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Forum Post: The plot to forsake and kill America's elderly.

Posted 3 years ago on Dec. 21, 2018, 8:34 p.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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Politicians are so busy raking in the dough they really have not thought about the future much at all but what they do today WILL affect tomorrow. The decision to allow mass labor reduction has ensured the next generation is not able to contribute enough to sustain our aging population. This is very simple to understand:

You want the youth to demand better jobs and wages - so they can support you dumbass (no offense) but what will it take for your egos to get that their success is entwined with your survival?

We had a good thing. I don't want to see what I know will come: frail starving elderly suffering unable to sustain themselves. For the last thirty years we have seen stagflation and the reduction of good employment. This means our younger generations aren't making enough to contribute to the weight of the aging population. On top of this offshoring and loopholes enables our largest resource eating corporations to shirk their share of social responsibility.

What is going to happen now?... Really think about this because the youth also not having a foothold on their own lives won't be able to contribute to the care of their own parents either. Are we going to see mass starvation of our elderly? - YES. Republicans are absolutely salivating over putting the SSI taxpayer funds onto their trading floor. Because they really can't think about tomorrow. They can't see the bigger picture of what their very specific actions are going to cause. It's a game to them. People's lives are a game and mere objects to shift around and gamble with. They get that psychopathic glint in their eyes (you know the one Ajit Pai sees when he looks at himself with his proud smirk in the mirror).

They are so proud when they figure out how to cut workers and decrease wages and cut cut cut as if it is funny. But these actions effect real people, there is real suffering taking place in our country now - and we haven't seen how bad it will get. It will it will it will - mark my words as you step over that poor frail dying old wrinkled woman with her tattered hands on the subway. Maybe that will be you one day too. We know the future if this road continues it is up to pull this bus to a screeching halt back it over our current "Congress" and stop this evil. They are lying about our employment numbers just like they lied about everything else. The Swamp of Sadness is expanding. Younger generations need massive employment and wage increases if we are to sustain the massive Baby Boomer population. You see employment isn't about privilege and sucking it up butter cup to pay some dues nor is it about survival of the fittest - it's about contributing and participating in a greater contract to have a great country that has a good quality of life for all no matter what tragedy or hardship befalls our lives. Americans used to have eachothers's backs. Because we know that it could be anyone of us next. We never know what is going to happen, nor the hardships we won't see coming - they will come and we can't always plan or fix everything sometimes life just has a different idea.

And for those Baby Boomers who continue to scoff at this younger generations trouble with today's employers and just refuse to believe we aren't whiners or pansies when we try to get them to understand the employment - they are literally digging their own graves and terrible future. If their pension goes bankrupt or their ssi disappears or the banks fold - what will save you. There is no fallback. SSI hasn't dried up because of stupidity - it has dried up because of corporate greed. You can't get blood from a population of wage slaves to contribute like we used to.



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[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

''The 'First Step Act' Has Sinister Implications for the Poor and Marginalized'' .. by Candice Bernd:

Read and weep re.your OP but nevertheless, my seasons best wishes to U & yours & all who read here.

pax, amor et lux - hic, nunc et semper ...

[-] 1 points by ImNotMe (1488) 3 years ago

''Biggest Threat to Single-Payer? Democrat Support for a Public Option!'' - by Michael Corcoran:

respice; adspice; prospice ...

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX 3 years ago

This is Guns and Butter, October 8, 2018.

"The aim of classical economics was to tax unearned income, not wages and profits. The tax burden was to fall on the landlord class first and foremost, then on monopolists and bankers. The result was to be a circular flow in which taxes would be paid mainly out of rent and other unearned income. The government would spend this revenue on infrastructure, schools and other productive investment to help make the economy more competitive. Socialism was seen as a program to create a more efficient capitalist economy along these lines."


[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 3 years ago

What is worse is that the landlord class is now fully subsidized with the taxes they don't pay into - to both build and rent out their buildings at inflated rates caused by WS and their monopolization of housing. The worst offender is Blackstone among others:


So instead of employment we now have this renting market which doesn't feed the economy yet actually dips into taxpayer money to build private wealth - money that could be going into SSI is now being used to help landlords build more housing including for the elderly which will then be subsidized by more taxpayer funds and SSI! It's just outright theft as these companies siphen and suck the blood off our entire economy killing the host.

