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Forum Post: The problem is much deeper than just politics. The problem is also in us.

Posted 8 years ago on March 24, 2012, 10:16 a.m. EST by gonzo1 (66)
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The problem is much deeper than just politics. The problem is also in us.

The current construction of the political system is fundamentally and patently false. The politicians always sell solutions for power. They never deliver solutions BEFORE coming into power. So they are all charlatans. They have big political parties with millions of members, and they can call people to donate money and to do voluntary work in order to build real solutions. For example they can do some viable replacement for the public housing, using donations and work from their members, before asking you to vote for them. The politicians never give you the opportunity to work for free or to donate money, in order to do something really useful for the society. Even worse, they are never what they claim they are. They call themselves "capitalists", "communists", "socialists", etc. but they never practice the concepts they promote. For example in real capitalism, you have control of speculation. The politicians brainwash the people, telling them we live in capitalism, while our system is not capitalist at all. Therefore, it's a big mistake to blame "capitalism" for our problems. The problem is we don't even have capitalism in the first place. Concepts can't create problems, but people can.

But there is a far wider and deeper problem than the politics. The problem is that people don't understand activism. We have too much dumb activism in this world. All the big NGO's and foundations that claim they want to save the world are just coming with temporary relief, instead of building reliable, long term solutions. Big organizations like the Red Cross for example. They can offer you voluntary work for creating food, clothes and housing. They can rent houses to create a constant revenue and to protect the people from real estate speculation. World Food Programme can give work to the poor people, so they can create their own food. But they won't do that. Because they don't want solutions. They just want to waste your money. They never offer you the opportunity to produce the things you need, or the things the poor need. They only ask for money, in order to waste them. While claiming to be "compassionate", in reality all the big NGO's show a tremendous cynicism. They waste people's money, energy, time on providing just temporary relief and on making the poor to depend on the rich. And much worse than that, they destroy your hopes, because what they are doing is showing you that "there are no solutions".

The big NGO's can solve all the humanity problems. They are not even transparent. They have horrible communication. The constantly delete annual reports from their web sites, in the name of "renovating" their web sites. They always try to hide their history. Some of them don't have any annual reports at all (check Red Cross in India and Mexico for example). None of the big NGO's have a web forum, to encourage their members to talk, to share experience and to search solutions together.

Therefore, protesting against the politicians is really dumb. Protesting against ideologies (like "communism" or "capitalism") is extremely dumb.

We have to search for the things we can do together, and we have to protest against the big NGO's to ask them to become what they claim they are, to stop being so fake, artificial and disingenuous, to start having a real communication, and to start engaging people into delivering solutions.

I believe we can do many many things:

We can put money together and start vital publications like:

  • An investigation journal that tries to expose the corruption in the government. We need that in every county. We can start in USA for example, and then to expand in other countries: UK, Germany, France, etc.
  • A journal dedicated to monitor the government. Publishing key data of the government activity. The governments have lots of agencies that should be carefuly monitored.
  • A journal dedicated to monitor the charities, checking how honest, transparent and efficient they are.

We can make such publications to exist. That's so much better than just protesting. We can put a constructive and positive pressure on the governments and on the NGO's, in order to make sure they are what they claim they are. And we can process the data of those publications, to add them to Wikipedia, or we can start a separate encyclopedia, dedicated only to transparency and on monitoring the government.

  • We can make petitions, asking the big NGO's to become transparent, to implement web forums, to have real communication, and we can ask them to start implement SOLUTIONS, not just relief. We should not protest in front of the governments, but we should protest in front of the Red Cross and other big NGO's like that.

  • We can start real NGO's, that build real solutions. For example, if you look at Habitat for Humanity, it sells houses to the poor. They sell at a fraction of the real price, and the rest of the price is paid by their naive donors. Instead, they should rent houses, for money or for work. That would create a continuous revenue, that can help to build more, until the housing problem is solved. They sell and give houses, and those houses enter in the real estate speculation market. The poor people that receive the house can sell the house, or they can be stolen (there are lots of real estate mafia groups). That's how Habitat for Humanity is wasting people's money, time, energy and hopes, claiming they want to solve the housing problem. They are nothing more than a bunch of crooks. But the good news is that we can create an alternative to Habitat for Humanity, and we can come with a real solution. We can make organizations and businesses that offer to the people the opportunity to create their own food and clothes.

So the solution is us. "Yes we can". But in order to make those words a reality we have to work on it. Not like politicians, who's speeches are just a bunch of empty words.

But stop blaming just the politicians! The real evil is not in random ideologies or in politicians, but the real evil is in our indifference, complacency, selfishness, and in our cynicism. We have to look with sincerity inside us, and to eradicate the evil that resides inside us. We can start building reliable, permanent solutions.

The people think that democracy means just freedom of speech and the freedom to vote. They believe that because the politicians are constantly trying to brainwash the people. But democracy is much more than that. Democracy means freedom to associate in order to build solutions. And that's exactly what our politicians don't want us to understand. We can associate, work together, implement solutions, making the politicians almost redundant.



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[-] 1 points by gonzo1 (66) 8 years ago

"Without the power to tax - to fund GOOD goals"

the main funding comes from donations and voluntary work. All of the big NGO's I know get less than 35% of their funds from the taxes. The problem is the people can't really trust the NGO's, because they are so fake and never build solutions. If they would be genuine, they would get 10 or 100 times more donations. And we can create genuine NGO's.

"without cutting the link between the big buyers of politicians with the politicians by overturning Citizens United & Buckley - nothing else will work"

That's exactly why we need publications to monitor the government, the NGO's and publications dedicated to investigation! We can put pressure on the politicians, so they will know that we won't sleep and we won't accept their wrong doing!

What you said there is just a facet of corruption. Corruption can exist in socialism and in communism too, and it can be even much worse. But monitoring and investigating the government will reduce and eradicate the corruption, no matter what kind of system we have: capitalist, socialist, communist, anarchist or w/e-ist.

[-] 1 points by bensdad (8977) 8 years ago

You can build all of the NGOs you want - Without the power to tax - to fund GOOD goals
without cutting the link between the big buyers of politicians
with the politicians
by overturning Citizens United & Buckley - nothing else will work