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Forum Post: The Personal Quest for Meaning

Posted 1 year ago on Sept. 7, 2020, 7:18 a.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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The quest for meaning is largely personal since everyone may be different in what they deem as meaningful--people have been seeking meaning for millennia at least, often from religions.

After Mom had explained to me why I couldn't just gobble up the warm and tasty morsels we made for the worship of my spiritual godfather and our ancestors, it made much sense to me to wait for the candles and incense sticks to burn themselves out before starting to eat the banquet--waiting became meaningful to me because it sounded as a reasonable way to show respect ( of course, I knew that nearly all of those goodies would still be available for me to eat--it just took self control.)

It's understandable because we had also "evaporated" Dad's Johnny Walker Black Label whiskey/whisky to douse my salted chicken and satisfy Mom's curiosity about Dad's switching from drinking Red Label to Black Label--she knew how to make her own red wine from red grape raisins put into boiling water, sugar, and yeast--the key is to restrict oxygen supply during fermentation { which has two pathways of reaction, one leading to alcohol in the absence of oxygen and the other in the presence of ample oxygen to organic acids such as the acetic acid in vinegar; an iron can opener placed on top of the fermentation container and wrapped up to keep warm can suck up oxygen by rusting to steer fermentation towards alcohol instead of vinegar } to prevent forming vinegar instead of alcohol. I figured out how to make my own yogurt from milk, sugar, and yogurt's bacterial culture, the key being venting, i.e. the exposure of the warm mixture to oxygen in the air to produce the sour-tasting lactic acid which is an organic acid as acetic acid of vinegar is. Organic acids have the functional group -COOH in which the dangling H out there at the free end often breaks off easily in chemical reactions as H+, a proton, making them Brønsted-Lowry acids. For example, the actual building blocks of life: amino acids are organic acids so they have a functional [carboxyl] group -COOH at a free end and [amine] group NH2- at the other free end. These two groups can hook up together with each other dragging all of their linked buddies together to form more complex organic chemical compounds [called proteins] to build most lifeforms' myriads of materials, threads, blobs, and fabrics. Amino acids work somewhat analogously as a Lego(R) block with its male and female connective members hooking up together to build complex structures. Life is a bipolar amino-acid opera.

Oxygen = oxy (acid) + gen (maker), hydrogen = hydro (water) + gen (maker), deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) = de (remove) + oxy ( acid ) + ribo (of a 5-carbon-atom sugar) + nucleic (of the cellular nucleus) acid--it's a bit like a cured-meat less-degradable version of ribonucleic acid (RNA), something like how the Dead Sea Scrolls had preserved information for posterity--the most important information of which determines sex in humans.

Oh say, can't you see by the dawn's early light, the scar of God's handiwork resulting from the cleaving away snippets of an X chromosome in Adam { Adam initially started as an X female until God's handiwork to double and make XY, XX, and hardwire in the deeply ingrained urge to merge to fulfill God's mandate for the sexual reproduction of Life in humans } which mended this fragile broken X in order to leave him with the fortified-for-resiliency-via-[Sarah]-Palin-dromic-redundancy Y chromosome?

Human males are made to be purer expressions of what cured-meat information is in their X chromosomes. There may be no depending on the other X chromosome to patch up a deficient function. Y chromosomes have very powerful genes so human males tend to have wider spread of abilities than females. More performance and non-performance records tend to be garnered by males than females but just don't ask about whether having one or the other is good or bad. Large variance doesn't imply goodness.

Females can cut off the single "leg" ( of the dangling long ding-dong ) upon which the Y stands by refusing to reproduce with the bad-acting males. "God can't be everywhere so They made females with good noses so that they may become choosy mothers in Their ( i.e. Theia + Earth ) image."

Meaning is a product of belief, often personal.



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[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 1 year ago

“All selfishness, scapegoating and confusing right and wrong will not only hurt a country and its people, but harm people of all countries," said the Asshole Profit ( of the Great Atlantic & Pacific Fucking Company, a subsidiary of the Global Silencing Association "NDA for every cunty" ) of all selfishness, scapegoating, confusing right and wrong not only hurting a country and its people, but harming people of all countries.