How did government come to the conclusion that helping developers and landlords is going to contribute in any way - in my own community they are paving out the red carpets - as our schools are crumbling I just look on in wonderment. Not only are they winning grants and funding from the government, they go on to get tax breaks, and then their units rents are subsidized with housing vouchers and section 8 and pricing them at $ 2000 -3000 per month. It is a lower income area with high crime rates. Meanwhile they use their massive wealth to buy and convert all the single family homes into rentals as well outbidding and competing with the commoners for homes with yards and picket fences - turn into 3 mailboxes and satellite dishes hanging off the front and the yard is converted into parking. Inevitably the triple deckers always end up in literal flames and the fire departments and town resources are used to rebuild as the community is called on to help because they don't upgrade the wiring. Now you put in giant buildings but it is left up to the town to deal with congested schools and roads inept sewage and gas lines (then we have explosions and we are expected to pay to upgrade that now as well as the community is called to help on that) to handle all that massive influx of people and suddenly that same elderly person sees their own taxes and sewage water town trash fees skyrocket. It is all pretty disgusting.

Meanwhile my community has about three jobs listed on Craigs list and factories are actually closing and being replaced by you guessed it - MORE RENTAL BUILDINGS! When did development come to be seen as an economic generator as jobs disappear in droves - how is it going to be sustained? It's insane! It's also common sense but on a local level too our politicians are getting lobbied by these developer magnates - convincing them it will somehow feed the economy of our cities. As far as I can tell having an influx of 50,000 people in an area with no jobs isn't generation jobs - it's forcing me to compete harder for the already sad employment and raising my cost of living along with reducing the quality of life as it takes an hour in gridlock just to get groceries and thousands of more cars (they just added about 6000 units and many more planned... stream past my home turning my street into a nightmare to live on. Meanwhile our city is going bankrupt and they keep telling us this is the fix as they announce our taxes are going up again?!!! Oh and they just won a 59 MILLION dollar GOVERNMENT GRANT to make the roads safer on account of all the accidents and congestion caused by the traffic!!! Meanwhile the developers all live in secluded mansions in a community which is the New England version of Beverly Hills.

The real solution is jobs. Then you get developer companies out of housing and their hands off our taxes so regular people can afford to live and OWN at decent rates and have disposable income to spend and that's how it builds.

And I almost forgot the best part - our one hospital is closing and being developed into subsidized part regular subsidized rental and part subsidized elderly housing (for all the elderly who can no longer afford their taxes I presume?) who will die in the gridlock in an ambulance waiting to get to another city for emergency care! I guess they really do want them to die.

[-] 1 points by agkaiser (2515) from Fredericksburg, TX 3 years ago

And then they create money on their ledgers to loan to us and our government at interest. That's in addition to what they extort from us and loan back to us to start with. Compound interest is, as Einstein said, the most powerful force in the universe and it is slowly exterminating the human race.

[-] 2 points by elf3 (4203) 3 years ago

And what's also happening is people can't afford to live in a $2000 rental unit working at WalMart or Target. But in order to keep that subsidy their income must remain low or they lose the roof. They start selling drugs for extra income. Then the taxpayers have to pay for all the crime that causes and opiod addictions etc. And this is where Democrats have us fooled because they preach that all of this is philanthropic and community blah blah blah - meanwhile it is all a guise for the rich to siphen off the poor instead of allowing conditions in which the poor can actually have a way forward. They aren't stopping the death of unionization as WalMart is teaching other corporations how to union crush - a former WalMart exec was recruited by UPS and they recently put the nail in the coffin of the Teamsters. Not a peep from Dems. Dems are heavily in the business of Development and Programs and "Non-profits" that supposedly help the poor. When it comes to the things that mater like meaningful labor, regulating big developers and taxing landlords - the same not a peep. I have to believe their cry for the poor is a ruse to make money. I agree right now we do need the subsidies because the Democrats haven't the balls to demand rent control and limit landlords from residential housing, nor to stop offshoring (they are all about the 'global' economy too) and there is no meaningful labor to meet those living expenses. I dislike drug dealers but at the same time part of me looks at this problem and sees the greater cause under it all. I don't trust either party both are heavily on the take when it comes to all of this, they just give a different reason. One claims free market / the other claims helping the poor - and the evidence demonstrates they are both lying and heavily stealing from public coffers.Nothing is stable for the underclass. Most American's don't have enough savings to survive for a month if they lose their employment. Are we all going to go live in a $2000 subsidized unit when we do - and who is going to pay for it?

