years ago

Of course, dude. The government is Wall St. Wall St. is the government. It's corporate government by proxy, and they are ALL guilty, both the corporations and the politicians.

[-] 1 points by godsfury83 (34) 6 years ago

you know you have the right to build an army if you see it fit right? Especially if our politicians have decided to become traitors, which they have, so start building or run home.

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

You also have to fund and feed the army.

[-] 1 points by godsfury83 (34) 6 years ago

did the army fighting for a free America fight for money or a free America?

[-] 1 points by michaelbravo (222) 6 years ago

the hardest battles are the ones fought within your spirit..to accoplish this goal we must all strive for inner perfection as best we can..the egyptians knew what they were talking about when they spoke of breaking the fear barrior...there is strength in numbers...once you lose your fear it becomes infectious to others kudos to all the heroes youve accomplished alot in a short amount of time i know you guys are troopers

[-] 0 points by SteveKJR (-497) 6 years ago

What you have posted I have posted several months ago and it fell on deaf ears. The OWS think that protesting will solve all problems. The only thing protesting does is disrupt traffic, make noise and they get arrested.

Other then that it has no meaning. As you have stated the problem is in Washington DC not on Wall Street.

The OWS dispise the Tea Party but the Tea Party has quite a few accomplishments since their inception. They not only protested but they marched on Washington DC and let everyone know across the country that they were not happy and as a result, the past election showed the results.

In reading most of the posts on this site the one thing I noticed most is that there are always reasons for wanting change, recommending how changes should be made but yet no action has ever been taken.

The OWS like protesting, taking videos of people getting arrested, then they complain about it - police brutality and that what they are doing is illegal.

But I have yet to hear one of them taking any police officer to court in front of a judge because of what they did.

I have come to realize that the vast majority of people in this movement don't have a clue as to how to solve problems. It shows in their posts as I am sure you are aware.

Just as you have stated, I never had a problem getting a job or for providing for my family. If I needed a job tomorrow I would find one - and as you stated being deversified it a plus.

And I would like to add - it takes years to improve your job skills and longer to accumulate the wealth you want. It's not instantenous as most people would like to think.

[-] 0 points by JQcitizen (125) from Houghton, MI 6 years ago

Don't vote? Insane. Please look at this whole thing to see why.

Presently there are actions being taken around in many states to make it harder for the poor to vote. Why?

This was posted at the daily Kos on 4 October 2009:

"You see Michael Moore highlights a confidential report that Citigroup initially circulated only to it's wealthiest customers. Those reports, since leaked, plainly discuss the power of the Plutonomy in America, and how it would only strengthen, as long as the "the rest us" (the non-plutonics) could be kept in the dark about the Plutonomy existence, its role, and its over-arching control in the American Economy.

Even though the Plutonomy (the top 1%) control over 50% of the net worth in America -- they don't control the Votes!

The thing they most fear is the principle of "one person -- one vote".

You see despite their extreme wealth and power, they only have 1% of the vote; "the rest us" control the other 99% of the votes. So if we ever caught on and, I don't know, maybe raised their taxes back to where it use to be (40-90% range), well maybe they couldn't have a Yacht in every city, or a Mansion in a half dozen states. Maybe they couldn't "lose count" of how many homes they owned."


Libertarians, read here:


See the actual memo here:


Better hurry though. Citigroup has been forcing sites to take it down judging by what I've seen on the net.

[-] -1 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

I stopped reading at Michael Moore.

[-] 1 points by JQcitizen (125) from Houghton, MI 6 years ago

Awww that means you didn't get to RonPaul. Your loss.

"I say DONT VOTE. Because if nothing changes, then nothing will change."

Oh well, you'd probably vote for the wrong stuff anyway. Thanks for playing. We'll send yiou home with a home version of the game so you have something to amuse yourself with on election day.

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

That's ok. I know about Ron Paul and not reading from the MM part is worth not reading the RP stuff. MM is a joke. He's more 1% than most of the 1% are. He's a lying, subversive, slimy, fat bastard.

[-] 1 points by JQcitizen (125) from Houghton, MI 6 years ago

Yes and you know this because you are Mike Moore's accountant, you little bugger you. Taking his ill-gotten lucre like that.

You know about Ron Paul so you know when he agrees with Michael Moore it proves Ron is a "1% lying, subversive, slimy fat bastard" (aw come on, he isn't fat--what the hell does girth have to do with anything?) too, right?

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

Every politician is crooked. Even the ones you like.

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

Unless we work to change the process in a way that actually changes the process.. like not voting, nothing will change.

[-] 1 points by Ohcubss (29) 6 years ago

If you don't vote, then you realize that you are still allowing others to make decisions for you, right? Let's say you take down Wall Street. Good on you. Then what? Senior citizens vote 60% more that any other group, and they actually do write their congressmenn. The AARP is one of the largest lobbying groups in the country They don't give a whip about your student loans, your housing issues, etc. Take out the 1%, ok. But your voice still doesn't get heard if you don't vote.

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

If people openly reject the status quo eventually it will change. The reason people in Denmark are happy with paying 50% of their wages is because most of them are young and have lived with no other option. I grew up when there weren't cell phones, or the internet, or video games so I'm not as attached to that type of technology like the 12 and 13 year olds are nowadays because they know nothing but having a cell phone in their pocket. And they quite literally have panic attacks if they don't know where it is. When the Baby Boomers die, and the 15 and 16 year olds are the age where they'll start taking over, their politics will be totally different. This country is just growing up. Every other country in the world that has been around longer than the USA, which is most of them, are more Socialist than we are. Once the population realizes that they can having things without working for them, they'll expect it, and it's inevitable. Once more people start riding in the cart than are pushing the cart, the cart stops.

[-] 0 points by justhefacts (1275) 6 years ago

Bravo JonFromSLC!

[-] 0 points by JonFromSLC (-107) from West Valley City, UT 6 years ago

Thank you! :)