This is not a personal. This is a Lego(R) hookup for Gina Vamos. World Health Orgasm starts near the loess plateau on the 16th hole of Ma-I-Go. "Don't blow smoke in a Big Black Car if you want to rub my leg," -- advice from the modern-day American-Romance etiquette/style guide. "The Marlboro Man" has probably already died of cancers ( "crabs" in Greek ! )

"Boys have cooties," so I overheard on the wind the animals of Lai Chi Kok pet activities area. Were they riding a speeding "arrow" shooting back into town? Aye, aye, Sir, "In Ire-land, we go out with the sheep." Whereto? To Happy Valley. They'll mow the grass and fertilize. Then Beijing'll spread greenback AstroTurf(TM) to ensure nothing can grow.

In Lai Chi Kok, we visited the zoo and watched the magic show sawing the woman into halves which "came back together" as the original whole living woman. I recall that boiled in the ritual's water was a gold coin with a king's cameo and a much bigger silver coin with the goddess of Liberty and eagle. Mom said, "It's time to get back to studying." I opened my second kindergarten's English vocabulary book and boys ! I wasn't even Swiss... William [can't] Tell, far too many S-s-s-..., too many holes in the cheese, and the teachers there didn't understand an overture and spoke Gibberish ( it's probably the most widely used language in the world; I was actually surprised and pleased that I've managed to learn it somehow despite my huge but silent academic belly flop in that kindergarten.)

In Flintesque "run-like-a-business" style, the cheap ( Cloaca Maxima didn't collect any Romance salt ration but required sporadic Ma-I-go-florid-duh-detailed weekend-innings and Vergnügen-me-"thane"-venting for irrational 》amerikanische Staatssicherheit《 security ) and more available seawater for flushing toilets corroded the vertical steel sewage main pipe feeding straight down into and through my second kindergarten. The applicable formula for the Cloaca Maxima is U = mgh.

Unlike the former U.S.S.R., this coming outburst of [red-tide?] gravitational energy probably wasn't deliberately delivered for Christmas Eve arrival ( it's why I don't hate Russia; I don't hate the Russian people; I hate the way its government treats its own people in the same way as "terrorists holding hostages" ) but was a symptom of an aging/ageing infrastructure neglected for far too long a while. I wonder for how long Hongkongers may still leave Hong Kong freely without hassles. I don't hate Hong Kong. I don't hate Hong Kong people. I believe that countries which allow their citizens to exit them without hassles are freer than others which don't although their citizens may largely opt to stay in.

It's like an open door which lets in fresh air and nice view although one may choose not to walk out there at all. I loved going to beaches as a kid ( with my Big Brother; yes, this is a benefit of having an adolescent/early-adult "guardian;" Dad being several decades older was unlikely to be as active even if he were a homehusband instead of being a far-roaming globecruiser; I asked him how he being illiterate { this is where I thought that I could've chosen a literate father but children usually can't choose their forebears but to inherit their karma } could visit so many places { by sea so these were mostly seaports } around the world without getting lost; he answered: "stay with the crowd and go where the people go," because in the crowd, someone always knows where to go and what to do; he loved Japan, especially old-fashioned Japan such as Kyoto and Kamakura and he was surprisingly well attuned to the zeitgeist despite being illiterate; my guess is that he learnt from the talks during teatime, lunchtime, dinnertime, etc. with teatime being more uniquely British but it should already be widely understood due to the ubiquitous presence of the British worldwide; it fell flat rather hilariously with transoceanic high-flying American airplane/aeroplane "hot" water { while cruising at 37,500 feet altitude, expect cooler water even if it boils in the pressurized passenger compartment; besides, scalding could be avoided if the airplane should encounter turbulence so filter-paper tea bags were a rational implement }, quickly ripped-opened filter-paper teabags, and a cultural ignoramus, but patched back a bit by me asking for a spoon with a "retarded" straight [autistic "read my lips"] face far atop my giggling and twitching belly ) but I no longer go on beach trips much despite living on the East Coast because I know that I may have a higher risk of getting skin cancers due to all of that childhood sun exposure without any suntan protection. I recall fairly often skin "moultings" but I'm neither a reptile nor an arthropod and I have an endo- not exo- skeleton after all !