And we're gonna be stuck living like in a world like the movie Mad Max. Frankly no matter how many weights I lift I'm personally not going to get the Tina Turner muscles I need to survive in that kind of atmosphere... I know definitely our elderly won't although perhaps we can subsidize a new brand of mega elderly steroids so they can develop enough muscle mass to work until they are 90 and also to fight back against the growing crime?.

[-] 2 points by elf3 (4203) 3 years ago

(or so they can work in the labor mines/ camps? - and hey- if that doesn't work we can always grind them into Soyent Greens as a protein food additive to give to keep the rest of us going working our 24 hour work days.)

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 3 years ago

I also want to point out here Trump's labor department seems to have been picked to crush workers instead of advocate on their behalf. Certainly UPS paying off Teamster President Hoffa warrants some type of investigation? I would at least expect some sort of media reports or investigations - but I guess it doesn't serve the corporate agenda so...

Of course they want bother to investigate the incredible anti-trust violations of shipping magnates UPS,Fe-Ex,DHL, Amazon and WalMart colluding together on union crushing activities as they work together to form a megalopoly. As well as Trump is aiding them by at the same time trying to privatize the post office. The post office represents a significant chunk of shipping profits - it employs many Americans at GOOD UNION WAGES as well as performing a significant service at reasonable rates. It's most certainly interfering with the WS plans to price fix the market. So you know they are going to take care of that. They all want to pay their workers minimum wages, subcontract (which puts the taxes on the worker and removes all health coverages as well as disability insurance and general safety insurance for accidents and injuries). This trend should worry us all significantly. There is nothing to stop them from doing this to all workers thereafter. Union standards and the power of Union lobbies keeps all of our standards higher because a you have millions of WORKERS paying a lobby to counter all the corporate lobbies which is extremely important. We need someone to keep the labor department doing its job and protecting us all from corruption and corporate greed. We are going to lose that when we lose unions. This is a huge problem. Those workers are privately paying for a lobby that actually protects us all and truly this is something we all need to think about. We take that for granted but it has been a gigantic weight in the worker/employer scale ...one that when gone is going to be felt sorely by every worker.

Protections we take for granted:

Overtime Wages. Amount of Hours we can be forced to work in 24 hours. Disability Insurance paid by employers in the case of on the job injury. Companies paying insurance on trucks and vehicles used in case of public injury.

Health Insurance.


Child Labor Laws!


Decent Wages/ or at least minimum standards.

Prevention of Wage Theft.

Prevention of discrimination.

feel free to add other things I may be missing.

Alongside this a lower pay means a lower quality worker - and therefore service to the public. Are you comfortable with ex-cons visiting your home to deliver packages and coming inside to change your gas meter?

Which let us not forget the New England Columbia gas explosions and National Grid Union Lockouts as workers have been replaced with subcontractors.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 3 years ago

And I'm replying to myself now - But this is just icing on the whole Amazon/China cake. So they have offshored and closed factories, killed small retail business, bookstores, and countless other things that can now be got online and is all produced in China by slave conditions but at the very least we had people working to ship it here in the actual USA and Union at that albeit a hostile work atmosphere. But then they have to go after that too. It is quite clear that these companies will not rest until they have us all working for slave wages in sweatshop conditions with no rights or protections. What kind of America do they envision? Obviously one that can't provide for the aged and frail.

They believe in this idea that the cream rises to the top but I want to also point out - the cream can't get anywhere without the coffee. And if these CEO's are going to sit there and pretend that they don't have an obligation and moral responsibility to treat their workers fairly they have deluded themselves into believing they are some sort of Gods with a divine rights to take and give nothing in return. As the saying goes you can't get something for nothing. It's time for workers to stop delivering that something until they get something. We are not here just to serve. I don't believe that some people are born to service others. This entire idea is born only of extreme delusion and narcissism especially when the deck is being stacked against us and has been stacked since before we were born.

It is our divine birthright not to become slaves to an ownership class. If that means strikes massive boycotts and sinking those industries then so be it...because it will only continue to get worse - the more power they take the more powerful they become - the abuse cycle ends with us. When we leave the marriage. When we cut contact. It will be bad for us for a while - but then it gets better.

And if the Union stops representing the worker - then the workers must band together and do it together themselves. STRIKE, and ADVOCATE PUBLIC BOYCOTTS.

If they fail to make workers and this country a priority in their charts - then guess what - the business model fails the AMERICAN test and = Going Out of Business. If they think they are going to sit on deck sipping Martini's while we sweat away locked in the engine room - while water is flooding in let's just sink this whole damn ship before they can scurry off to their lifeboats.

