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Forum Post: The plunder of America

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 26, 2011, 5:46 a.m. EST by extinction (0)
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America and Wall Street were built upon the vast natural resources of North America and the world. Those resources have been plundered. The first to go were our great forests, next came the mineral wealth, and finally have gone our streams and rivers and the very air we breathe.

Man was able to plunder a fair bit with just a handsaw, shovel and mule team, but the corporate destruction we see now is on an unprecedented industrial scale, and it is on a global scale. Not one square inch of this planet is being spared.

This plundered wealth sits in the vaults of the gambling houses on Wall Street, and yet they still can’t or won’t see the destruction. They are too busy planning the final gleaning of Earth’s last resources. They plan to give their gated communities a few more decades of wealth and splendor with profits from the mountain-top-removal of coal, the fracking of America’s aquifers for natural gas and by strip mining the tar-sands for every last drop of oil.

By the time the children of these young people occupying Wall Street today become grandparents it will be over. Their grandkids will be facing a future of environmental destruction where famine, disease and strife are the daily fare.



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