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Forum Post: The Power of the 99%

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 19, 2011, 6:42 p.m. EST by StorbTF (0)
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So you have gathered all these people to protest that Wall Street is corrupt? Its been like this for decades. And they have always been corrupt as well as our government. Protesting is just words. You need power. The irony is that you already have it. All of us have just denied it. The 1% have deceived ALL of us. The government and the media are funded by the 1% and thus support this deception. You want change, then make the change. Here is where your power is:

Money. Money talks. And where do you think the 1% get the majority of their money? From all of the 99%! So what does this mean? Follow me on a little trail here. All the bloated companies cut jobs and created anywhere from 15% to 20% unemployment in our beloved country. And yet we do not understand why the economy stagnates? We are a consumer nation, which means ALL of the 99% have to spend money to make the economy grow (to make the 1% wealthy). Too many of the 99% are unemployed so this money that comes from us is not being spent. And those of us that are employed aren't spending that much either because the companies keep cutting jobs. The key here is to realize that to make some REAL noise we all have to band together and decide WHERE we want to spend the money we do have; because that is what will talk. THAT will get us what you want. The 1% do not have the power. Without us they do not exist. The GDP and economy do not exist without us. All of U.S. depends on us buying things. So, take all these 99% people and give them direction. Show them the power that we have as one team united towards one goal. Think of our power like this: I stop spending $1,000 per year at retail stores. Does it affect the 1%, no. It is not even noticeable. BUT, what if the 99% did not spend $1,000 on retail stores? Take the current U.S. population:

312,636,517 and multiply by 99% = 309,510,151 Now take out children and elderly...estimate 20% which leaves 247,608,121

So we have 247 million people with spending power. Now multiply that by $1,000, which equals $247,608,121,000.

That is 247 billion dollars. Now THAT talks. But let’s be a little more conservative, say you can only get 50% participation, then you have 123 billion dollars. How about only 25% participate, then you get 61 billion dollars. You get the picture. That kind of money is where the power is. It has always been our power but our fear and distrust (spread by the media) keeps us from banding together.

Take back your power. Band together and change our country for the better. You want a goal to go after. Start with this: have the corporations start cutting the FAT out of their companies. The true FAT is in the corporate office. The VP has a VP which has another VP in charge of him. That is where the jobs should be cut. Not the workers. They are the ones doing the ACTUAL work!

Cut the fat and hire workers: people who actually do the work in our country. Remember the power is ours. They cannot make laws that state we have to spend our money. You want to break the 1%? Band together and decide where you want to stop spending our money. Hit them in their wallets. That is their biggest fear and weakness: losing their money. And all of their money comes from the 247 million people that give it to them (the 99%).

Storb TF



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[-] 1 points by elipton3 (2) 12 years ago

Not all. Lots is inherited, lots is legislated by "our" elected officials via bail-outs, etc.; but this is a very good idea. What if we all just stop spending on what the television tells us we must have? I love the idea of boycotting the insanity of Black Friday, for instance.