[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

Created-from-thin-air new fake money, "development" tax subsidies, and rent subsidies all fund stabilized or increased property values to "the investors."

There needs to be brakes to counteract all of these out-of-thin-air fake "money." When we buy a house with a bank cashier check, does the bank have all the cash in the value of the check? No! When a community gives a real-estate development tax exemption for a number of years, does its revenue increase? No! Meanwhile in all those years of tax exemptions, traffic, water, sewerage, schooling, policing, fire-fighting expenditures all increase. When we pay someone rent subsidy to afford a rental unit, does that solve the problem that the person doesn't earn enough to live in that unit? No!

We have had mortgage interest deductions for many decades to encourage home ownership. Our national rate of home ownership isn't any higher than other developed countries which don't subsidize debts.

Yeah, we surely have a humongous debt problem. We have been subsidizing debts for many many decades. We as a society encouraged debt, debt, and more debt. Now, we are staring at annual trillion-dollar-plus debt accumulations as far as the eyes can see, just on the federal level alone. Of course, most people were counting on the greatest debtor of all time to make all of the debts easy to pay off through inflation. There's a problem, though. In economics, everything is nonlinear. The majority can be correct on paper but never en masse in reality. Using inflation for getting out of the debt problem leads to economic hell. Apparently, many countries' rulers never learnt from history or simply had no principles and took the seemingly easy at first but hellish way down into living hell. There is the informational field, "the Force," that though universal to all, only some are intuned with.

Conservative principle of management says, "Don't jump off of the airplane until you've made sure that you've arrived at the proper jumping zone and altitude, have a parachute on, that it works, and you know how to operate it. Know the nature of what you are operating (i.e., the transformative rules.) If you are flying an airplane and one of its engines stalls, despite your fear of crashing into the ground, the correct move is often pushing the plane to dive to gain airspeed rather than pulling it up away from the ground which can cause losing airspeed, losing lift, and going down into a crash. Airspeed of an airplane can produce lift which is needed to counter falling down due to its weight. Altitude->Diving->Increased airspeed->Increased lift counteracting against weight->Time to restart stalled engine. Stalled engine->Decreased airspeed->Lowered altitude->Fear of falling down into a crash->Pulling the airplane's nose up->Reduced airspeed->Stall->Reduced lift->Falling down into a crash. One who runs away from a terrible situation tends to get the worst outcome possible if no one else steps up to contain the situation and prevent it from spreading. The important question to ask is, "Do I have a Big Brother who will still empty the chamber pots to the stinky public toilet despite my not doing it myself?" If not, no matter how stinky, it is usually better to do it myself to control for a better outcome. Cholera is terrible and it often spreads (through the eurogenitalia where some of the sardines I ate were probably caught. "Shooting fish in a toilet bowl is easy.")

We didn't roll off the cliff bigtime until the "deficit-doesn't-matter" Bushit started promoting "the Ownership Society" funded by fake money from systemic cheating. Although I was born in a shantytown, my people, unlike the wellborns with a big toe in their mouths, had principles: no money, no toy. My Mom talked of buying a refrigerator for more than a year before buying it with cash. We had weathered financial setbacks such as losing jobs without undue hardship because we had savings to tide us over while we did "austerity measures." Tightfistedness in times of prosperity can help in times of scarcity. Opportunities favor the prepared (money saved is definitely one form of preparedness; Mom saved her earnings for an unimagined expenditure [I had complained to her before that it was sexist and selfish that she spent my Dad's earnings and kept her own -- I stopped doing that;] it turned out to be for buying the airplane tickets to catch the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fly to the U.S.A. within the visas' time limit; it was a very close call but we barely made it by plunking down nearly all [except for the money to replace the kitchen sink broken by me when the Periplaneta americana ran up the Johnnie-Walker-Black-Label whisky bottle that I was fetching] of our lifetime savings in Mom's possession; it was an educated gamble because my Dad had known the U.S.A. very well since a few years before WWII started.)

For example, I used to go out with a few school buddies for lunch at various restaurants. "Austerity measure" meant Mom's preparing in every schoolday morning a hot lunch for me to bring to school to eat together with my new lunch buddies at school. Yeah, "Where's my fork? Do you have an extra one that I may borrow?" "No, but it's actually not a problem. At the first time I went with my Dad to Saudi Arabia, I learnt... to my dismay... I found this bowl of water..." His facial expression was funny. He knew lunch etiquette well enough to omit the explicit details. Travel can shock, offer new perspectives, and broaden one's cultural horizon. On a par with Yorktown's significance, a bidét is holy!

