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Forum Post: The PRISM Of Truth, AND A Question!????

Posted 5 years ago on June 18, 2013, 12:17 p.m. EST by bigdog187 (47)
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HappyTuesday guys! LISTEN, their are two sides to every story here, BUT the deal is this. QUESTION: What ever happened to plain Jane, good ole fashion, every day, extraordinary police work?

WHEN, AND IF someone that is anyone can answer me that question then maybe, just maybe I might excuse this clear breech of trust and compromise of public good, safety and over all welfare of the free world. Never, ever mind the USA, I'm talking about the free world!

IF you as a licensed law enforcement agent of the federal, state or local government in which you claim to represent cannot and can no longer do your job as said law enforcement agent then, and in my humble cotton picking opinion, you need to hang it up and go your way in peace.

This happy horse crap about its the law, its operating, OR we are operating within the law is on its face the height, breath and depth of hypocrisy for one thing, and it is the proverbial Pandora's box lid opening to a police state mentality. I don't care from whence you come or from whence you came IF you cannot do your job as a law enforcement agent without "help," then you need to find a new way to make a living BECAUSE your violating the law, and your violating my space, period!




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