Remember to serve, with love.

Gary Cohn is out of government so he now talks about spending being the problem after the tax cut had added so much fuel to the humming-along-well economy that the Federal Reserve had to use its fire extinguisher to make everyone wear a wet blanket. Shittoad approved this Shitfest and tried to blame the Federal Reserve.

What do you think of the following which someone wrote three years ago and still true?

Really? So, what did you call it when Bush jr lied and tricked the US into getting into a 
bullshit war by invading the WRONG country?

A war that has lasted longer then WWII, cost the lives of over 5,000 US troops, wounded 
and/or crippled hundreds of thousands of others, cost the US taxpayers over 5 Trillion, 
conducted illegal wire taps on US citizens, imprisoned people without due process, 
conducted illegal torture, tore up the nuclear arms treaty, ignored the CIA memo with the 
title "Bin Laden determined to attack inside the US," and outed CIA agent Valerie Plame 
which is treason and punishable by the death penalty.

And, lest you and people like you forget, the subprime mortgage scam (cooked up by Wall 
St and the banking industry) that caused a global economic crisis that people are still 
feeling to this day happened under Bush jr's watch. Just like 9/11.

Please explain how all of that is so much better then Obama wanting people to have 

Yes, Obama has not been able to undo all the 8 years of damage that Bush jr. left the US in 
under 5 years. There is no question about that. But before you go on the Obama has 
destroyed this country rant.

Remember this, Obama has continued to follow the same policies that 
Republican/Conservative have come to know and love and hold dear. Such as keeping 
Gitmo open, continuing wars, extending tax cuts for the rich, etc.

So when you cry how he has failed or destroyed the country. Remember, it's those same 
GOP policies that failed the US 8 years before and are failing the US now.

The last thing the Republicans needed to face was a triumphant Obama going into the 
next presidential election.

The republican's plan all along has been to sabotage America. It should be clear to 
everyone that they can't be allowed any meaningful place in American government.

They can't be trusted.

Trickle down economics has been around since Reagan. It has never worked to create 
jobs. All it did was make the wealthy, wealthier. We have proof of this. Look at what’s 
happening in Kansas.

And what did it take to finally kill Bin Laden, besides a new President?

Two helicopters, US Navy SEALs, bullets, guns, grenades, and a titanium fanged dog. 0_0 
NOT a multi-trillion dollar operation.

Oh, and the country that was hiding Bin Laden for 5+ years -- Bush jr. was GIVING them 
AID money so they would keep America's interests in mind.

Here's what I'm most amused by. Until Obama took office, Republicans didn't give a shit 
about the debt or the deficit.

They were spending like drunken sailors on foreign wars, and reducing taxes on the 
wealthy as if we just didn't need all that extra surplus tax money to pay bills.

After all, how are those wealthy CEO's going to pay to gas up their multi-million dollar 
mega-yachts with the pool and helicopter pad for their weekend excursions?

C’mon… help a rich brotha out.

It's the "Two Santa Claus" theory. When the Republicans are in power, they need to provide 
more giveaways than the Democrats so as to stay in power. When out of power they 
scream like a little girl with a scraped knee about runaway spending. Been working since 

Where were these "fiscal" & "expansionist" marches, during the last 8 years Bush jr was 
putting two wars on the US credit card & giving tax credits, to the tune of billions in 
losses to millionaires and billionaires? Bush jr. expanded the government exponentially!
[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 3 years ago

You want the youth to demand jobs and wages - so they can support you dumbass (no offense) but what will it take for your egos to get that their success is entwined with your survival?


"no more low lying fruit on the trees" pensions are gone and at your age there are no more bootstraps to grab you can't bend far enough to reach them. So start standing with the youth to fix employment.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 3 years ago

The corporate owned news daily implores us with stories of children saving other children with cancer - reminding us constantly to give give give, to feel a bit bad for wanting more, or not appreciating what could be worse, for not giving more of our stripped down time and wages, and left kidney, or commitment to do our best to remember what is important. Do they think the hypocrisy eludes us? While yes it's good to be empathic - I wonder how they have escaped their moral obligations that they so heavily seem to throw at us while living out their own mantra of being on the take. Be certain they have studied up on their psychology and propaganda tactics - to quiet and subdue the masses. The stain of real mass human suffering is on their hands no matter how hard they try to convince us their cruelty is somehow our fault or they try to lump themselves in with the good deeds of the little people. Don't believe them as they show story after story of selflessness pretending they are part of it. It is subterfuge.